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Hurricane help
« on: January 31, 2012, 03:16:12 PM »
Looking for a little advice, really like the deck idea and would like to find a way to make this better. Any ideas would be appreciated.


I aims to be startin' sump'tin
Gregory Helms, Ace Reporter
Cruiserweight Title belt
Pick your spots
Old School Beating
Educated Feet
A Chorus of Boos
It's Showtime
not sure past that

Backlash X2
You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
When you Thought You Had all the Answers
Clear the Way
Stand Back! There's a Hurricane Coming Through
Freaks are Cool!
Get What You're Expectin'
Settle Down, Son
Superhero in Training
Introduce Your Brain to Your Mouth...
Goodnight, Everybody

Sump'tin' Be Started
I've Got Hurri-powers...
Greetings, Citizen X2

Ensugiri tb X2
Elbow to the Face X3
Escape Move X3
Step Aside X3
Break the Hold X3
Whassupwitdat!?!? tb X3
To the Hurricycle! tb X3

Clutch onto Opponent X3
Kick X3
Spinning Kick X3
Technical Drop Kick
Spinning Crescent Kick X3
Kangaroo Kick X3
Drop Kick X3
Shining Wizard Kick
Standing Drop Kick tb X3
Blindside Kick X2
Precision Kick X2
Hurricane Clothesline
Caped Body Press tb
Missile Dropkick tb X2
Shooting Star Press tb X2
Eye of the Hurricane

As I said, this is very much a work in progress and I would greatly appreciate any advice to help make it good and functional.
Clear the Way into a Pop You One. Why? Cause I want my card.