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It's less about the date and more about the theme, "NXT Takeover" is the name of the set, so it's safe to say these are all Superstars new to the WWE (as opposed to nostalgia acts like most of V8), coming up through NXT.  I think they've all hit the main roster by now, in one form or another.

And the 'bigger' the name, the more likely their inclusion in this set.

Don’t have a crystal ball, but I’ll guess:  Creed said not surprising , so, Carmella, Baron Corbin, Adam Rose, Naomi, Dana Brooke, and to finish Team Bella, Alicia Fox.
General Chat / Re: Four Corners Podcast
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New episode is up on YouTube! Please make sure to like and subscribe! We discuss our thoughts and predictions on the WWE.
While its always nice to get new superstars I think I we we would be fine if we never get a Mojo, Bo Dallas or Accession set. Tyler Breeze on the other hand is a must, but i would prefer to get a Fasion Police set instead.

I've seen this type of sentiment come up before, and it irritated me then. Turns out it still irritates me now.

The development team's responsibility isn't to pick a single player of the game, ask them what they and only they want, and produce exactly those things. Not you, not me, not even Creed, and he's the guy doing most of the design work. Just because you personally would be fine without Mojo or the Ascension doesn't mean that everyone shares that opinion, and the opinion of those who want to see them in the game is just as valid as yours. And besides, some of my favorite decks were of superstars who I could take or leave, on TV. (The best example of this for me was Big Poppa Pump. I find him boring as sin, but his ability is awesome.) Sometimes, it's worth taking a look at those guys, because maybe a great deck idea comes to mind for a guy who you otherwise don't have an interest in.

We all have a choice here: be happy new superstars are being made, or be annoyed that they aren't exactly the ones we would create given our druthers. Why, when the choice is between happiness and annoyance, would you actively choose to be annoyed?

I never meant any illwill with that post. My intentions were more so pointing out my personal fav which believe me i know my preference holds zero weight here, but more so pointing out there are superstars in far more demand like Asuka and Samoa Joe that i would think we should get beforehand again thats just my opinion.

In the end the end i will be happy as well all will with the fact that we’re getting another fabulous set from CREED and the rest of the gang.
Rules Forum / Re: Draw Segment
« Last post by Daeva on April 25, 2018, 01:20:47 PM »
Dilbert's right on the money.
Fantasy Cards / Re: Shinsuke Nakamura Fantasy Cards
« Last post by necrobaron75 on April 25, 2018, 12:10:58 PM »
Your first maneuver with "kick"or "knee" in the title on your turn is multi
You count as Tajiri when packing Educated Feet
Fantasy Cards / Shinsuke Nakamura Fantasy Cards
« Last post by rachelmon on April 25, 2018, 11:51:45 AM »
Shinsuke Nakamura
SHS: 6
SSV: 4
Superstar Ability: Once during each of your turns, you may discard 1 card and search your arsenal for a Strike maneuver with "kick" or "knee" in the title, reveal, put into your hand and shuffle. You may pack 1 copy of Educated Feet in your backstage and after all pre-match phrase, put it into your Ring.

King of Strong Style
Backstage Area
Your High Risk maneuvers with "kick" or "knee" are considered Strike for your ability.
Search your Arsenal for any number of the card titled "Charismatic Style", put them under this card and shuffle your arsenal.
Once during your turn, when you successfully played a unique maneuver, you may discard 1 card and put 1 card under this card into your hand. Your non-unique non-throwback cards with "style" cannot be reversed by hybrid cards.

The Rising Sun
Pre-match Event
Cannot be blanked.
Cannot be packed if you are packing any Pre-match card with "McMahon" in the title. Cannot be blanked.
Your Face cards with the word "Taunt" is considered non-unique and does not take up a Pre-match slot in your Ring.
All players's Starting Handsize cannot be reduced.
When Shadows of a Setting Sun is not in your Ring, Your Starting Handsize is +2.

Shadows of a Setting Sun
Pre-match Event
Cannot be packed if you are packing any Pre-match card with "McMahon" in the title. Cannot be blanked.
Your Heel cards with the word "Taunt" does not take up a Pre-match slot in your Ring and when you were to discard for their effects, put them bottom of your arsenal instead.
When The Rising Sun is not in your Ring, Your Starting Handsize is +2.
F:0 D:0

Nakamura's Dirty Low Blow
Mid-match Strike + Strike: Heel / Reversal: Special
When you have the card titled "Dirty Low Blow" in your Ring, this card is +4D.
As a maneuver, if you have lower fortitude, this card is -4F. Cannot be reversed.
As a reversal, reverse any non-unique card or any card with the AJ Styles logo.
F:4 D:4

Action + Action
This card in considered to be titled "Charismatic Style".
Search your arsenal for 2 cards and KINSHASA!!!!, reveal them, put them in your hand and shuffle.
Your next card played is -10F.
F:30 D:0

Trademark Finisher
Cannot be reversed by non-hybrid cards when played after 8D or greater maneuver or the card titled KAMAAAAN!.
F:40 D:25

Nakamura's Shoot Spinning Kick
High Risk
Can only be played after a 5D or greater maneuver or Counter (5D+ maneuver).
Can only be reversed from opponent's backlash or arsenal.
F:13 D:9

Shinsuke's Inverted Exploder Suplex
Grapple + Grapple
This card is considered a Strike maneuver with "kick" for your ability.
When played, draw 1 card and overturn 1 card.
When successfully played, shuffle up to # cards from your Ringside into your arsenal, where # is equal to the number of maneuvers in your Ring area.
F:22 D:8

Sorry, No Speak English
Reversal: Special
Completely reverse any Action card and end your opponent's turn. Draw 2 cards and your first card played on your next turn cannot be reversed.
F:5 D:0
So yeah, you nailed 6 of the Superstars and I've announced 2 others.  That leaves 14 - (6 + 2) = 6 Superstars, and when you figure the time frame that this was designed from, the last 6 names won't be that surprising.  :)


6 from EricRD + 2 from Creed:
Mojo Rawley
The Ascension
Tyler Breeze
Adrian Neville
Bo Dallas
Finn Balor

With 6 slots left and the hint being PPVs around this period, here's the list of superstars narrowed down to the few PPVs around Feb 14 (NXT Arrival). I could be on to something, or totally off, but this is afterall just speculation! No points for guessing them wrong or right, but i did mark my guesses!

Royal Rumble (Jan 14): only El Torito surprisingly
Elimination Chamber (Feb 14): Curtis Axel, Cameron, Tamina Snuka, Zeb Colter?!?. There's Christian* too... so a legend version could be possible!
Wrestlemania (Apr 14): Los Matadores, Real Americans, Rybaxel, Aksana, Alicia Fox (would love to see her)*, Eva Marie*, Naomi*, Rosa Mendes, Yoshi Tatsu and Brad Maddox
NXT Takeover (May 14): Adam Rose, Camacho, Tyson Kidd*
NXT Takeover II (Sep 14): Lucha Dragons*, Bull Dempsey, Sylvester Lefort
I'm only asking for Finn Balor. I don't have a top 5 lol I'll see whoever else is in the set on release day. Finn is my main desire.
Rules Forum / Re: Draw Segment
« Last post by dilbert505 on April 24, 2018, 09:58:48 PM »
"Before your Draw Segment" effects, by definition, are triggered before your Draw Segment. As the only thing that is skipped is your Draw Segment, you may trigger those effects.

"During your Draw Segment" effects, on the other hand, are triggered during your Draw Segment. If your Draw Segment is skipped, so is the opportunity to trigger those effects.

Effects that skip your entire turn would skip both opportunities.
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