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Jon Stewart destroys Fox News over their annual "War On Christmas" segments


All this over a Festivus pole in Florida and someone suggesting a black Santa would be fine.

Well, if Festivus offends the Far Right so much, then I'm gonna go down to Queen Village in Philadelphia a week from Monday and participate in the Festivus celebration there.

Lemme just add to this that I don't say "Happy Holidays" because I hate Christmas. I say "Happy Holidays" because there's OTHER holidays around this time of year and I wish to be mindful and respect them because I don't know who I'm talking to. If me saying "Happy Holidays" offends you so much, too bad.

I also think Fox News (and their viewerbase) would be wise to listen to former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams's piece of advice to Christians who feel discomfort like they do: "Grow up."

Fox news is a joke. No one should even waste their time reading/listening to what they have to say. It's not news and never will be.

Jon Stewart is the man though, he helps deliver actual news to a really board audience with comic relief and talks about topics that are important.

Thanks for sharing!


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