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Bold Predictions for NFL Free Agency 2017


rated SRH:
So we are just a smidge over a week away from Free Agency opening up. I personally feel this will be a huge one. There is so much talent that is up for grabs. I wanted to see what you guys think will happen, plus give my top 5 bold predictions.

1. Alshon Jeffery goes to the Raiders. Jeffery when healthy is a top 5 WR. He has been the guy in Chicago for years. That takes a toll on your body. Oakland has the money and a need to buff the offense. They're letting Murray test FA. Which I feel Murray isn't coming back. Imagine what this offense could be if Alshon, Cooper & Crabtree stay healthy.

2. Kirk Cousins goes to the Browns. I am very well aware this is suicide for Kirk. Just hear me out first. The Browns have been the worst sports franchise in history. They have some very good pieces and a plethora of draft picks. This is a really good draft and Browns could use that as leverage for signing free agents.

3. Le'Veon Bell goes to Tampa Bay. Tampa has the 5th most Cap room this year. They also do not expect to keep Doug Martin. Tampa in many folks eyes, including mine feel they need one last piece. Well this is just the piece they'd need. Steelers are in a tough spot. Bell wants a max deal. Antonio Brown next year is a free agent. Who like Bell wants a max deal. Bell is also on his last strike for breaking the Wellness Policy. I think if Pittsburgh has to lose one it's gonna be Bell.

4. A.J Bouye goes to the New England Patriots. The Patriots have a few key Restricted Free Agents to bring back. However they have a hole at their #2 CB spot. Logan Ryan looks to be gone once Free Agency starts. A.J is a shutdown CB that can definitely help the Patriots with their secondary issue.

5. Tony Romo goes to the Denver Broncos. Romo is done in Dallas due to the emergence of Dak. Romo wants a chance to win a Super Bowl before it's over. Denver is a strong contender and definitely needs a QB. This marriage I feel is almost a lock to happen.

That's my top 5. What do you guys think?


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