Author Topic: A Dynamic Sponge B.A. Billy Gunn (SD/ neutral)  (Read 1480 times)

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A Dynamic Sponge B.A. Billy Gunn (SD/ neutral)
« on: July 08, 2015, 10:56:06 PM »
   Billy Gunn ( A Dynamic One)
10   Pre-match
1   The Best Surprises Sneak Up from Behind
3   The Luck of the Daw
1   Rules were meant to be broken
1   Rochester, New York
1   According to Linda and the Board of Executives
1   Find Out How to Fight from Finlay
1   Wrestlemania
1   My Sacrifice
10   Mid-match
3   My Name is Matt Striker, and I am Your Teacher
1   The One Billy Gunn
1   Rico Enters!
1   Goodnight, Everybody!
1   You're As Graceful as a Cow on Ice
1   Ready to fight
1   Unrestricted Use in this Area
1   Break it up, break you down.
60   Arsenal
8   Superstar Specific
1   I'm an A%$ Man
1   B.A.'s Military Press Slam
1   The Federation's Purest Athlete
1   Fame-A$%-er
1   Tori Enters the Fray
1   The One and Only
1   We're Sorry… But This Has Gone Too Far
1   That One Thing
19   Maneuver (pure Dynamic)
1   Dynamic Punch
1   Dynamic Throw
1   Dynamic Arm Bar
1   Dynamic Hook
1   Dynamic Drop
1   Dynamic Headlock
1   Dynamic Forearm
1   Dynamic Takedown
1   Dynamic Stretch
1   Dynamic Knee Lift
1   Dynamic Slam
1   Dynamic Bear Hug
1   Dynamic Lariat
1   Dynamic Driver
1   Dynamic Figure Four
1   Dynamic Gut Stomp
1   Dynamic Back Breaker
1   Dynamic Torture Rack
1   Dynamic Flying Body Press
1   Dynamic Finisher

8   Actions
1   Beating the Odds
3   He's Playing Possum?
1   I Can't Be Reading This Right
1   Technical Bear Hug
1      Enter the Stratusphere
1      J.R. Style Slobber Knocker
25   Reversals
1   Escape to the Side
1   Escape the Rules
3   A Revolution of the Mind
2   Elbow to the Face
2   Me Llamo...Armando Alejandro Estrrrrada
1   Too Many Rules, Too Many Refs..
2   The Coach Says... Today's the Day
2   It's Great to be Back in Here..
2   Get the F out!
1   Lift a Boot TB
3   Iron Will
1   Let's Wrestle Already
2      Oversell Maneuver
1      Get Back into the ring

Was really fascinated by how B.A can possibly sponge and reverse cards without playing cards into his ring area. Here's the plan.
Best Surprises for luck of the draw. Play finlay, rules were meant to be broken (A MUST)
Always, if possible, during first turn, make sure you drop that dynamic move into rsp, then either, activate luck of draw or my name is matt...(reveal hand if there's no maneuver, Most likely overturning will get you another dynamic move) and then, continue until the hand is big.
You can choose to play action or end turn.

Your opponent's actions played should be reversed easily, by discarding 2 dynamic moves.
Repeat this until opponent gives up playing action cards.

Then if possible, recycle the reversals through luck of the draw when the reversals overturned.
Playing He's Playing Possum makes him feel the pain when he successfully plays a maneuver. When 3 copies are inside his ring area, the game is more likely to be under control. (overturning 3 cards for a successfully played maneuver) Ouch.

Purpose of technical bearhug is to recycle 'the coach says', allow multiple uses of ready to fight.

The rest are quite easy to follow.

I still need an advice as it is quite a soft and difficult to pinfall my opponent.
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Re: A Dynamic Sponge B.A. Billy Gunn (SD/ neutral)
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2015, 07:42:13 PM »
I built a similar crippler deck with technical. I used inferno match (stip) because my recovery cards never hit the ring area.  in the mean time everything my opponent did just hurt him. You might even be able to work the original inferno match actions in if you don't have the stip.
backfire is also one nasty kill card with multiple luck of the draws in your ring area.
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Re: A Dynamic Sponge B.A. Billy Gunn (SD/ neutral)
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2015, 09:28:35 PM »
Thanks for the tips! :)

Wow, didn't know the crippler could work out this way! Just wondering, when we sponge, we put cards at the bottom of our arsenal, but the issue is that there is a low chance of shuffling the arsenal. Take billy for an example, when he has no maneuvers in hand, he can use his ability to retrieve one and then shuffle his arsenal afterwards. It helps to evenly spread the reversals he sponged earlier.

I also would like to see your technical crippler build. Seems very interesting to me!