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Draft Try Out Report
« on: July 19, 2011, 06:16:21 PM »
Draft Try Out Report

Good day guys! We tried out a draft last night and it turned out pretty well. The only downside is that drafting of the cards took quite sometime because we're reading the old cards that I thrown into.

The players are Mike, Rizwan, Sherwin and Me.

After splitting the staples(3xescape,3xstep, 3xbreak, 3xelbow) we poceed to draft the Prematch cards first, followed by midmatch, then Reversals, actions, maneuvers. It took about one hour drafting and we then looked through what we pick once again to determine the best strategy for our decks.

Random Superstars were given out last so that players have lesser control over their decks. They can only count on the cards they picked for winning strategies.

Mike - Hogan TB
Rizwan - Billy Gunn later changed to Matt
Sherwin - Home Team
Me - HeatSeekers

We played 3 rounds of Swiss each. Didn't record the wins and loss but I remembered I got 1 win 2 loss. :( I drafted a pure submission/grapple deck with fort plunging but it didn't go that well as I picked the wrong cards for my Prematch.

I hope that you guys will give this a try this Saturday after the Swiss rounds of our PPV event. Every player will be equal during the draft, the only difference is your understanding of cards and creativity of constructing a deck. Well, see you guys this saturday at SMU ! Cheers :) - For Singapore Players !