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Rules Forum / Re: I walk Alone
« Last post by CreedP on Today at 06:12:32 PM »
No, it would have to say 'for your Ability'.

It means you don't discard for Atomic Spine Buster.  I was thinking there were other 'spine buster'/'spinebuster' cards that made the player discard, but I could be mistaken.

Rules Forum / I walk Alone
« Last post by Drywall on Today at 04:38:33 PM »

I Walk Alone
Backstage Card
When packing this card, you cannot pack Corners, Factions, Guest Ringside Announcers, or Managers, but you can pack Mixed Martial Arts Specialist.
Your first Batista-specific action played each turn cannot be reversed; when it is reversed, your turn does not end. When your Fortitude Rating is 5-, it is considered to be 0 for your card effects. Do not discard for your maneuvers with 'spine' in the title.
When your opponent completely reverses your maneuver without 'reversed' in the text from hand, and you have lower Fortitude or fewer cards in hand, he puts 1 random card from his hand on the bottom of his Arsenal.
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The bold text: Does this mean for your superstar ability? Sorry if this is a silly question but I'm not reading it that way for some reason..
Rules Forum / Re: You Think I'm a Psycho Qns
« Last post by Daeva on Today at 10:33:55 AM »
Sure does. There's no limit to the number of times during a turn that you can stash a card under Psycho.
Rules Forum / Re: Visible cards
« Last post by Daeva on Today at 10:30:37 AM »
No, cards underneath under cards are hidden by default. (You can always look at the cards under your cards, unless that card says otherwise.)

If a card specifies that you put things under it face-up, then those cards are visible, but that's the specific text-driven exception to the general rule.
Rules Forum / Visible cards
« Last post by Kingsantino92 on Today at 10:23:36 AM »
Are cards underneath cards like That's Broken visible to my opponent?
Good point! I suppose I'd probably replace Winning Side with Ruthless Aggression (tb).
Deck Reviews - Virtual / Re: 8th Wonder of the World / Back to Basics
« Last post by Mau-cho Man on June 14, 2019, 06:24:27 AM »
8th Wonder, despite losing Giant Eiffel Tower, is a pretty good B2B deck in theory since he can protect his hand more easily from hand nukes.

Some initial tips I can offer:

1) You NEED 3 x Manager Interferes.  Like, must have, no question.
2) You NEED at least 2 x Don't Try This At Home.  Again, no question, as there's too many ACE's that devastate you in the world to go without protection.
3) Have you considered the backstage card Legendary Defense?  As a legend, you get the ability to pack that, and it gives you back 6 spots to put other cards into the deck.
4) Your Backlash deck is short cards - in the Virtual era, the Backlash deck may contain 12 Pre-Match cards and 12 Mid-Match cards, and you may play 6 of each.  Your current outline only has 10 Pre Match and 10 Mid-Match.  My suggestions for you to look at with regards to the two extra cards:
 -Pre-Match: A Foundation of Old School Wrestling and Old School Beating #3
 -Mid-Match: Restricted Use In This Area and Old School Raw.
5) I would also seriously consider replacing Save Da Drama... for Turning Everything Upside Down or You're As Graceful As A Cow On Ice.  With the reversals you have access to in the deck, it'll be rare that you are hit with two high risks in the same turn (unless of course Eddie is involved).  However, either of the two cards mentioned not only stop the second High Risk but also can stop waves of actions.

Beyond that, it's a matter of practice and seeing what cards work in your local scene.  You may find Hold the Phone useful - maybe you need a Lift a Boot in case Shane O' Mac is running wild.  Maybe some B2B moves are better than others and you'd like to make space for other cards in your Arsenal.  That will come with more practice and playing games to see what you like better.

Thanks for the feedback. I will have to look into doing those changes. I did not realize the pre and mid match got bumped up. A friend of mine taught me with the 20 card backlash format.
Deck Reviews - Virtual / Re: Big Freakin' Machine - Sweep the leg!
« Last post by rachelmon on June 14, 2019, 02:08:45 AM »
you cannot pack winning side with Zack GRA
General Discussion: Raw Deal / Re: Superstar Strategy Session #11: Los Guerreros
« Last post by Hogtrail on June 13, 2019, 07:11:57 PM »
I'll take the advantages Redmption brings with the possibility of having 1 useless card in my arsenal. Not too big of a deal if they play MYE.
Making Your Escape, which many people pack (and rightfully so) kills Redemption dead, BTW.

The majority of decks I’ve seen lately have 80-100% of permanent prematch cards. That means they have to resort to burning 4 to Blank the cards on MYE and that’s borderline OSWM Tb territory. I’ve been building decks lately to test your theory to see if MYE really does kill cards dead.

Combined with Politics (which many have to remove prematch cards to steal as well) and the Los G specifics, this deck should still be fine with Redemption.

Redemption isn't part of the ACE.

Making Your Escape
Pre-match Event
Your opponent's effects cannot prevent you from playing this card. Can be played from Ringside.
Any player's First of All and Hell in a Cell Match are blank until the start of their first turn. When Redemption is in your Ring, it is blank.
ACE: Once during each of your turns, you may either overturn 4 cards or remove 1 Pre-match card in your Ring from the game, and then you are not affected by his Hell In A Cell Match, There Is No Escape, or First of All until the start of your next turn, and he is considered to have not played a Volley card on his last turn. This effect cannot be reversed.
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