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« on: January 30, 2013, 03:05:07 PM »
BackStage: Raw/FF/Heel
5th Anniversary
Signing Appearance

San Diego, California
Managed By Regal
The Old Switcheroo
2x Givin em High Fives (one of em)
Underrated Superstar TB (if possible)
Let's Get It On!
Rochester, New York
Raw Deal Title
Champ is here
Calling You Out

2x For the Love of The Game
3x Inspiration for a new Generation
Restricted Use in this Area
King Interferes
Road to Victory
Took it on the Chin

Throttled Within an Inch of Your Life
16x Double Chop
Beatings from Dudleyville
Giant Head Butt
3x Angle’s Uppercut
Cobra Clutch
The Biggest Precision Spine Buster

Reversals: 36
The Pride of the Family
Takin' Care of Business
Uncle Eric's Karate Kick
3x Edge's Running Spear
Springboard Drop Kick
Dude ... Whatever
Eye of the Hurricane
The Snake Bite DDT
Flying Somersault Kick
3x I'm Driven by Anger (fan Favorite)
3x Trish's Chick Kick
The Bottomless Pit
2x McMahon-icide
The Snakeline
3x Elbow to the Face
Divine Intervention
Raw Deal Revolution
3x Revolution of the Mind
3x Volley This
3x Dont Try this At Home

Its been a long time since I made a Raw Deal deck but my brother has been talking about it and I feel the need to do so. I don't think I ever played Eugene so here's my attempt. This deck doesn't have any of the virtual cards or Revo cards. As far as I can tell its Afterburn too.

Let me know what I missed.