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A Few notes: I haven't touched these in nearly 3 years and some of these may have not been play tested at all. LAISE used to have US belt but that isn't any fun.  These are all stars that people should know and/or are fun and easy mechanics. I'm not currently using any virtual cards and I'd like to keep the decks chain and volley light to make things easy.  I'd whip out Austin, but that deck is Rattlesnake Blindside so I'll have to convert it back over before I confuse people with too much removed from game.

Assume I have every card (inc title belts) but I'm not using anything off of the velocity banned list right now. Other than that, go to town.

Oh yeah.. I'm going to meet people tonight so if i can take a few of these that would be great.

The Game (or HHH since that might be easier and the deck isn't really SSV dependent)
1 Gen Con 2005
1 Game Over? You're Damn Right I'm Over!
1 It's Showtime!
1 You Should Cover Your Eyes
1 Dare to Take a Challenge
1 Cerebral Assassin
1 Hell in a Cell Match
1 Old School Manager
1 The Game Is Back, and The Game is Here to Stay! (TB)
1 Gentleman's Establishment

1 Sledgehammer Shot
1 Suicide Strike
1 Unscrupulous S.O.B.
1 The King Interferes!
1 Sustained Damage
1 You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
1 Grab the Ref
1 Backlash!
1 A Beating You'll Never Forget
1 Screw the Rules!

3 Manager Interferes
1 'Cause I am That Damned Good!
1 Chyna Interferes
1 Facebuster (TB)
2 Lift a Boot
1 Don't Try This at Home
1 Let's Wrestle Already
2 Volley This!
3 Elbow to the Face
3 Over Sell Maneuver
3 Escape Move
3 Step Aside
1 Pedigree
1 The Game's Sleeper
3 Bring the Hammer Down
3 Chair Shot
2 Garbage Can Lid (TB)
1 Triple H' Reverse Neck Breaker
1 Lunging Choke Hold
1 Overhand Chairshot
1 Chain Lashing
3 Running Lariat
3 Double Clothesline Takedown
2 Pump Kick
1 Making the Game
1 You Don't Want to Play Me
1 I See the Line in the Sand
1 Brave H
1 It's Time to Play the Game
3 Bait Opponent
1 I Am the Game (TB)
1 Flip Over the Corner Ringpost
1 Paid, Laid, and Made
3 Ego Boost

The Rock
1 Givin' 'em High Fives
1 Distractingly Divalicious
1 The Brahma Bull
1 Shades of the Great One
1 Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth
1 Premiere Smackdown Superstar
1 Banned From Ringside
1 Old School Wrestling Match
1 Just Who in the Blue Hell Do You Think You Are? (TB)
1 Pago Pago, American Samoa

1 Fully Loaded!
1 Layin' the Smacketh Down!
1 Remove the People's Elbow Pad
1 Can U Believe the Witte Retort?
1 The Road to Victory
1 You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
1 The People's Kip-up
1 The Ref Takes Control
1 Fortitude Surge
1 Backlash!

1 Take That Move, Shine It Up Real Nice, Turn That Sumb*tch Sideways, and Stick It Straight Up Your Roody Poo Candy A%$!
1 Get Ready … Your Candy A%$ is Next! (TB)
1 The People's Eyebrow
1 Do You Smell What the Rock is Cookin'?
1 One of a Kind
1 It Doesn't Matter What Your Name Is!
3 Offer Handshake
1 Turn the Tide
1 Finally… The Rock Has Come Back To…
1 Your Brush With Greatness is Over (TB)
1 Smackdown Hotel
1 Third Generation Superstar
1 Enough With the Trash Talk
1 Roll Out of the Way
1 Let's Wrestle Already
1 You Bring the A%$, We'll Bring the Whoopin'!
1 There Are Two Things You Can Do: Nothing, and Like It
1 Escape to the Side
3 Elbow to the Face
3 Clumsy Opponent
3 Over Sell Maneuver
2 Break the Hold
3 Step Aside
3 Escape Move
1 The People's Elbow
1 Rock Bottom (TB)
1 Rock's Spit Punch
1 The People's DDT
3 Diving Takedown
3 Spine Buster (TB)
3 Patented Rock Footstomp
3 Running Lariat
3 Superkick
3 Kick
1 Pump Kick

