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Edge- All Together Now.


Rio D:
This is a deck I have been thinking of for awhile now.  Edge seems to lend himself well to this build.  Being able to pack Big Slide as a mid match is awesome for this build.

Here is what I came up with. In case youre wondering, I got very distracted by Corkscrew Somersault, which I never knew existed and seems really good.



All Together Now
You Will Witness History
Forming a United Front
The Marquee Says "Wrestling"!
Unbreakable Chain x3
Chain Reaction x3
The Smackdow title that gets me a chain or Volley card


I'm Just Hitting My Stride
Ready to Fight x2
Atomic Bear Hug x2
In This Ring I just Might be...
Big Slide x3
The Edgeucation
You Think You Know Me

Moves x26

Edge Kick
Scoop Slam (tb)x2
Ankle Lock (tb) x2
Toss x2
Atomic Driver
Wrap Around Wrist Lock x2
Quick Snap x2
Atomic Power Slam
Spinning Wrist Lock  or DOOOOM
Apply Legal Leverage (tb)x2
The Maneuver of DOOOOM
Stretch Opponent
Corkscrew Somersault
Downward Spiral
Edges Running Spear x3
Edge O Matic
Edges Spear

Actions x17

Roll Out of the Ring x2
No Pain, No Chain
Chained Aggression x2
Youre Just a Puppet
Chain Wrestling x2
Flawless Execution x2
The Switch x2
I Wont Stop x2
Million Dollar Smile
Never Gonna Stop

Reversals x17

Dont Try
Its Great To Be Back
Revo x3
Scream If You Want It
Rated R x3
Once is Enough x2
Sloppy x3
Elbow x2

Thats the deck, I think I really need more reversals in it.  I dont know what to cut, I have an over abundance of moves.  But I am afraid of reversals and not getting fortitude on the board the first couple of turns.  Please any suggestions would help!


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