Author Topic: T.C.O'S NXT GENERATION LACKEY OPEN INVITATIONAL!!!! (5.0) *CLOSED*  (Read 30104 times)

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It took damn near 80 minutes - but in the end, The Texas Rattlesnake hit a big-time Stone Cold Stunner to send Bischoff's Hit Squad packing and become the NEW NXT Champion.

Very well played game from Mitch.
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100% reason to remember the name.

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Your winner....AND THE NEWWWWW

T.C.O L.O.I Champion!!!!!

Brian P, BigPimpin, The Texas Rattlesnake!!!

Congrats man. Really playing hard all tournament. You deserve it for sure.

Enjoy it now man. The next event is already under way  8)
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Congrats! Any chance of sharing the deck lists for both finalists?