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The World's Greatest Homecoming
« on: February 01, 2013, 07:24:42 PM »
Team Angle

Collegiate Wrestling Skill
Signing Appearance

I Will Not Be Denied!
WWE Homecoming
4 Corners Match
Premier Smackdown Superstar
Backed by Vickie Guerrero
Banned from Ringside
The World's Greatest Tag Team
3x Taking Care of Number One
TB Smackdown #1 Announcer Funaki

Do You Live by the Three Is
Touch Turnbuckle 1-4
Layin the Smacketh Down!
Panic Grab
That's a Near Fall!
Break it Out, Break You Down, Breakin' Rules, Breakin' Ground
3x Ready to Fight

Maneuvers: 28
3x Rolling Headlock Vise
3x Short Arm Rib Breaker
3x Key Lock
2x Shoot Lockup
2x TB Scoop Slam
2x Flying Choke Hold
2x Flying Takedown
Lariat Takedown
Classic Leg Work
Leapfrog Stun Gun
TB Double Team
Spinning Wristlock Hammerlock.... of Doom!
Front Chancery
Cranial Crunch
Atomic Knee Drop
Atomic Driver
Let Me Get a Shot in
World's Greatest Suplex

Reversals: 25
3x Manager Interferes
3x Hold the Phone
2x Step Aside
2x Escape Move
2x Break the Hold
2x Always Have a Plan B
2x Elbow to the Face
2x TB Sidewalk Slam
All About the Benjamins
Divine Intervention
From Out of Nowhere

Actions: 7
3x No Pain, No Chain
I Will Rise Up!
Eve: Dirty Dancer
Names that should never be:
1. Little Rabbit Pants
2. Meatbag
3. Pants
4. Professor Chaos
5. Lucky Little Rabbit Panties