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Re: 2015 ACMT - Adam Crites Memorial Tournament
« Reply #50 on: June 06, 2015, 10:18:27 PM »
Amazing job by Vela for hosting a very seamless tourney. You always rock. Thanks to everyone who made it and participated, Adam would have been proud and we all represented him well. We miss him but know he's in a better place.
Look forward to the next tourney (hopefully soon!)

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Re: 2015 ACMT - Adam Crites Memorial Tournament
« Reply #51 on: June 06, 2015, 11:15:22 PM »
Adam Crites Tournament Report.

Cube is won by the amazing Jon Zipper, who drafted a deck so good, he defeated all that stood before him and lay claim as our first West Coast Cube Champion.

Kimio comes in almost 2 hours late, but we wait it out for him, and eventually give him the BYE as we finally get started.

Round 1

vs Eric - Road Dogg

GREAT! My traveling partner, so many hours of driving just to play him. He's got a Road Dogg with Evening Up the Odds to draw extra cards while hiding a bunch of cards under his Virtual Pre-Match.  I get a jump by stopping his original maneuver that can only be reversed from Arsenal with Restricted.  Next turn, he plays his Mid-Match and I can’t stop his next maneuver fully.  He stays behind, plays Shoot Lock-Ups and I can’t keep his hand down. Over the course of the game, he draws all the reversals necessary to keep the BASH Maneuver parade down and beats me in a close game. 


Round 2

vs Kimio - Randy Orton

Not much to report on this match. Kimio is again coming to a tournament with no sleep straight from work. He forgets to search for A No Show. He forgets to discard cards for Evolution is a mystery.  He also drew no reversals for multi maneuvers.  BASH Punch, BASH Punch, BASH Vise, BASH Vise, BASH Pin Hold, all not reversed from arsenal.  You can do the math…


We take a short break for meals since we delayed starting the tournament for Kimio and to finish the CUBE. Everyone else properly fed, we get back to it.

Round 3 vs. Geoff - DX

Memory failing... All I remember is BASH Fortitude goes thru early and often.  I climb the ladder and go straight in to SHIF (TB) for the pin.


Round 4

vs. Vick - Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Interesting game. My BASH Feud buys a me turn against the unstoppable Movies. Taunt/BASH searches for a Sidewalk Slam (TB). He plays tons of reversals to all the BASH multis that only do 1D, playing 3 Clumsys and then 3 Revos and then 2 Elbows on all the BASH maneuvers but they just keep coming.  Vick eventually plays 2 Actions in a turn, losing Brahma Bull to Not on My Broadcast (TB). Eventually, he just succumbs to the Shoot Counter & Taunt/BASH you with 14 cards in deck.  I make him draw the remaining 2 for Precision Haymaker and even though he has the Backlash reversal, I take the CountOut with under a minute remaining in the round.


In the cut, much of the deck’s t3ch hasn’t really been seen by anyone.  But in the end, I get a chance to show it off as I’m 3rd, but 4th and 5th are tied. So instead of them being the only ones playing and everyone watching, we cut to top 6, and I go back to work.

Round of 6

vs. Albert - Scott Hall

I got Vince GRA for his multi Actions.  His Trash Talkin’ shows me his hand is POOR as it has NO REVERSALS except 1 GTFO. I make him lose it, and he only shuffles 2 more.  With my higher SSV, I jump ahead in fortitude early since he drew no reversals and with his Ability blanked, he can't play his Outside Interference from Backlash and he eats my turn 1 BASH Punch, which goes all the way thru (no Sustained) which allows me to go right in to Del Rio’s Enzuigiri.  I reverse his Chain Lashing (TB) with Revo and My Game, My Way. I get Shoot Lock-Up to stick next turn with Ref takes a Bump. And I end him with a Backslide to his nWo Beatdown for the pin.

Round of 4

vs. Creed - John Cena

Here is the amazing John Cena Deck!  Yo! Kill Da Beat! I am able to get down the Magnificent Cars, BASH Down the Walls, and Taunt/BASH.  My 4 card hand couldn’t be better equipped to deal with Cena, Worm, Revo, and a BASH Headlock are in my opening hand, I couldn’t ask for more.  His Pump Kick gets stuffed by Ricardo.  My opening BASH Headlock gets stuffed by Once is Enough, which opens the door to search, Opulence and Ref Takes a Bump. Cena gets Fortitude with Poke/Panic (blank ability for one turn so I don’t lose any Mids) but he’s stuck at 4-5 for the remainder of the game. He eats 2 more BASH maneuvers, I get out Egomaniacal, and start climbing the BASH ladder until I SHIF. He’s at 6F and with so many Onces and DI already removed, he scoops.

