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Here comes the Judge...
« on: July 21, 2014, 07:26:21 PM »
Fantasy cards for a persona I played in an online wrestling game years ago. The maneuvers have the non personalized version in brackets to show what it's supposed to be...

The Judge
SHS: 7
SSV: 2
Superstar Ability: Your cards titled Indian Deathlock gain your logo and are considered Trademark Finishers instead of Submission maneuvers. If your next card played after this card is Maintain Hold, you may ignore the ‘can only be played after…’ text.

Replace ‘high risk’ with ‘high risk or superstar specific’ on your copies of Unorthodox Style of Wrestling.

Hung Jury ((Choke on the ropes))
High Risk + Submission
Unique Multi
F: 16   D: 14
Can only be played after a successfully played card. Can only be reversed from your opponent’s hand. You cannot play Maintain Hold after this card.

Split Decision ((Wishbone))
Trademark: Mean: Run-in
F: 8   D: 8
When successfully played, you may remove any number of cards in your Ring from the game. Your opponent puts twice that number of cards from his Ring into his Ringside.

Mid Match Reversal: Special
F: 10   D: 6
Reverse any <R> card or any card with lower damage than fortitude requirement.

The Verdict
Action + Action
Unique Multi
F: 16   D: 0
Can only be played if you have less cards in hand than your opponent.  Put your hand on top of your Arsenal. Place an equal number of cards from your Ringside on top of your Arsenal. Search your deck for half that number of cards rounded up and your opponent discards until he has the same number of cards in his hand. Shuffle your arsenal and end your turn.

Antina Interferes
Reversal: Special: Run-in
F: 2   D: 8
Reverse any card that is Face, Heel, Cheater or Fan Favourite, if you have a card with the same trait in your Ring.

Managed by Antina Delthos
Pre Match Manager
Unique. Permanent. RMS.
F: 0   D: 0
When played, you may give this card one of the following traits: Face, Heel, Cheater or Fan Favourite.
Name one Raw Deal card. That card loses all text.

The Judges Robes
Backstage Card
You may hide this card to look at your opponent’s hand. Remove 1 card from the game and put 1 card in his Ringside.
He looks at your hand and chooses 3 cards. Remove 1 from the game, put 1 into your Ringside and put 1 back into your hand.