Author Topic: SG Virtual Classic Money in the Bank 2016 Tournament Report  (Read 956 times)

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Hi Guys! The Money in the Bank Tournament just ended last Saturday (2nd July 2016) and it is time we take a look at the report!

Virtual Classic Tournament has 5 participants:

Vincent - Mexicools
Junwei - Roman Reigns
Daryl - Tazz
Tiansheng - Heath Slater
Ivan - Wade Barrett

As there are only 5 players, I have decided to run a Round Robin so everyone can play everybody!

First Place: Tiansheng (Heath Slater)

Games Played: 4

Victories: 4 (Junwei, Ivan, Vincent, Daryl)

Defeats: 0

Second Place: Daryl (Tazz)

Games Played: 4

Victories: 2 (Junwei, Ivan)

Defeats: 2 (Tiansheng, Vincent)

Second Place: Ivan (Wade Barrett)

Games Played: 4

Victories: 2 (Junwei, Vincent)

Defeats: 2 (Tiansheng, Daryl)

Second Place: Vincent (Mexicools)

Games Played: 4

Victories: 2 (Junwei, Daryl)

Defeats: 2 (Tiansheng, Ivan)

Fifth Place: Junwei (Roman Reigns)

Games Played: 4

Victories: 0

Defeats: 4 (Tiansheng, Vincent, Daryl, Ivan)

At this point of time, all that matters are that there are still players playing, so I hope everyone had a great time and there will be more participants in the future games.


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Re: SG Virtual Classic Money in the Bank 2016 Tournament Report
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"Here is your winner, and the new MITB winner: The Jobber Heath Slater."
OMG, the One Man Jobber Rock Band is now standing at the top!
No more a Jobber! - Jerry "The King" Lawler

Round 1 vs Junwei (Roman Reigns)
Junwei found himself in a difficult situation as his Backhand Slap TB is not able to reverse my Boston-Protected Over the Ropes.
and the Match ended with a Heath Flying Neckbreaker.

Round 2 vs Vincent (Mexicools)
Vincent reversed my Over the Ropes - Dynamic Finsher with Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp on the first turn.
He went on to play Precision Kick, thinking that i have no reversal after Trash Talkin Interview TB,
But got reversed by A Revolution of the mind which i got from One Man Rock Band.
He then went on to get killed by Unique maneuvers which is protected by There is No Escape.

Round 3 vs Daryl (Tazz)
His hand disruption DAMN irritating.
But managed to force in Spiral Bomb with Over the Ropes + One Man Rock Band and secured 20F.
Match ended with Sweetness with he tried to hit me with a Classic Vertical Suplex.

Round 4 vs Ivananiki (Wade Barrett)
Well, Nexus vs Nexus.
He keep hitting me with Fisticuffs and half of my deck is removed from the game.
But still managed to secure the win with "Overly Protected Maneuvers".

Walked away with a very bulky Raw Deal Lethal Library Bag and The Road the Victory.
Nice Games and Nice McDonald Salted Egg Burger. :)
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Re: SG Virtual Classic Money in the Bank 2016 Tournament Report
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Excellent!  ;)

Looking forward to more events/reports!

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