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Raw deal Card Type
« on: August 15, 2013, 07:10:57 AM »
Hi I am new here and I loved that Raw deal has evolved so much though the official line of cards have stopped. I have looked through most of the virtual cards and it is nice to see some of my old fave superstars as well as some of the new and younger guys in WWE today.

One thing I notice is that the Virtual cards have sticked to following the card types of Classic [ Eg. Multi, Chain, Heat, Bash etc.]. By any chance you guys are gonna do some R&D and develop some new card type? Or are there restrictions with the licensing ? Or do you guys think it would just overcomplicate the game even further than it already is?

Just asking because I think it is a cool idea as it brings some freshness to the game. [though it will complicate things further]

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Re: Raw deal Card Type
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2013, 08:35:20 AM »
Hi there!  Glad to see you're enjoying checking into Virtual Raw Deal!  :)

We have actually added a few things already.  Virtual 3 brought a new kind of Pre-match card, Allegiance.  Virtual 5 added a PRO card that Rookies can pack (inspired by the first season of NXT), and introduced the mechanic of turning cards face-down in the Ring.

We're also working on a couple new mechanics for the future development, called 'Promo' and  'Payback'.  More on that when we've ironed them out.  In some cases, its a short-hand to save space on card text.  For example, 'Capacity' replaces 'number of Pre/Mid-match cards you can have in your Ring', and 'Counter' replaces 'reverse a card to end your opponent's turn, and this is the first card played on your turn'.

We don't want to overload the game with terms to remember, but yes, we do look at new ways to keep pushing cards around and developing strategy.  :)  (Licensing isn't an issue, as we don't have one, which is why we distribute freely!)

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