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The New Batman in Man of Steel 2

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Buddha Dudley:
That sound you just heard was millions of voices of DC fans suddenly crying out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

Being reported everywhere, Ben Affleck will be the new Batman...

I'm gonna go cry into a pillow now...  DC just killed any momentum they had with the Nolan trilogy...

ziggy zenf:
I am conflicted. But its worth noting that a lot of people cried out after Heath Ledger was announced as the Joker and, to a lesser extent, Tom Hardy as Bane.

Now Nolan Synder is not, but I'm going to roll with it.

Ben Affleck from the early 2000s is not, in any way, the Ben Affleck that is around today. The man is a juggernaut and one of the best people you could get for any film. He has had solid hit after hit with amazing performances in every movie he touches. If Ben Affleck is in a film that is out nowadays it's probably a good bet you should see it because it's a damn fine piece of cinema.

If you want the even bigger positive, Affleck is a comic book guy. He did Daredevil, he saw what happened with it, he saw the outcry of the fans. He experienced what happens when you do terrible films and make a terrible comic book movie. The guy knows what it's like to be the punchline of Hollywood for half a decade. He worked hard to go from punchline to Oscar winner, again. Most people don't get out from punchline territory. They damn sure don't make it back to Oscar territory.

Also, Ben Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms.

Odd Affleck facts:  Played George Reeves in 2006 bio-pic making him first actor linked to both Batman and Superman roles.  Matt Damon has played sidekick to 2 Batmans now.  First Afflect and second to Clooney in the Ocean series lol

There's a saying, "In Nolan we Trust.". When Ledger was first announced yeah I scratched my head but then several networks had Ledger marathons and the one that stuck out to me was I forget the name but I think it was "The Order" where he played a demon hunting priest and I was sold I remember going yeah, I can see this working.  Affleck I can't say the same there's no previous role where I can watch and say "Yeah he's gonna pull this off".

Now I actually enjoyed Daredevil, or at least the uncut director's version that was rated R, not the theatrical pg-13 snoozefest, and while Daredevil and Batman can be considered similiar heroes, I just don't see it working out.  Affleck lacks that aura or presence needed.

Buddha Dudley:

This smells alot like your PWG-ROH theory about Summerslam...  WAY too optimistic, and yes mine is a little too pessimistic, the truth I'm sure lies somewhere in the middle.

For what it's worth, LA hubbub says this is part of a POWER PLAY and a final push to get Affleck in to the franchise because there were heavy talks to get Affleck to direct Justice League. This way he's heavily involved and sticks around for when JL starts filming. Don't get me wrong, Affleck is NOW a big player as a director... I just don't think he has the nerd-cred to pull off Justice League.  I hope I'm wrong...


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