Final Round

vs. Vick - Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Much different game than our Swiss game. This time I just allow the first Boot Lace instead of stuffing it with Ricardo.  I stop the second with Ricardo, then allow the German Suplex (TB). Then I just spam BASH maneuvers with the text of either Boot Lace or German Suplex (TB).  Eventually it’s a BASH Pin Hold copying the text of German Suplex (TB) that goes thru for 14D for the win.

Drew vs Vick

The Loot!  Hogan Signature!  Plus a Wrestlemania Chair! PLUS DVDs and TK cards, Signed memorabilia, Books, GALORE!!!

Many thanks to Mitch! for the initial deck idea. STOP BEING SO GOOD! And to Tony our fearless leader for all the massive prize support, who may not be long for CA.  And of course to the rest of my SoCal Raw Deal brethren: Albert, Creed, Ed, Eric, Geoff, Kimio, Jon, and Vick!  Here's to another ACMT in 2016 and celebrating the memory of our good friend, Adam.
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Re: 2015 ACMT - Adam Crites Memorial Tournament
« Reply #52 on: June 07, 2015, 03:37:12 PM »
Many thanks to Mitch! for the initial deck idea. STOP BEING SO GOOD!

Glad it worked out, once I stopped focusing on using Taunt the Fans with him....he got better. Really want to make it to one of these sometime and visit Cali in general, someday I will make it happen.
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Re: 2015 ACMT - Adam Crites Memorial Tournament
« Reply #53 on: June 07, 2015, 10:35:25 PM »
Any chance you could give us an analysis on the tech or a decklist good sir?

And congrats!
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Re: 2015 ACMT - Adam Crites Memorial Tournament
« Reply #54 on: June 08, 2015, 06:08:39 PM »
Wanted to take a quick moment to say a few thank yous... Thank you to:

Drew: For always lending a hand in helping things run smoothly. I get so stressed out at these events wanting to make sure that the prizes are distributed properly and that everyone goes home happy. You always come through for me, buddy! - And thanks for introducing us to the RAW Deal Cube. That was way fun and was the first time I've played any RD since 2013!

Creed: For helping keep the game of RAW Deal alive and well and for being our go to person (or having him on speed dial, if needed) for rules questions. You, are awesome!

The Wrestling Guy Store: For giving us a place to set up and play. We literally took up almost the entire store with tables, chairs, prizes, bags, food, drinks ... everything. They opened up their entire store to whatever we needed. Thank you! - Now people, please go visit their store!

Players: To all the players who have come out year after year and play a silly card game we all love AND to honor our fallen leader, Adam Crites. -  Thanks to Ed, Jon, Geoff, Albert, Vic, Kimio, Drew, Creed, Eric - and in year's past - Dan, Larry, Mike, Crawford and any others I just can't remember right now. You guys rock!

Those who attended this year, I announced that I may not be here in California next year. Have no fear ... As long as players will still come out to play, I will fly back to California just to host this annual event. I don't have a date on when I will be getting out of this state, but I'll make sure to let you guys know before I leave.

Thank you again to everyone.  :)

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Re: 2015 ACMT - Adam Crites Memorial Tournament
« Reply #55 on: June 08, 2015, 06:42:02 PM »
Any chance you could give us an analysis on the tech or a decklist good sir?

And congrats!

Basis, find Ref Takes a Bump with the cars, draws for buying myself some time/rio's mid toss a bash move with ref bump in hand and if they stop it...find more bash moves and try again except with opulence so they can't play non-unique reversals to the move.
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Re: 2015 ACMT - Adam Crites Memorial Tournament
« Reply #56 on: June 10, 2015, 06:11:48 PM »
My journey to the ACMTs started with a 2-hour drive out of the desert.  Fortunately, most people want to get OUT of the L.A. area, so traffic wasn't so bad.  Unfortunately, the semi-decent hotel we stayed at wasn't so great, as the wifi didn't work in the room, ugh.  Oh well, made the best of it, got rest and breakfast before heading to The Wrestling Guy Store.  Pretty good little place, by the way, lots of nifty merch and T-shirts.

