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Everyone has been asking about the raw deal cube recently.  I am posting it here as this introduction should answer any questions you may have.  

   Hey all.  James Kandziolka here.  I had left playing raw deal over the past five years or so to pursue other hobbies.  Recently, Pat Eshghy and I were on a road trip talking about cubes and how much we loved the WOW TCG Cube (another now dead card game).  The conversation turned into two little kids on Christmas morning talking about designing a raw deal cube. What started as just an idea consumed my mind over the past week and led me to design the following raw deal cube.  There is an additional step when cubing in raw deal, but I will describe it in detail a bit later.  Ultimately, raw deal was such an enjoyable card flopping moment in my life, and I know that a cube will allow future moments with old friends and card floppers to enjoy some sweet nostalgia while getting that card gaming fix.
   What is a cube?  For those of you who are new to the concept of a cube, the general concept is quite simple: a cube is a pool of cards that can be randomized, organized into packs, and used to draft. Regardless of the type of cube you prefer, the truth remains that cube drafting is one of the most skill-intensive limited formats around. The way that cubes are designed makes it so that each card in the pool is of a fairly similar quality. This creates an unusual situation where every card in all of the packs is at least considerable for a player's deck. You might expect that since each card is relatively good that the decisions are easier since you have more reasonable choices. The opposite is actually true. There are going to be cards that are much better in one deck type than another, even though both are still quite good.
   Raw deal had raw draft in the past.  This was the closest the game ever got to a limited format, but it would equate to a sealed deck format.  We tried drafting raw deal in the past, but you could tell it just was not designed to be drafted.  Loving the limited format in card games more than the constructed, I remember wanting this for raw deal back in the day.  Sadly, it was not really achievable.  Creating a cube would allow this once defeated idea to become a reality.  I can see the toughts of “Do I first pick Backlash since the odds of someone having that one Backlash in a cube is so low?” “Can I wheel these Face cards around the table?” “Should I jump out of some superstar specifics because I want to draft Raw when some of my superstar specifics are Smackdown?” This is also the first iteration of a raw deal cube, so I am looking for feedback and your thoughts.  Please comment and share what you like or dislike.  The better the feedback, the better the cube is for all of us.
   The current raw deal cube is 560 cards. I hand selected cards from the revolution sets to be in the cube.  There are only cards that interacted with pre-Revolution cards in the classic raw deal sense.  I am not knocking revolution era raw deal.  I just preferred to design my cube this way.  Feel free to use this first model to design your own cube off of it.  Strikes, grapples, and submissions are evenly distributed among the non-0 cost maneuvers.  There are high risks in the cube as well, but about 100 of the maneuvers in the cube cost 0 fortitude.  They are too crucial to play the game that we love.  I strongly recommend not pulling these out of the cube when designing your own.
   Completely randomize the cube.  This may take 10 minutes as you really want it shuffled up.  Each player will make 5 packs with 14 cards in each pack.  Once the packs are made you are ready to start drafting.  With most other games’ cubes you just draft and build.  Raw deal has the added power of superstars and their specifics.  After some tweaks, there are 48 superstar sets to be played with the cube.  Certain superstars (Andre, Carlito, etc.) were excluded from the list of superstars due to their ability being too strong for gameplay.  You will see that there are only five cards attached to each superstar.  So how do we determine which superstar you are?  You randomly select a number of superstars equal to the number of people drafting the cube.  Now, players will be bidding a number from 1 to 5 on superstars and the cards in their pool.  Randomly determine who starts the bidding.  If you win Eddie Guerrero and his pool after bidding 3, you will select 3 of his superstar specifics in his pool to not have access to during deck building.  You determine which cards you won’t use after you have drafted cards for your deck.  You don’t do it right there on the spot in the bidding process.  Eventually the last person will get the last superstar, but they are not required to bid a number.  The advantage of getting the last pick is that you get access to all 5 superstar specifics where everyone else has to lose at least one.  Now you enter the draft portion.  Look at your first pack.  Pick one card.  Put it face down in front of you and pass the pack face down to your left.  Everyone else will be doing this at the same time.  Everyone does this for all 12 of their picks in pack one.  The cards you are picking are the cards you are building your deck with.  The second pack you will be doing the same thing except this pack goes to the right.  The third pack to the left.  The fourth pack to the right.  The last pack to the left.  Now you have sixty cards, your superstar, and some superstar specifics to build a deck.  Each player will also have access to 3 Step Aside, 3 Escape Move, 3 Break the Hold, 3 Oversell Maneuver/No Sell Maneuver (depending on your superstar), 1 Elbow to the Face, and 1 You're As Graceful As A Cow On Ice during deck building.  If the draft went bad for you reversal wise, don’t worry as you have access to these reversals when you start deck building.  You do not have to use all or any of them.  You just have access to them like everyone else at this point in time.  Remember you are still restricted by the rules that you can not pack face cards while packing heel cards, raw cards while packing smackdown cards, and cheater cards while packing fan favorite cards.  The only adjustment to previous rules in the game is that female superstars are allowed to play multi maneuvers where they previously could not.  Basically, ignore the “can not be played by female superstars” text on multi maneuvers.  Now you build your deck and start playing some games.

