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Tournament Reports / Barron Tribute draft
« on: March 16, 2008, 12:15:04 AM »
We had a draft yesterday, as a tribute to Barron.

What happened was each gets a random starter, and I'm not sure what this type of draft is called, but each of us will get 1 pack, open it, pick 1 card and pass the pack either clockwise or anticlockwise. Packs ranged from Vengence to Revo 2 randomly.
All superstar specifics can be used (but branding/ face heel etc rules still apply)

We opened 7-8 packs each. There were 8 of us.

Others came down, but didn't play in it.

I drafted Jericho, 7 rounds robin. Prematch: 1xPreviously unannounced match....
Here is how I did
Big Show
I threw a revo maneuver, Y2J draw 5, spit at him, twice, throw maneuvers, extreme, highrisks over several turns for the pin
We replayed some more times. I lost most of them

I threw maneuvers, spit at him, ability, threw more maneuvers, Its Over into more maneuvers into pin win over some turns.

Disgustig deck. We had Divas overload packs and he got passed most of the female cards (girly punch, asset retrival etc). He also got revo drop kicks, stand back theres a hurricane, Do you want a hug etc... Not only that, I never got a 0f the whole game. I got overwhelmed pretty fast.

Jake the snake (the b1tch got X-treme Sendoff, a 4 card SHS increase, High 5s etc and sent his SHS to the moon)
He dare to take a challenge me. I challenged him back. He went first, ability removing my oversell and went to town.

Million dollar man.
Revo maneuver went in, spit, throw more maneuvers, drew into taker's I'll Make You Famous. Customise my hand, clear his hand, did some recovery by Backed By Steph and William Regal's Goodwill ambassador. Then slowly throw maneuvers for the win

Dude love
I love drawing 2 a turn, but I had to be fast before he overcustomised his hand. I minimised his hand (can't clear it) and threw high risks and extremes into the win

Booker T
Revo maneuver into spit into ability into more maneuvers. Control his hand and pin.

an acceptable ratio.
Making all superstar cards legal was super busted.
But it is fun though

Rules Forum / Superstar specifics, ability and restrictions
« on: December 08, 2007, 08:35:29 PM »
Superstar specifics do not count towards specifics right?

The way Trish can play Trish Chick kick (8D) and Vince can play VinniMac attack.

Will it also apply if I pack Stone Cold corner in Vince/ trish and make him play stone cold stunner?

Singapore / Raw Deal is dead. Long live Raw Deal
« on: November 14, 2007, 09:42:59 PM »
Well Singaporean Raw dealers.

If you are still interested in playing for fun and not let your cards collect dust in your storeroom, I can hold meetings for friends tournaments

Prize structure will change to
a) The top player/s gets a cash voucher (or cards if he wants)
b) the rest of tournament fees will be used to get food so we can hang around after (probably sponsor part of the dinner etc).

Singapore / Frankie Superstar card- Storyline
« on: November 06, 2007, 07:04:19 PM »
For those in the storyline, create a thread with your superstar ability on it

Your superstar value, SHS etc will be edited as people see fit.

All superstar cards have the added ability
"You may pack up to 4 superstar cards of any one superstar."
This means you can pack up to 4 SS cards of 1 superstar like Cena, not 1 from taker, 1 from Kane etc.

Anyway here's mine

Frankie Ho
Once per turn: Draw 2 cards, discard 2 cards, shuffle 2 cards into arsenal, opponent overturns 1 card.
You may pack up to 4 superstar cards of any one superstar.

Rules Forum / Revo 3 questions
« on: October 26, 2007, 09:00:43 AM »
a couple questions regarding the new cards

2 for the Show
- You overturn this card during opponent's turn via Let e Get a Shot in. You choose not to put it in your ring area. Can you end opponent's turn via the text of 2 for the Show (Assuming 25D not reversed)

Ashley's awesome asset
-This is the first card played. Does the text trigger for itself (AKA PSDS ruling)? eg: Opponent overturns total of 4 cards for 1st copy played

Ashley's awesome asset + antic
- I have a copy of Ashley's Awesome Asset out. I play Spirited Turn of events. Opponent overturns 1 card for Ashley's awesome asset, and he overturns Divine Intervention (or LWA). Does Spirited Turn's text and effects come into play before my turn ends?

Tournament Reports / Frankie's Experiment- Heidenrich
« on: October 16, 2007, 09:00:51 AM »
The latest experiment. The puncher that turned punching bag.

While playing for the last couple weeks, I was destroyed by Andre. So I formed an anti- andre deck. 

Handcuffs are great, when they are successful

Round 1
The deck works as per expected. I screw his hand before he covers the bckstage card. I screw his hand after he covers his BSA. I punch out and pin him via Slingshot

Round 2
Bash, Me Ilamo with Underrated and quick Reflexes= cannot get fort in. His giant hand means discarding 2 for each handcuff reversed is of no effect for him

Round 3
HHH in his corner means I eat a first turn 0/8 HHH Spinebuster trademark. He ramps up more fort and holds MI, Revo of mind, Nowhere fast and Batista Spinebuster (reverses strikes for a uttload of damage)


Round 4
Revo HHH
He got more foils. I have no ability when his hand is 4....

I built this deck to kill Ande specifically. This succeeded in that aspect. andre= no chance.
Too bad I countered andre so much I did not build this deck to the full potential.
Experiment... . non-conclusive

Singapore / Raw Deal God Of War
« on: October 09, 2007, 01:08:25 AM »
I want to make a God Of War deck for Raw Deal

Tattoos (pref red)
foreign objects
Wears a skirt

The one that fulfils most of the criteria will be in the considered list for my latest fun deck
Help pls.

