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Jeff Hardy - RAW/Heel/Cheater


Jeff Hardy

Backstage Area: (7)

Fifth Anniversary
Tenth Anniversary
Backstage Signature
Backstage Signing Appearance
Backstage Autograph Session
Enough Shenanigans
Really, That's Enough Shenanigans

Pre-Match: (12)

Washington, DC
There Is No Escape
WWE Undisputed Heavyweight Title Belt (TB)
World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Title Belt (TB)
ECW Championship Belt
I've Had More Championship Than You've Had Women
X-treme Sendoff
Unorthodox Style of Wrestling (TB)
High-Flying Style
A No Show
Old School Beating x2

Mid-Match: (12)

Live for the Moment
The Road to Victory
That's Suicide!
Your As Graceful As A Cow On Ice
Really, That's Enough
This Is Going Nowhere Fast
Restricted Use in This Area
Took That On The Chin
Sustained Damage
Undermine the Competition
Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp

Arsenal (60)

Maneuvers: (25)

Swanton Bomb
X-Treme Dive Over the Ropes
Handcuffed x3
Rest Hold x3
Arm Wrench (TB) x2
Clutch Onto Opponent x3
Headlock Takedown (TB) x3
Waist Lock (TB) x3
Forearm Shot x3
Running Spinebuster (TB) x3

Actions: (6)

Incite the Fans!
From the Top Rope (TB) x5

Reversals: (23)

Whisper in the Wind
Divine Intervention
The RAW DEAL Revolution
Raw & Ready x3
Over Sell Maneuver x3
Get the "F" Out! x3
Step Aside x2
Escape Move x2
Anything and Hate It x2
Elbow to the Face x2
The Coach Says, "Today's the Day!" x2

Hybrids: (6)

Ride the Barricade
Volley This! x2
Don't Try This At Home x2
Sidewalk Slam (TB)

I wanted to try something different and Jeff Hardy's Unorthodox Style of Wrestling (TB) caught my eye. The point is to stay under 10F as much as possible. I added damage increasers so all my move are at least +5D. There Is No Escape makes my moves harder to reverse and when I'm at 10F or less, Unorthodox Style of Wrestling (TB) makes all my moves High Risk and Unique.  

I tried this before but didn't have time to perfect this. 

If you're running this build you need moves that "self-terminate".  Specifically Headlock Takedown TB, Running Spinebuster TB, Table, and maybe Steel Chain Shot TB.  The latter also makes for a good Take It Back fodder if you choose to run this concept.  You don't have a ton of offense if/when you break 10 through reversals, so if you ever DO break 10 you're dead in the water as far as I can see.

What should I change then? I like the idea of moves that leave the table.

This is a pretty cool concept, actually. The idea with moves that terminate themselves is that They do huge damage without putting you above ten, ever. The 0D maneuvers are great, especially because Rest Hold can blank something that's a pain in the butt for you to deal with...

Headlock Takedown TB x3 and Running Spinebuster x3 are must-adds. They're great Grapple Moves that can drop themselves into the ringside pile so you stay below ten. You can also add actions to recycle them, like Roll of the Ring or The Switch or something of that nature. Tables have great synergy with those six cards because they have a great

Clutch x x3
Rest Hold x3
Handcuffed x3
Headlock Takedown TB x3
Running Spinebuster TB x3
Waist Lock TB x3

Is a nice start to the move set. You could add some more to that too.

The one criticism I have is that with FTTR's and the finishers, you're not going all-in on the concept.

Also, would you consider going Raw & Ready/Over Sell/Escape/Break/Step Aside as opposed to revo? Then you don't really have to deal with the pain and breaking 10F from the reversals.

I'd also highly recommend Undermine the Competition for your backlash since I don't see it. If you wanted an extra damage build too, you could also throw in Straight Shootin' interview or three.

Updated with advice. I think it looks alot better now.


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