You don’t need to get a full eight people to draft the cube.  You can do it with 4 or 6 players.  If you only have one other buddy with you to play, have no worries.  You can play a heads up sealed cube match where each of you get 7 packs of twelve cards and a choice between two random superstar with their cards as well as 3 Escape Move, 3 Step Aside, 3 Break the Hold, and 3 Oversell Maneuver/No Sell Maneuver to build your decks out of.  Before building your decks in heads up play you get to choose one of your 5 superstar cards.  Your opponent then gets to choose one of the four superstar cards you did not choose.  The card your opponent chose will not be a part of your deck or backlash deck.  I am sure there are other variants people can come up with as well.  The short list for cubing goes as follows.  1.  Randomly pick superstars and their superstar sets equal to the number of players.  2. Bid 1-5 on superstars players want except for the last pick (they get all 5 cards with their superstar).  3. Draft 5 packs of 12 cards each.  4. Determine which superstar cards you don’t use equal to the number you bid.  5.  Build your deck with access to 12 additional reversals.  6.  Play and have fun.

Superstar Sets
1.The Peoples Champ – Just Who In the Blue Hell Do You Think You Are? TB, Brahma Bull, Know You're Roll and Shut Your Mouth
2. The Rattlesnake – Unleash Hell, Do You Know What My Watch Says?, Do You Want A Hug?, Double Digits, Revolution Do I Have Your Attention?
3. The Game- Revolution Behold the King, Chyna Interferes, Cause I Am That Damn Good…., Paid, Laid and Made, I Am The Game Throwback
4.The Big Show – Showdown!, Mountain of a Man, Mine is Bigger Than Yours, You Can’t Manhandle the Big Show, Welllll!!!!!!
5.John Cena – So You Think You’re Untouchable, Word Life TB, Revolution I’m Tougher Than Nails , Revolution Knock Your Shell Off, Yo Kill Da Beat
6.Revolution Kane – Help’s On the Way/Tori Enters the Fray, Revolution Get Ready To Burn In Hell, In the Presence of the Kanenites, Big Enough to Eat Somebody, Masked Vengeance
7.Revolution The Undertaker – Brothers til the End, Big Evil – Red Devil, The Dead Will Rise...Again, The Urn, Revolution The Lord of Darkness
8.RVD- Everything’s Cool When You’re…, Mr. Monday Night, R-V-D, Step Over Heel Kick, The Hidden Dragon: Balance
9.Right To Censor – Right to Interfere, Censorship Match, This Is Unacceptable Behavior, Censored, We’re Here to Clean Up the World Wrestling Federation
10.Jeff Hardy – X-treme Sendoff, That’s Suicide, Incite the Fans, Revolution X-treme Twist of Fate, Team X-treme
11.The Immortal One – I Am A Real American, Never Forgive-Never Forget, Violent Vendetta, Whatcha Gonna Do Brotha? Throwback, Managed by “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart
12.The Highlight of the Night TB – Y2J, Superior Acrobatics, Highlight Reel, My Obscenely Expensive Jeritron, You Sanctimonious son of A B!tch,
13.DX – Chyna Interferes, The Icon The Showstoppa The Main Event, Sweet Chin Music, Revolution Triumph, All Things Are Possible
14.JBL – JBL’s Limo, JBL's Clothesline From Hell, I Am A Wrestling God, JBL’s Hat, Armageddon Is Upon Us
15.Brock Lesnar – Backstage Warm-Up Routine, F-5, Here Comes the Pain, The Next Big Thing, Collegiate Champions
16.Los Guerreros – We Lie- We Cheat- We Steal, Ultimo Rechazo!, Whatchoo Talkin Bout Ese?, Addicted to the Heat, Study For Your GED
17.The People's Team - Original WWE Icon TB, Rock's Spit Punch, Edge's Spear TB, Mutual Respect, You Bring the A%$, We'll Bring the Whoopin'!
18.X-treme Diva – If You’ve Got It Flaunt It, X-treme Thong, X-treme Hedonism, The Art of Persuasion, The Art of Persuasion
19.Sgt. Slaughter – Violent Vendetta, Cobra Clutch Throwback, The Motor Pool, Managed by “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, Through All These Years
20.Shelton Benjamin – Armageddon Is Upon Us, The World’s Greatest Upset In the Making, Greco Roman Specialists, It’s All About the Benjamins, Incredibe Athleticism
21.Million Dollar Man – Backed by Virgil, Managed by Jimmy “The Mouth of the South” Hart, Million Dollar Belt, Through All These Years, Living the Good Life
22.The Crippler – For Real, Toothless Aggression, Surprise Drop Kick, Big Stupid Grin, Pain Is Inevitable
23.Victoria – Managed by Stevie Richards, This Is Not Enough, Stevie Interferes, I Ain’t the Lady to Mess With, All the things She Said...
