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Rio D:
I kinda want to build a Mr.Perfect deck.  I just had a couple of questions.  1.) The blanking aspect of his ability.  Will it allow for highrisks to be played without the played after text? 2.)  What are some good moves to use his ability on?


Maneuver of doom, let me get a shot in!, what a maneuver. All three I ran in a mono grapple perfect deck that out classed every opponent.

Perfect's Ability only blanks the maneuver after it's a legal play, so you have to meet all play requirements. Perfect was good, but he never pulled off a standing shooting star press.

Rio D:
I assumed as much.  Just wanted to clarify, I remember Piper used to be able to allow his opponents high risks with out the requirements.  I think I know what I am going to do with him!  Thanks for the help.  Also anyone have a list of non ss cards with perfect in the title?

My understanding of mr. Perfect's ability, as it's worded, is that you chose to remove the cards, then the maneuver is played after his ability is triggered. Would that not blank the maneuver as it is attempting to go?


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