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Re: *Spoilers* Wrestlemania 30
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I would like to add Lance Storms comments, as he is someone almost everyone on here respects opinion wise. 

In closing I just want to comment a bit on the Undertaker's streak being broken because a lot of people seemed pretty upset and asked me for my thoughts. In the end I believe it was Undertaker's call to end the streak. I doubt Vince would ask him to do it and I certainly don't believe he would ever insist or try to force him to, so Taker had to be on board and want to do it this way. In that case I don't think anyone has any right to second guess this decision. The Undertaker has more than earned the right to end his career and conclude his run at WrestleMania anyway he sees fit. Furthermore going out on his back with a loss just makes me respect the man even more, which I didn't think was possible. Losing on the way out, especially when you don't have to, is the most professional thing you can do. If there ever was a "Time Honoured Tradition" in this business, this is it. Austin lost his last WrestleMania match to The Rock, Rock (assuming he is done) lost his last WrestleMania match to Cena, Flair lost his last Mania match Michaels, Michaels lost his last Mania match to Taker, and I assume this is Taker's last Mania match and he lost to Brock. Getting to go out on the grandest stage of them all is the best possible way to end a career and doing so on your back, the most professional. No one has ever questioned The Undertaker's professionalism, and thus no one should be questioning this finish. The only thing people should be saying is "Thank you Taker"