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« on: February 03, 2017, 10:44:53 AM »
We will follow a Round by pairings and top cut format with each round and cut depending on the amount of participants. Top cut usually consists of 4,6, or 8 people

- Sign ups for events typically last 2 weeks, give or take.

- Once sign ups are open, depending the format and rules, Participants will send their Superstar selection to me through a PM, and then once their decks are finalized, send a deck list to the 3rd Party TCO member not participating in the event designated to take the Deck Lists from each player. This MUST be done before signups are CLOSED otherwise the participant cannot play in the event. Once you sign up for the event there is no rush to submit the Superstar and/or deck list. You can submit your Superstar early and then submit your list later on before signups are closed.

- Given past experiences, there will be no double Superstars in an event. We will follow a first come first serve basis. If an event of someone submitting a Superstar already chosen for the event I will notify that player that they must select a different Superstar.

- Each participants decks must remain the same over the course of the event, like a regular in person tournament would be. The deck list you submit in must be the deck you play throughout the event.

- If you have any questions regarding deck list submissions please visit the T.C.O L.O.I DECK LIST SUBMISSION PROTOCOL page.,17097.0.html

- Each round will last a week from the announcement of that rounds pairings. Please contact your opponent to set up a scheduled time that you both can get your game in. If in the event a game does not complete by the time each round expires then the result the round will be a double loss unless one participant has clearly stated that they have been attempting multiple times to get the game done, but their opponent has been M.I.A. If in the case that the round is going to end and you and your opponent know the game will not be played then you may decide amongst each other who will get the victory, and how.

- Once the round concludes, or once all the games are finished, the next round will be announced shortly after.

- Please do not forget to Save your games. I would save after each turn if you have to. Lackey drops all the time and we don't want a rage quit and then blaming it on lackey. If you have a saved game then you shouldnt have any issues.

- PLEASE do your best to get your games done, if you lose and feel you do not have a shot in the future, please do not just stop paying attention. It doesn't matter to me if you are 0-4, every game is on the same playing field and I will wait the entire week for you to play your game, I do not play favorites, so if you feel you do not want to play anymore please message me and let me know ASAP.

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