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Virtual Deck Reviews / Re: Test - Tournament Winning Deck
« Last post by maskedllama on February 19, 2020, 09:43:41 PM »
Congratulations on the win.
Virtual Deck Reviews / Test - Tournament Winning Deck
« Last post by Scotty on February 11, 2020, 08:48:01 AM »
Here's the Test deck that won our recent event.

FEB. 2020

Backstage Area:
Dynamically Inclined x 2
Signature x 2
Signing Appearance x 2 [Don’t Necessarily Reveal]
Autograph Session x 2
This is a Test x 2

Pre-Match: (12)
Managed by Stacy [tb] x 2
Once You Go Test… x 2
Too Dynamic to Hold Down x 2
The Un-Americans
The Heenan Family x 2
The Million Dollar Corporation x 2
Special Guest Referee

Mid-Match: (18)
Backstage Shenanigans
For the Love of the Game
Testicles x 2
Restricted x 2
Took That on the Chin
Reach Exceeds x 2
Ready to Fight x 2
Matt Striker x 2
DLB [tb]

Maneuvers: (24)
Dynamic Punch x 2
Dynamic Arm Bar x 2
Dynamic Forearm x 2
Dynamic Lariat x 2
Dynamic Driver x 2
Dynamic Figure Four x 2
Dynamic Gut Stomp x 2
Dynamic Back Breaker x 2
Dynamic Torture Rack x 2
Dynamic Flying Body Press x 2
Dynamic Finisher x 2
Test Drive x 2

Actions: (4)
Win If You…Cheat x 2
Shocking Interference x 2

Reversals: (32)
Missed Your Chance x 2
Revo x 2
Elbow x 2
Douchebag x 2
Pump Handle x 2
Carlito x 2
Nerve Hold x 2
Manager x 2
Volley x 2
Divine x 2
Don’t Try x 2
Get Back in the Ring x 2
Sidewalk Slam [tb] x 2
F Out x 2
Outta Nowhere x 2
Armageddon x 2
Virtual Raw Deal / Re: 2020 Bottom of the Barrel Thread
« Last post by The_Wolfpac on February 09, 2020, 07:25:52 AM »
Where do The Heat Seekers stand? Do they hold up?

They 100% need an overhaul. The ability is far too costly for what you get. They do have a few really good cards though, but still nothing special.
Virtual Raw Deal / Re: 2020 Bottom of the Barrel Thread
« Last post by The_Wolfpac on February 09, 2020, 07:24:01 AM »
Why does everyone seem to think Heat Decks are weak. Iron Shiek is excellent as is, I understand Snitsky & Hassan require some work. But beyond that Heat is pretty damn powerful.
Rules Forum / Re: Time to find out who i am!!
« Last post by CRASHER on February 09, 2020, 05:40:09 AM »
No, there are no "turns" in the pre-match phase, card was specifically worded that way so you had to actually play a card during the game to get the perk :)

(from a design side if we were going to let playing the pre reveal it, it would have been easier to have it revealed all along)
Rules Forum / Time to find out who i am!!
« Last post by Fatdiez on February 09, 2020, 02:33:53 AM »
Hi guys. Just wants to clarify. For the title mentioned card.
The below reveal restriction is during any turn.

"*Can only be revealed during any turn when you successfully play an Evolution-specific card."

My question is: Does any turn also applies to pre-match turn as well?
Virtual Raw Deal / Re: The state of Raw Deal going into 2020
« Last post by The Hitman on February 09, 2020, 01:12:07 AM »
Thanks for the kind words.

It's difficult to bring in new players who want to try the game for the first time, and we're also visiting various ideas to make that easier for people.

A big part of the game was local game play, due to the game not having a method for online play when it was actively being made by Comic Images. We're hoping Regional Tournaments will help this by giving players the excitement of a large scale event, exclusive prizing and playing people they wouldn't normally play against.

I am a former RD player from Los Angeles who's downloaded and printed virtual cards so I can play with my brother, but I'd love to play other people around the world if possible. 
Virtual Raw Deal / Re: Virtual Holiday: Then, Now, Forever
« Last post by darkdestiny91 on February 08, 2020, 08:30:47 PM »

Revisions are still coming in the first part of the year. We know there are some problematic cards that will be getting adjusted.  I don't belueve we need to reveal everything that comes across in playtesting.

If you feel that OSWM isn't the problem then I would love to hear your thoughts as to what it could be.

OSWM TB, imo, is needed to balance out the Aggro > Blue Control > Sponge > Aggro dynamic of decks. As OSWM TB hits both Blue Control and Sponge, it is intended so that Aggro can have a decent chance to win against sponge, while it's the only tool they have against Blue Control - right now, there aren't many decks with powerful action reversals that can help Aggro close games in a Blue vs Aggro matchup thus nerfing OSWM TB will inevitably create more problems down the line, such as sponge becoming potentially too dominant or Blue Control swallowing the meta.

What needs to be done is allow Blue Decks some way to combat OSWM TB without nerfing it directly. Torrie and Trish's This IS What We Came To See! card is one of the best ways to deal with OSWM TB. Right now, the angry mob calling for OSWM TB to get hit by the nerf bat is, imo, a kneejerk reaction. Either you learn to play around OSWM TB or you build a better Blue Control deck.

BUT there's also a need for the development/playtest team to allow superstars to have special ways to circumvent OSWM TB, in this case, Cornette, when they're designed around action cards.
Virtual Deck Reviews / THE BOSS of the Dudleyz!
« Last post by rachelmon on February 06, 2020, 06:01:38 PM »
Spike Dudley (Heel/RAW/Cheater)
Brothers Forever

Pre-match: 12
Singapore City, Singapore*
NWO T-Shirt TB*
NWO Survey*
NWO Lethal Poison*
Underrated Superstar TB*
Making Your Escape
Managed by Lita*
Blood Is Thicker Than Wood
It's Not the Size of the Dog in the Fight...*
It's Showtime!
Pyrotechic Volley*
Trash Talkin Interview TB*

Mid-match: 12
Dirty Low Blow TB
Restricted Use
Sustained Damage
Your Reach
Old School Brawl
Dudley Dog
Pound 4 Pound
Brothers from Another Mother
NWO Re-enforcement Has Arrived

Maneuver: 20
Beatings from Dudleyville
Super Punch x2
Thrust Kick x2
Thrust Knee Lift x3
Cold-cocked x3
Punch after Punch x3
Fisticuffs x3
Kidney Punch x3

Hybrids: 14
Two Time Two Time
Shocking Interference
Dun Try x3
Volley This x3
Sidewalk Slam TB x2
Brotherly Love x3

Reversals: 24
Get Him, Boyz!
Harder than Hardcore
Carlito Says
You Missed Your Chance
Divine Intervention
Unintended Consequences
Breaking Ground
Psychotic Bump x3
A Revolution of the Mind x3
Manager Interferes x3
Elbow to the Face x2
No Chance in Hell TB x3
Get the F out x3

Action: 2
Here Comes the Calvary!

Play * only. Only replace Pyro with Showtime if opp is already on higher fortitude (BASH, CM punk pre-match etc etc)
Lita to fetch Punch after Punch, unless starting hand already have it
Trash talk to get rid of dun try.
get opponent to higher fort to hit low blow.
once low blow is in, activate Singapore + Brother forever to hit Punch after Punch (cannot be respond).
there you have the fort to dudley dog (can reverse all maneuver).  :D :D
another YOLO deck
Professional Wrestling Discussion / Re: I triggered Erick Stevens last night
« Last post by maskedllama on February 06, 2020, 05:24:14 AM »
That sounds like a great night. Thanks for sharing those stories.
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