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Commissioner D2:
So, it would seem a lot of you didn't read the big super awesome announcement we put up not too long ago.  I have only been contacted by TWO people about checking in that they are judges.  We need to change that before anybody can order TKs.

I NEED ALL JUDGES TO EMAIL rawdealcommissioner@yahoo.com AND VERIFY THEY ARE ACTIVE JUDGESThis includes potential new judges.

Include the following: Name, TCO ID, Location, When you run, and normally How many people.

I know, I could look at the thread, but that is so out of date, there's no telling who still runs and who doesn't.  This way, I'll have a verified sheet of who runs tournaments, and can then from that pass on word to Vela about ordering Kits.

Thank you
RDPC Director and Commissioner

Confirmed Judges:

International Judges -

Scott McEachern
TCO: Scotty
Location: OMG Games, Barrie, Ontario, Canada
email: skaterboyscott@hotmail.com

Hugo Daniel Richard Calquin
TCO: Toxic
Location: Rancagua, Chile (Town Mall)
email: neochaosdynamo@hotmail.com

Toh Zhi Xian
Location: Singapore - Singapore Management University (SMU)
email: xian@live.com.sg

Khee-Yuan Lau
TCO ID: Lordfa9
Location:  Singapore - Singapore Management University (SMU)
email:  lordfa9@yahoo.com.sg

Chris Phillips
TCO ID:  Dr_plillanomics
Location:  Devon, UK
email:  chris.phillips888@yahoo.co.uk

United States Judges -

Tony Vela
TCO: VelaCards
Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
email: velacards@aol.com

Mitchel Friederick
TCO: Mitch!
Location: Dubuque, IA
email: mitchel.friederick@gmail.com

Dustin Pritsch
TCO: majinsuperdustin
Location: Noblesville, IN
email: dlpritsch@gmail.com

Zach Barner
TCO: Zslash
Location:  Indianapolis, IN
email: zach.barner@yahoo.com

Anthony DeGennaro
TCO: Rio D
Location: Grand Rapids MI
email: shock3751@gmail.com

Tom Frafjord
TCO: swankythegreat
Location: Rosemount, MN
email: swankythegreat@yahoo.com

Travis Joiner
TCO: Cythe
Location: St Joseph, MO
email: tjoiner@cenetric.com

Brian Paolercio
TCO: BigPimpin
Location: Roselle Park, NJ
email: flyinbrian27@yahoo.com

Scott Mackie
Location: Roselle Park, NJ
email: smackie@earthlink.net

John Polverino
TCO: Mrpeoplesteam
Location: Long Island, NY
email: falconsarrow01@aol.com

Scott Gatley
TCO: winternorn
Buffalo, NY
email: slgatley@gmail.com

Edward Carlton Fones
TCO: cfones
Location, Madras, OR
email: ecfones@gmail.com

Kevin Groff
TCO: King1050
Location: Allentown, PA
email: littlebudda20@yahoo.com

John Rebstock
TCO: dilbert505
Location: Aldan, PA
email: dilbert719@yahoo.com

Michael Dorrin
Location: Holmes, PA
email: red_dino_thunder02@yahoo.com

Jeremy Taleronik
Location: Kenosha, WI
email: jdub2386@hotmail.com

If you feel your name is missing from this list, follow the instructions at the top of this post and the information will be updated.  There is the possibility that an email didn't get received, was sent to spam and auto-deleted, or I simply overlooked it.  Real Life Interferes, take 20D.  Note: ONLY confirmed judges will be allowed to order Tournament Kits.

Here's a link to the list of the Virtual Tournament Prize Cards.

Also, the 'Autograph Session' cards have actual autographs from wrestlers, thanks to Velacards.  :)


Commissioner D2:

Any issues, read ALL of first post.  There's a possibility you didn't follow correct directions.

Commissioner D2:
Updated as of 7/22/13

Updated to reflect that potential new judges should also contact the above address. This has been the intention, but the wording was not explicit.


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