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Elwy Yost - Dead, Never Forgotten
« on: July 22, 2011, 07:15:29 AM »
Oh man, Elwy just passed...

Great intro to one of the all time great programs on tv.

Here is the link to his message board on imdb, I just posted the follwing there.

So sad. After years of thinking about it and doing nothing, I finally sent some mail off to Elwy only a few months ago, near the end of 2010.

I mailed off a letter just telling him how he started my interest in film and how much I admired the man. I also sent a picture for him to sign, and the dust jacket of my 1978 hardcover book by Elwy Yost titled "Magic Moments from the Movies".

It took a number of weeks for the package to get back to me (at that point I was not expecting a response). The picture and jacket were unsigned, but only because Elwy was suffering from a form of aphasia (he could understand, but he could not speak or write). However his son Chris sent me a wonderful response on an old TVOntario postcard with a B&W Elwy on the front. He just thanked me for writing, and it was very nice. He also apologized because at breakfast Elwy got a very small touch of maple syrup on the picture, lol. It's all good.

A few mweeks later I recieved another letter from Chris. This time it had a blank postcard (the same one) and also elclosed was a promo passport (like a real passport) used in the 60s to promote Elwy's 1965 show "Passport to Adventure". Amazing.

I imagine I am the last fan to every send a letter to Elwy while he was still with us. I am glad for that, but I wish I had done it years ago so I probably could have had an autograph (I like autographs). But anyways, I am really glad I have what I have.

Magic Shadows, now being shown nightly in the afterlife.
R.I.P. Elwy Yost, Undisputed Champion of the Movies
Yes, I wrote this. (see iwasmade4lovinyou)