Author Topic: GENCON 2016 EVENT RULES  (Read 805 times)

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« on: July 21, 2016, 06:51:50 PM »
Ladies and Gentleman, with GenCon just under two weeks away, here is everything you need to know about A Spectacle So Grand, it Can only be Called....The Supershow!

Our event will determine who will be the 2016 World Champion and winner of the 1st LFF Heavyweight title belt. The last competitor standing in double elimination style event will achieve wrestling immortality as the new champion. The format is a standard 30 card deck with single Competitor.

First things first, whose side are you on? Have you fallen in line with Rock Newman? Or are you to Valiant for that? Where you loyalties lie just may effect who comes to your aid when you need it the most.

What to Look out for.

Having Allies in the LFF can make all the difference in the end, you might find yourself accompanied to ringside by someone on your team. If so you will be given 3 random competitors from your team to choose from. For that match, you add that gimmick to yours.
The LFF prides it self on its uniqueness, Mirror matches will be paired together in the first round (possibly round two depending on match-ups), to guarantee different competitors make the final rounds.

Your GM might play favorites and appoint a special guest referee to make sure things do or don't get out of hand. You will be given one random Competitor card as the special guest ref. You and your opponent can use Gimmick of the special ref competitors. And heres the kicker, the winner of the match gets to keep the special guest referee card.

At least the initial 2 rounds will be best of three the third match, should you not dominate your opponent, the 3rd match of a 3 game feud will start at CROWD METER 1.

No LFF competitor gives up that easily, when the CROWD METER is at 0, the maximum FINISH ROLL is 10.
Time limit: if any round goes over 40 minutes the GM has a right to adjust the crowd meter however he or she feels in needed.
SRG Universe Spectacle cards.You may Reveal one and only 1 spectacle card per ROUND! So choose wisely, when you need help.
Good Luck Rookies.... You'll need it.
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