Jake "The Snake" Roberts (NOTE: NO notes on his backlash deck

1 Pick Your Spots
1 Givin' 'em High Fives (TB)
1 Lucifer

1 You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
1 Backlash!
1 When You Thought You Had All the Answers …
1 This Is Going Nowhere Fast
1 This Is Between You and Me
1 Victory Roll
1 Took That on the Chin

3 Tornado DDT
1 Corkscrew DDT (TB)
2 Corkscrew DDT
2 DDT (TB)
2 Reverse DDT
3 Vertical DDT Drop
3 Leaping DDT
2 Single Arm DDT (TB)
1 Single Arm DDT
3 Double Underhook Back Breaker
3 Snap DDT
3 Running Lariat
3 Headlock Takedown
1 From the Top Rope (TB)
2 …And the Crowd Roars
3 Battling the Voices (TB)
3 Offer Handshake
3 Over Sell Maneuver
1 Reach For the Ropes
3 Elbow to the Face
3 Step Aside
3 Escape Move
2 Volley This!
1 The Snakeline
1 The Snake Will Always Bite Back
1 The Snake Bite DDT
1 Mind Games

Chris Jericho
3 World Tour '05

1 You Rang?
1 Let's Get It On!
1 SummerSlam
1 Would You Please … Shut the Hell Up!
1 Wrestlemania
1 Distractingly Divalicious
1 Old School Manager
1 Falls Count Anywhere Match
1 According to Linda and the Board of Executives
1 Raleigh, North Carolina

2 Over the Top Rope
1 Not According to the Fine Print!
1 Superior Acrobratics
1 When You Thought You Had All the Answers …
1 Listen Up, Junior: Don't Be an A%$-clown!
1 Happy You're Here, Happier You're Gone (TB)
1 You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
1 Panic Assault
1 Backlash!

1 Roll the Footage, Monkeys!
1 Don't You Never … Ever!
3 Elbow to the Face
3 Over Sell Maneuver
3 Step Aside
3 Escape Move
1 Walls of Jericho
1 The Breakdown
2 Springboard Drop Kick
1 Jericho's Ensugiri
1 Lionsault
3 Into the Barricade
3 Top Rope Toss
3 Tossed Between the Ropes
3 Wheelbarrow Slam
3 Sidewalk Slam (TB)
3 Shoot Slam
3 Lock-up
3 Double Leg Takedown
1 I'm the King of the World
1 This Has Gone Over By … Three Minutes
3 Simply the Best
6 Throw Opponent Out of the Ring (TB)
1 Jerichoholics (TB)
1 Y2J
3 Roll Out of the Ring

1 You Can't Manhandle the Big Show
1 Duchess of Queensbury Rules
1 Wrestlemania
1 Wellllllllllll!!!
1 Mine is Bigger Than Yours
1 Banned From Ringside
1 Old School Wrestling Match
1 It's Showtime!
1 Study the Tapes
1 Calling You Out

1 Showdown!
1 Mountain of a Man
1 Backlash!
1 Big Show's F5
1 Hold On! It's Not Time to Show Yet
1 This Is Going Nowhere Fast
1 You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
1 Took That on the Chin
1 Fortitude Surge
1 Sustained Damage

1 The Big & Small of It
1 The Straps Are Down!
3 That's Broken!
1 Armageddon
3 Sloppy … Very Sloppy
1 So Long … Goodbye!
2 Overshot Your Mark
1 Big Enough to Eat Somebody
1 500lbs of Raw Power!
1 Big All Over
1 Just Bring It!
1 Volley This!
3 Over Sell Maneuver
3 Elbow to the Face
3 You Won't See It Coming…
3 Step Aside
3 Escape Move
1 Final Cut
3 Press Slam
3 Precision Suplex
1 The Biggest Precision Spine Buster
1 Showstopper Chokeslam
3 Dynamic Torture Rack
1 Claw
3 Atomic Driver
3 Power Slam (TB)
3 360-Degree Clothesline
3 Spine Buster (TB)
1 The Shhhhh Chop
1 Colossal Clubbing

Test (note: I'll whip this out after people get a hang of the game for a challenge)
2 Managed by Stacy Keibler (TB)
2 Once You Got Test, You Forget the Rest

