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WWE Raw Deal CCG is available for play on LackeyCCG.

Go to http://www.lackeyccg.com and Download the program (for your operating system).

Download this file:


Extract it into the folder on your computer for LackeyCCG, similar to:

Then, open LackeyCCG and change the plugin using the preferences tab.

Note:  Major thanks to Ric Pittman for getting this all started and hosting the original files.  We couldn't have done this without you getting it going!  :)  Also thanks to Mitch and ZSlash for helping with card images, and VelaCards & elceh for scanning all the old stuff!


This has happened to a lot of people. I found the way to update Raw Deal on Lackey and still have all the pictures, even keep all your decks! Here are the steps, these follow them to the POINT!

Step 1: Go to RAW DEAL ONLINE page located here:



Step 2: Go down to "Existing users" and download that link

Step 3: Once its downloaded, drag the new folder to your DESKTOP, It might be named something like "Rawdeal2" or something. RENAME IT Rawdeal and then leave it on your desk top for now

Step 4: Open your lackey FOLDER and then open your PLUGINS FOLDER, you will see Rawdeal

Step 5: Open your RAW DEAL Folder and drag your DECKS FOLDER to your desktop, this will KEEP your decks safe

Step 6: Drag the RAWDEAL FOLDER to the trash. Drag the NEW Rawdeal folder that you just downloaded to the same place your OLD folder used to be

Step 7: Open the NEW Raw deal FOLDER and RE-DRAG the DECKS FOLDER back in

Step 8: Open the lackey program and go over to PLUGINS, Click "browse plugin" and RE-CHOOSE Raw deal and load it up

Step 9: Go look at your card images  ;D ;) ;D ;) ;D ;) ;D ;)

Step 10: At first you will need to click "BROWSE" for your decks but I assure you, as long as you put the DECKS folder back, they are all there and updated as well!

Please follow these 10 Steps correctly and you will be in good shape!

Merged this into the main topic for easy reference.  :)



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