CUBE Draft:  I'd read up on this the day before, but it was still a lot more fun than I expected. We all had moments of 'Someone gave me THIS in pack?  Wait, what was so good that they left THIS behind?' as the packs went around. Very fun format, by the way!

I'd bid 2 on Los Guerreros and quickly tossed out the Arsenal cards in favor of Ese / Rechazo / Lie,Cheat,Steal and it really paid off.  Remembering draft mistakes of the past, I made sure to get a bunch of zeros (including Sucker Punch!), good reversals (Manager and 2 Rakes would work double duty with their Ability), and a couple recursion cards (Iron Will, Don't Hate the Playa, R-You're Fired).  Combined with A No Show, Managed by Paul Heyman, Trash Talking Interview TB, Change in Programming Lineup, and Fortitude Surge, I felt prepared for anything with a very strong deck.

...a quick word on Revolution cards.  In my opinion, a cube is better without them.  Actions are difficult enough to stop, it seems to me it would be better to just focus on those (adding a couple more Action reversals, or broad-ranged stuff that could hit them).  But your mileage may vary.  :)

We only played one round as we were already past the scheduled start time (though one attendee was running late), but I was able to handle RTC without much trouble.  He censored Manager Interferes with my stip, but I had Partner Interferes anyway.  That and another Heel card came up for No Show, but I used Change in Programming to get rid of the Shoot Action and Atomic Lariat he fetched with Hard Being Original.  I was able to play around Right to Interfere with irreversibles, but eventually just played the waiting game, using recovery cards, and stopping his moves as he couldn't get started.  Good game if not very exciting, heh.

Sadly, we cut short the draft so we could get to the tournament underway!


I didn't have much time to prepare or playtest my decks, barely got a couple practice games in on Lackey the week before the event, so I went with a candidate from last year's ACMT and played John Cena.  The (SoCal) Champ is Here!  :)

ROUND 1:  Ed (Kane)

Ugh, and I almost packed Fortitude Surge for decks 'like Kane'.  Thankfully Your Town and Kill Da Beat slow down his Pre-match setup, Managed by Vince blocks the Cell, and he only gets Fire & Flames.  Pump Kick starts off, but he flips a reversal so I can't press on to cover the 8F plunge.  He gets 2 Journeys down, thankfully the 3rd goes away to Cena's Ability.  Amusingly, the card I packed instead of Surge is Break It Out, Break It Down etc, and it gets Coached so I'm plunged even farther, further proof it was the wrong card to pack, heh. I start having to not draw for Stun to avoid the burn, and nearly lose when I draw for my turn, burn my LAST TWO cards, then activate 12 Rounds to recover a bunch.  FU and STFU finally stop Kane, just short of the time limit.

ROUND 2:  Kimio (Randy Orton)

Hey, a second PPV-level matchup, Cena vs. Orton.  Poor Kimio is running on a couple hours of sleep, but he still manages to throw me off by dropping Rivals / Managed by Vince (I didn't think I needed Hometown Hero + Your Town here, whoops) but I have Regal.  Kill Da Beat slows things down, I'm able to Pump Kick and go to work, keeping his Fortitude low, and shredding his Backlash.

Thankfully, this game doesn't run long, and we're able to negotiate a lunch break, as I'm getting shaky from not eating.  Hooray for local Subway, heh.

ROUND 3:  Vick (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson)

Sadly, no 'Wrestlemania' was played in this 2-time Wrestlemania-headlining matchup, heh.  I cringe as Brahma Bull is the one Pre-match dropped, but that's okay, as the obvious Pump Kick play is averted, but I threw Panic/Poke to get my 4 Fortitude anyway.  German Suplex won't work either, but a Sidewallk Slam to a Movie card gets me to Atomic Lariat range.  Unfortunately, he gets jammed up and can't draw into anything, and this goes more like Wrestlemania 29 instead of 28, haha.

I'm glad to hear Road Dogg is the other undefeated Superstar, as I had success with him at my first GenCon.  However, I didn't realize that Lady Luck had left me for another guy, heh.  Very quickly, I would find out...