1 Sustained Damage
1 Took That on the Chin
1 Backlash!
1 Outside Interference
1 Backstage Shenanigans
1 Dirty Low Blow
1 Suicide Strike
1 You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
1 Restricted Use in This Area
1 Unscrupulous S.O.B.
1 The King Interferes!
1 Fortitude Surge
2 I Love My Testicles!
2 Panic Grab

2 Stacy Keibler, Marketing Manager
2 Test's Top Rope Double Axe Handle
2 Test's Running Boot
2 Test's Pump Handle Slam
2 Test Drive
2 The Finisher
2 Blatant Chokehold
2 Sit Out Powerbomb (TB)
2 Full Nelson
2 Cranial Crunch
2 Short Arm Hammerlock
2 Standing Side Headlock
2 Shoot Headlock
2 Wraparound Wrist Lock
2 Waist Lock
2 Ankle Breaker
2 Don't Hate da Playa, Hate da Game!
2 She's Got Legs
2 McMahon Family Values
2 Keibler's Cookies
2 Iron Will
2 Get Out of Here!
2 Step Aside
2 Break the Hold
2 Escape Move
2 Manager Interferes
2 Lift a Boot (TB)
2 Elbow to the Face
2 That's Enough Out of You!
2 Over Sell Maneuver

Victoria (NOTE: I put in two specifics I got and pulled out two reversals..a problem fer sure)
1 It's Showtime!
1 Underrated Superstar
5 Hello, Ladies!
1 WWE Women's Championship Belt
1 Managed by Stevie Richards
1 Bra & Panties Match

1 Took That on the Chin
1 Panic Grab
1 Divas Overload!
1 How Important Is It?
1 Undermine the Competition
1 You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
1 Fortitude Surge
1 Backlash!
2 Skirt the Issue

3 Twisted Smile
3 What Are You Gawking At?
3 Battling the Voices (TB)
1 Yes, I've Lost My Mind
1 All the Things She Said…
1 This Is Not Enough
3 Backed by Torrie & Candice
1 Drastic Times - Drastic Measures
1 Widow's Peak
1 Victoria's Secret
3 Precision Sleeper
1 Vise Lock
3 Apply Illegal Leverage
3 Modified Clutch Onto Opponent
3 Clutch onto Opponent
3 Girly Grab
3 Arm Wrench (TB)
3 Spider Web Moonsault
2 Strangle Hold (TB)
1 Waist Lock (TB)
1 Stevie Inteferes
3 Manager Interferes
2 There Are Two Things You Can Do: Nothing, and Like It
1 Lift a Boot
2 Step Aside
2 Escape Move

3 Elbow to the Face
3 Over Sell Maneuver
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These decks all seem great and have a lot synergy which exploit the various mechanics of the Superstars. However, its been my experience teaching other gamers (especially Magic players) that involving Backlash decks is not a good way to teach the game.

After reflection, I found that what I enjoyed most and kept me coming back was the very simple interaction between players that simulated back-and-forth exchanges in the ring.
Especially for Magic players, the mechanic of play-a-yellow-or-blue-card/have-a-red-card-respond-to-it will be quick to grasp and really snag them as it has all of us. My suggestions for you are:

1.  Cut the Backlash Deck entirely for each of these decks, and any superstars that require Backlash cards for their Superstar Abilities, i.e Victoria and Test. Focus on the iconic abilities that really distinguish different superstars, like HHH (if they're not new to CCGs, use Game), LAISE, Jericho, and the Rock. Further good options are Kane (not BFM) and Undertaker, Mankind, Benoit (not the Crippler, I still don't know his ability now), Goldberg, Hogan, and Rikishi.

2. Maybe cut down on hybrid cards and later mechanics, such as ACEs, Chain, Heat and Volley. Definitely no BASH (unless you want to use the backlash decks, because I find BASH decks to actually be really user-friendly). Cards like Volley This! are staples, but having a new player get told that sorry, they can't do this because of a temporary condition created by a card played on another turn can lead to confusion and second-guessing ("is it okay if I Arm Bar you now?")

Diving Takedowns (and Dynamics, where you don't do the damage when you play the Action) also confuse new players. Stick to 'pure' yellow. red and blue cards if you can.

I'm going to be organzing a demo for RD in Toronto, and I'm going to use just the Premiere stars (a store in the neighbourhood has sealed boxes of starters!). I'll let you know how it goes. Good luck on your game night!
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