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This topic will be used to log any error corrections and provide information on the latest updates for playing WWE Raw Deal CCG on the LackeyCCG program.  (It is replacing the old one to prevent any confusion with old, out-of-date error reports)

For more information on getting started, or for information on updating to the most current update, please check this topic first.

If you note any errors, whether in the card images, or in the card's text or information, please note it here so it can be corrected in the next patch update.  Thanks!


Latest Update: 06-01-2018

2018 Revisions Added.


<R> Thrown into the ring apron. Listed as target "head" when it is actually target "back".
<R> Modified Moneky Flip <---Spelling is wrong.
Ring Steps does not have the foreign object trait.
You Can't Spell Furniture without F-U-N is F:3 not F:0
Rhyno's garbage can is missing the foreign object trait.
Title Belt Clubberin is missing the foreign object trait.
Give & Take(TB) is missing the Fan Favorite trait.

The Images for Freaks are Cool (OP) and Freaks are Cool (TB) are reversed.

Go for the Cover (tb) had the image of Go for the Cover (OP)

Buddha Dudley:
the text name of <R> Caution: You're Entereing the O-zone has an extra "e"

Short Arm Hammerlock's non-TB version has the wrong image.


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