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WOW.  And in Texas, of all places.  (No offense to Texans, of course, just doesn't always strike me as a hotbed of open-mindedness, lol)


It was not at all what I expected when I saw a link saying "Texas Sportscaster's Jaw Dropping Statement on Michael Sam"

This is lame. This isn't news. People don't care who anyone loves. The guy would be happier being known as a football player, not as a gay football player. Conspiracy theorists get ready, whenever anything bad happens to him you can all say "it's because he's gay!" In unison. Geeze leave the poor guy alone and let him be a football player and a person with out worrying about his sexual orientation.

That's... pretty much what he was saying... or at least how I interpreted it.

If we can look past wife beaters, druggies, DUIs, etc, why should this effect whether or not a team would want him in their locker room?


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