ROUND 4:  Eric (Road Dogg)

He drops the Cell as his one Your Town-compliant card, but Vince overrules it, and Ladies & Gentlemen pops Let's Make Some Noise into the ring before Cena kills that Beat.  Unfortunately, my opening Pump Kick walks into his lucky DBag draw, ouch. This basically wins the game for him, sadly.

He burns me with his Ability, though his protected BASH move gets Restricted and Once.  I get Fortitude with Panic/Poke again, but his next BASH move walks as I didn't draw any decent reversals.  My Atomic Lariat gets Rules/Refs, ugh, and the burning continues.  A second Atomic Lariat sticks, but on his turn he has 18F to my 14F... and plays Doggy Pump Handle Slam.  UGH.  Having lost Divine TWICE to his Ability, it walks, and when he plays See How It Feels, there's just no point.  Also, this only went about 8-9 Rounds, so I never got to use 12.  What an ugly slaughter.

While I'm itching for a rematch, hopefully contested under a better fairness balance, haha... We decided to break to Top 6, as there's a tiebreaker needed for the 4th spot anyway.  Eric and I sit out as #1 and #2, while Vick and Drew win their respective matches.  This means there WILL be a two-time ACMT winner, as all 4 of us have previously won the event (Eric winning the inaugural ACMT, and Vick winning in 2011).

SEMIFINALS:  Drew (Alberto Del Rio)

He comments that he might have messed up by having Really That's Enough Shenanigans, as we both have 3SV, so Y!KDB! wouldn't have worked if he hadn't revealed it.  My brain shuts off and misinterprets this as needing to change my SV, so I play Spinner Belt, which lets him drop for Alberto's Cars and BASH Down the Walls, ugh.  It doesn't help that Lady Luck had left me, and Drew draws a nearly perfect 4-card hand.  He puts Ref/Bump and D-Bag in the car, and I get my usual Pump Kick and something else (not Steel Chain, since he put us in a Cage).

Unfortunately, I didn't read Ricardo and Pump Kick is casually dismissed... annoying that I didn't see it coming, but admittedly it's what I would have done anyway.  Drew has 5 cards in hand and drops Buying Myself Some Time to get cards, picks up Ref Bump, and plays the BASH Suplex.  I have Once, but he fetches 2 BASH Punches and keeps the Suplex with Bump, ugh.  Panic/Poke works but RTV stops the turn.  He BASH Punches and I only have Elbow, ugh.

Few Heel Men is nice to see in hand, but not when the BASH Feud is down.  I know Love of the Game won't work, as he has at least a WORM in hand, if not a Coach as well.  Word Life makes him discard 3 reversals, but by now he has a  big hand including DBag and an action reversal (baited by a Boot Lace action, heh), and I don't have anything going for me.  Egomaniacal spells the beginning of the end, and when the overpowered See How It Feels hits the table, there's no point in continuing.

Ah well, Drew finally beats me at an ACMT event, he's earned it.  As noted elsewhere, he goes on to become the first ever Two-Time! Two-Time! winner of ACMT, very fitting for multiple reasons.  (Man, that's a catchy thing to say, we should make a card out of that!)  I do get to 'get my win back' in a side game with Eric, haha, as my 2nd choice for ACMT - Undertaker - faced DiBiase in an Elimination Chamber / Hell in a Cell Match (HUH?! lol).

Great event, got some cool swag and picked up the Finn Bâlor T-shirt while I was there.  Enjoyed a nice breakfast on Sunday with some of the guys, caught a movie, and visited Redondo Beach before heading back.  Good times!

Tony Vela, for being one of the best Raw Deal Managers around!  We can't say enough good things about you.  :)
The Wrestling Guy Store, great little shop that was very hospitable to us crazy card players.
Eric, for giving me a lift to Subway and saving me an unpleasant walk in the heat
Drew, for being himself, heh.
John P, Mitch, and Resk for chiming in with advice for someone who hasn't had the chance to play Raw Deal since the last ACMT!  :)

Bellflower Motel 6, for having crappy WiFi.
LA Traffic, for being a general nuisance.
Lady Luck, for being a hateful b**** and leaving me when I needed her most.  :D

Lots of fun, great seeing everyone, hopefully we'll be back again next year!

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