24.Leader of the Edge Army Throwback – You Think You Know Me, Revolution On This Day I See Clearly, Big Slide Into the Ring, Big Slide Into the Ring, Big Slide Into the Ring
25.Rikishi – Raisin’ the Roof, Drive-Rikishi-Drive, Gettin’ Cheeky With It, Gettin' Cheeky With It, Gettin’ Cheeky With It
26. The Heatseekers – On Your Home Turf, Divided You Fall, Should've Seen This Coming, Kokubetsu, I Know Cool...And You're Not Cool
27.Kurt Angle Throwback– The Kurt Angle Invitational, Where Are Your Medals, Collegiate Champions, First to Tap Match Throwback, Angle’s Uppercut
28. Vince McMahon (updated ability not restricted on maneuvers) – The First Family of Professional Wrestling, A Dynasty’s Destiny, I’m Vincent Kennedy McMahon Dammit, McMahon-Us, Interrupt-Us, Master of Promotion
29. The Hardy Boyz - That's Suicide (added Hardy Boyz logo), Team X-treme, Live for the Moment, Incite the Fans!, Matt Hardy's Patented Leg Drop
30. Rey Mysterio – Luche Libre Extravaganza, The Size Advantage, Too Fast For You, The West Coast Pop TB, Revolution Do It For My People
31.Dude Love – You Don’t Want To Go Where I’ve Been, Three Faces of Foley, Feel the Love, Psychedelic Dance Fever, Tree of Woe
32.“Rowdy” Roddy Piper – Managed by “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, Piper’s Pit, Never Forgive-Never Forget, Through All These Years, Over Sell: Hot Rod Style
33. The Home Team - Never Back Down - Never Quit, The Shhhhh Chop, I Will Not Die, Because the Fans Demanded It, The Intensity of Ten Cities
34.Billy Gunn – Rico Enters, Tori Enters the Fray, The One Billy Gunn, I've Got Two Words For Ya!, The One and Only
35.Revolution Ric Flair (modified superstar ability: counts as a legend superstar) –Managed by Jimmy Hart, Diamonds Are Forever and So Is the Nature Boy, Stylin’ Profilin’ Limousine Ridin’ Lear Jet Flyin’, Paid Laid and Made, The Game Interferes Throwback
36. Babe of the Year - If You've Got It Flaunt It, Keys to the City, X-treme Hedonism, ...Time To Catch My Breath, Puppy Power!
37. Batista – Revolution I’ll Chew them Up and Spit You Out, The Destroyer, Batista’s Spinebuster, Paid, Laid, and Made, Spine Buster TB
38.Booker T – Managed by Sharmell, Tell Me You Didn’t Just Say That, Spinneerooni, You Didn’t Just Try That, Five Time x5
39. The Hurri-friends - Gregory Helms Ace Reporter, Straddle the Ropes, Stand Back There's A Hurricane Coming Through, Superior Leg Work TB, I Should've Been In That Magazine
40.Shane O’Mac – The First family of Professional Wrestling, Here Comes the Money Throwback, Hold On Hotshot, Armageddon Is Upon Us, Mean Streets Silver Spoon
41.Renee Dupree – Managed by Fifi, Fifi Interferes, Armageddon Is Upon Us, Le Bonsoir, Rene’s Elbow Drop
42. The Dangerous Alliance - You Can't Stop 'em, Brock Lock, I'll Make You Tap, An Irresistible Force An Immovable Object, Bad to the Bone SS3
43. Jamie Noble – Managed by Nidia, Nidia Interferes, I’m Jamie Noble Boy, Cruiserweight Title Belt, Now I’m Gonna Get Some Respect
44. APA(yes they can play antics) – Beer Cards More Beer, Damn, Drinking Beer Raising Hell Kicking Ass, Clothesline From Hell, Dominator
45. Chyna – Ovicular Fortitude, 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna’s Pedigree, I'd Rather Be In Chyna!, Chyna’s Patented Low Blow
46. Buh-Buh Ray Dudley TB - Blood Is Thicker Than Wood, Greetings From Dudleyville TB, Dudley Tough, Brothers From Another Mother, Catatonic Stare
47. Torrie Wilson - WWE Centerfold of the Year, Torrie's DDT, The Boise Beauty, A Welcome Distraction, Strike A Pose
48. Doink - Through All These Years, Managed by Jimmy Hart, Living the Good Life, Who's Under the Paint, Pails O' Fun

Steve Resk:
At first glance I thought, Chyna + multis i'de bid five on that, however, There are not many of them, and good players will counter draft the multis.

Assuming we have 8-10 do we cut to a top or does best record win?

Cap it at eight and do single elimination.  I assume while drafting players will pay attention to what superstars are around the table and counter draft accordingly.  If chyna turns out to be too powerful then we can always drop her from the cube.  Nothing is set in stone.  Small changes and tweaks over time will just make the cube experience better.


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