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Hart Foundation Virtual Classic
« on: January 15, 2012, 06:07:43 PM »
The Hart Foundation (REV5) Deck:

***RAW/Heel/Fan Favorite***

The Hart Foundation Superstar Card

Backstage Area: (10)

Tag Team Shenanigans
Classic Competitor
Jimmy Hart's Megaphone
WWE Signing Appearance
Backstage Signature
Enough Shenanigans
Really, That's Enough Shenanigans
RAW DEAL Fifth Anniversary
RAW DEAL Tenth Anniversary
Backstage Autograph Session


Pre-Match: (12)

Saturday Night's Main Event
Parts Unknown
Handicap Match (TB)
Managed by The "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart
Drawing A Blank
Building a Strong Foundation
Raw Tag Team Title Belts (TB)
Smackdown! Tag Team Title Belts (TB)
A No Show
Chain Reaction x2
Unbreakable Chain

Mid-Match: (12)

Chain Finisher
I'm Just Hitting My Stride x2
The Road to Victory
Restricted Use in This Area
Classic Teamwork
The King Interferes!
Outside Interference
Unscrupulous S.O.B.
Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp
Your As Graceful As A Cow On Ice
Introduce Your Brain to Your Mouth...

Arsenal: (60)

Maneuvers: (22)

The Hart Attack
Bret's Second-Rope Elbow Drop
Double Team (TB)
Classic Fireman's Carry
Classic Hip Toss
Classic Headlock
Classic Power Punch
Cheap Shot From the Corner x3
Surprise Hit x3
Double Clothesline x3
Pop the Guy On the Apron x3
Atomic Power Slam x3

Actions: (10)

The Pink & Black Attack
Spit At Opponent x3
Drawing Extra Heat (TB) x3
Hardcore Timekeeper's Bell x3

Reversals: (18)

Hammered by The Anvil
Excellence of Execution
A Revolution of the Mind x3
Manager Inteferes x3
Get the "F" Out x3
Divine Intervention
Elbow to the Face x2
It's Great to Be Back Here In...
The Coach Says, "Today's the Day!" x2
The RAW DEAL Revolution

Hybrids: (10)

The Hitman's Leg Drop
Bret's Precision Russian Leg Sweep
Bret's Precision Vertical Suplex
Bret's Precision Back Breaker
Total Teamwork
Don't Try This At Home x2
Volley This! x2
Backhand Slap (TB)

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