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The Fabulous Freebirds
« on: April 12, 2012, 11:38:41 PM »
Myself and Dilbert got creative tonight, and this was the beginning of the result:

          The Fabulous Freebirds
          SSV: 3

          Legend Stable Superstar Ability:
               You cannot pack Title Belts without "Tag Team" in the title. You are a Tag Team.
               You may pack Michael P.S. Hayes, Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts, and Jimmy Garvin in your
               Backstage Area and they are hidden.  After your opponent has revealed his Superstar card
               and chosen his Enforcer, reveal two Superstar cards. Revealed Superstar Cards add their
               Ability to this Ability.

The rest is being worked on.  I am gainfully unemployed for the rest of the month, so I'll probably get all the cards posted.
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