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The Revolution was verified?


Back in early 2007 when I created this section of the boards it was in tribute to Stephen Colbert, and in one of his segments regarding Wikipedia, the word was "The revolution will not be verified."

7+ years later the Colbert report has now ended.

Was the revolution verified?

Steve Resk:
The Colbert report is the smartest most informative peice of television on public broadcast. He should be president.

I don't recall the segment, but if you think of "the revolution" as Colbert himself, then yes, since he's now in the most powerful chair in his profession.

i like the warning at the top am i sure i want to say something it's been 120 days etc...has the truth been verified....hell no . are we in a different world? no cobert go bought out. he now does a watered down stick for the masses for the money. also i guess what revolution i mean he "is" just a comedian what kinda revolution could a comedian lead really. i liked his off shoot from john stewart. he grew from that and he is what he is today but no revolution was verified


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