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« on: May 14, 2011, 01:43:14 PM »
HBK Superstar card

2x Double Leg Takedown TB
2x Splash TB
3x Grapple with your faith
2x Kick
2x Pump Kick
2x Superkick
2x Lariat Takedown
2x Judo Takedown
2x Chicken Wing TB
2x Chin Lock TB
2x Standing Dorp Kick TB
Top Rope Elbow Drop
2x Leg Drop TB
Flying Forearm
Sweet Chin Music
2x Ensugiri TB

2x escape move
3x elbow to the face
2x raw and ready
2x over shot your mark
2x quick reflexes
2x over sell maneuver
2x break the hold
2x clumsy opponent
I change the questions
The Legend lives on
Dont Hunt what you cant kill

3x throwback represent
3x from the top rope tb
2x one of a kind
the heart break kid

wwe spinner belt
managed by terri runnels
In the interest of fairness TB
trash talking interview
I've had more championships than you've had women
old school wrestling match
premiere wwe superstar
Im the champ - nothin's gonna change that
here a mark, there a mark, everywhere a mark mark...
hell in the cell match
pay-per-view main event
the icon...the showstoppa...the main event

Mid match
No mercy
Ring General
Sometimes you need to take a chance
Dont mess with the champ
Dirty low blow
title belt clubberin'
2x a punch that'll take someone's head off
sustained damage
again with this crap
been there, done that

I have yet to play this but I know its more than likely to get beat. I need some tips. I have limited card selection on hand but might be able to get what I need from some of my friends. any and all suggestions are welcome.