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EPIC PICS: Signed Raw Deal Jimmy Hart and Jerry Lawler Cards
« on: September 11, 2012, 01:03:16 AM »
All of you must know by now what happened to Lawler on Raw. Here's hoping he will be okay.

This past Sunday (September 9th) I was at the Burlington Toy Con. Jimmy Hart was there. The night before I had dinner with Jimmy and Steve who runs the Con and a few other gentlemen. It was great. We talked about Jerry Lawler that night as well as many other things. (Did you know: The Honky Tonk Man IC reign lasted so long because Jake Roberts had "problems". Honky would have dropped it to him a number of times but Jake kept getting in trouble, so that long IC reign kinda just happened.)

Anyways, the whole experience with Jimmy was amazing. A few months earlier in May, I met Jerry in Niagara Falls Ontario at Pulp Comics on Free Comic Book Day. Some of you reading this may recall my Trish Stratus story from last years Fan Expo (I have a long goatee and she loved on it). When I saw Jerry I wanted the full Lawler treatment so I told him to zing me with something. After a few seconds I told him my goatee was an obvious target. He said "Yeah... I've seen my cat cough up better looking things." LOL. Classic.

Get well soon Jerry.


Jimmy Hart let me hold his Hall of Fame Ring and take a pic of it (Jimmy was amazing)

Jimmy Hart Signed Virtual Raw Deal Card

Jerry Lawler Signed Card

If you take a look at my TCO pic to the left here, well, get ready for a big TCO event for October. On October 1st all will be revealed.
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