Author Topic: A better paul heyman idea?  (Read 1441 times)

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A better paul heyman idea?
« on: December 01, 2015, 02:20:42 AM »
Hey guys, it's me again and I'm sharing my decklist with you and.... It's Paul Heyman! If you're a fan of kitchen sink, and loves pinfall by first blood match, this is a deck you must try. After looking up at Paul Heyman Face/Raw/FF reviews, I realised that no one uses Managed by WWE Divas: which I found to be more successful. Instead of the usual BFM -> People's Champ enforcer, I'm doing it  with RVD or Booker T, which will give me a +2 mid match slot. reason: elimination chamber that locks opponent's mid-match and thus, elimination chamber > people's champ.

Backstage Area
Applicable stipulations
Applicable enforcers

Start with RVD or Booker T(choose RVD), play TTI TB if going first (idea is to remove stopping cards)
Managed by the WWE Divas: works extremely well with a 50-card arsenal. Peeking through the first 10 cards and getting the FO on top while the others at the bottom of the arsenal. ACE-ing it allows you to search for Dem Dam dudleyz TB (since it's a run-in:FO and is 0F with No DQ match in ring)

Product endorsement TB followed by 2x Givin' em (org). Givin' Em allows you to pick up 2 cards (usually picking high fort strikes and kitchen sink). The other prematch are just to play with the flow.The prematch phase usually ends with a HS of 8.

Put DQ match in and you are free to start off with kitchen sink with RVD ability, followed with some armed & dangerous or kendo stick TB. When fort is sufficiently high and with Dem Damn in ring, change No DQ to chicago and reuse those FO in your ring area. Once it's 6 FO in, it's just GGWP.
I'm open to criticism so please let me know how I can improve my deck and thanks for viewing!

10   Pre match
1   Bitter Rivals
1   Managed by WWE Divas
1   Product Endorsement
1   Hardcore Originator of ECW
1   ECW One Night Stand
1   Distractingly Divalicious
1   Trash Talkin' Interview TB
1   Old School Wrestling Match
2   Giving Em High Fives

10   Mid Match
1   Let the bodies Hit the Floor
1   You're Dangerously Close
1   Road to victory
1   You're As Graceful as a Cow on Ice!
2   The sex the freaks the frauds the gods
1   The King Interferes!
1   When You run the show, you make the rules
1   Sustained Damage
1   Hardcore Style TB


17    Maneuvers
1   Chain Lashing TB
3   Everything and the kitchen sink
3   Garbage Can Lid TB
3   Kendo Stick TB
2   Armed and dangerous
2   Take Your own Medicine
2   Lock Stock and Barrel
1      Technical Lunging Lariat

4 Actions
1   Take it Back
1   Do You Know Who else is Hot?
1   Dem Dem Dudleyz TB
1   You're Fired!

29    Reversal
1      Reverse Clothesline
1      Chained Heat
3   Once is Enough
3   Volley This!
3   Sloppy…Very Sloppy
3   Elbow to the Face
2   Don't Try This at Home
1   The Coach Says "today's the day"
2   Hold the Phone
2   It's Great to Be Back Here in…
1   Leg Drag TB
1   Overshot Your Mark
1   Sidewalk Slam
3   a revolution of the mind
1   Divine Intervention
1   Master Manipulator
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Re: A better paul heyman idea?
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2015, 06:09:05 AM »
Very solid deck. I like it!
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Re: A better paul heyman idea?
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2015, 02:57:34 PM »
if you switch to cheater you can do some nice tricks like drop punch after punch for RVD's ability and then pick it up and throw it at 0 with you can't cheat an honest man.  Do that for a while and then you will see why virtual introduced cards like old school cage match and your reach exceeds your grasp.
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