Tournament Reports / Frankie's Experiment- Elijah Burke
« on: September 22, 2007, 07:06:36 AM »
Main concept: You draw 1, ability it in (recover 1). Draw 2, Then Rochester one card from the 2 in and one more card from the ringside. Makes for a pretty good shock absorber deck. Inferno Match keeps the pressure up. In theory, I should be able to outlast my opponent and wait for him to catch on fire

Round 1: Andre The Giant
i have no hand most of the game. I could have absorbed all his damage even after he blanks my Rochester and Inderno via waistlock, but I think he did a 5D maneuver into a backslide/ cradle. I lose...

Round 2: Bye
Burn baby burn...

Round 3: Revo Randy
Again, I could have absorbed all his damage, but a well timed Burn in my light knocked out most of my reversals from arsenal, and I get some random Revo maneuver FTL

Round 4: Matt Hardy
Screwed by HIAC. I cannot get back ICBRTR or Shootheadlock to boost my hand, AND he recovers 6 cards for each maneuver he does. Not good for a shock absorber deck

Put in Not Done with any Flair, Vince GRA/ Managed by Vince for Hiac and I should be ready for these people next (Has potential for a upper mid-tier deck.
Theory works, needs some fine tuning
However, since my decks are built only for 1 week, someone else will have to try it out if they are interested...

Conclusion... small failure

Tournament Reports / Frankie's Experiment- UUUUUMAGAA
« on: September 15, 2007, 07:43:09 AM »
Today's experiment- Ummmmagaaaa

Umaga gets really good stats. SHS of 9? with an ability that activates whenever you successful a maneuver? Done deal

Poke, shake, Clutch, apply, Atomic, Precision sleeper, Precision Haymaker etc etc. Throw in his superstar specifics and Dynamic finisher- Deck done
Dressed for sucess gives my ringside pile lots of toys

Round 1: Revo Randy
I elbow his 0/6 revo maneuver. Poke/ shake/ clutch apply my way up. It was a 2nd or 3rd turn kill.

Round 2: LAISE
Oversell his first maneuver (Ouch, with my dressed for success, more than 1/2 my deck is gone). Clutch apply etc my way up. Eventually Samoan pike for the win

Round 3: Andre
I go first, Shake into leg drag, ten I wait for him to abiity. Instead, he goes "and then?" So I throw a poke, clutch apply atomics etc and 1/2 his deck is gone in that 1 turn.
His turn, he covers his backstage card, I take an oversell. He takes something and throws Blindside beal toss (Giant headbutt is ringside). Oversell.
My turn, I play samoan spike (Full dmg), ability into Precision haymaker. Make him draw 5 and thats game (I think)

Round 4: Curry chicken
I go first via distractingly. Poke, Shake clutch apply half his deck away, precision sleeper was reversed from arsenal. His turn he goes Clutch (Always On Top into Apply). I oversell. I think he is demoralised at that point and I do my stuff for the win (Did I Spike you?)

Round 5: Semi: Andre again. My tactic would be to do big maneuvers every turn. However, I conceded since I was hungry, and everybody seems to have sorted out what prizes they want. So everybody finished up fast and we went for dinner in a super crowded place. Damh.

Today's experiment... Success. WOOOOOOOO

Tournament Reports / Frankie's Experiment- ATN Carlito
« on: September 03, 2007, 09:10:00 PM »
Well, I haven't posted one in a long time and maybe its time to start something like this again

Experiment: All Together now Carlito: Carlito can play All Together Now and not fear getting Break you. I'll use Witness history to get Thrust Knee Lift and Kidney Punch, then discard my 1SHS to the SD chain belt to get a Thrust Knee lift again and use 3 pyro volleys to screw opponent's hand. Apple allows me to screw opponent's hand more.
I packed cow on Ice and Enough out of you to ensure I get a couple turns so I can start drawing into more stuff so I can keep smacking my opponent.

In theory, the Pyro volleys will soften my opponent for offence or defence so I can get some turns to overwhelm my opponent.

Lets do it

Round 1
Randy Orton
He uses Evolution is a Mystery to discard my Cow, Witte Retort and some card. My Pyro Volleys are useless during resolution as he has a 0SHS. End of all prematch phrase, Best Laid plans keep his hand up. Ego boosts keep his hand up more. AIUU reverses all of my cards. It sucks to be All Together Now Carlito that plays heat/ chain/ volley.


Round 2
Revolution Rey
I screw some cards in his SHS. He goes first and starts throwing 9D revolution maneuvers (ECW belt). I buy a couple turns and screw his hand, but then he starts abiliting and throwing collossals.
It sucks to be me


Round 3
Jake the snake
I screw some cards in his SHS again. He is a new player to this environment and does not own Jimmy and some powercards, That bought me a couple of turns to start rolling. With all his disadvantages, I still take some time to put him away. 1 win, but not proud of it. It still sucks to be me

3 rounds swiss into finals between Eddie and Randy (I think). I got 1 pack of revo 2 cards, that's it.

In theory, Carlito is a strong All Together Now deck. But it seems that it would work better in AB. There was a IAATG deck running around. All Together decks lose all control over meta cards such as IWTPTG and Showtime/ distracting etc. Bad build

Conclusion: Experiment failed.

Tune in next week for the next experiment

Singapore / WWE in Singapore
« on: May 29, 2007, 07:01:28 PM »
WWE is coming for a show in Singapore around July.

Anyone planning to go? we can probably go together.

Planning on getting the $135 tickets. Anything less than that you are better off watching stick figures wrestling

Singapore / Serene opt in Thread
« on: April 21, 2007, 06:25:41 AM »
This is Frankie BiscHo.

If you would like to enter the free Raw VS Smackdown storyline in Serene Centre, post your real name here. I will edit my post as I go along

Also, you will have to join the show (tournament) for the storyline

Chairman- Aaron McMahon
Raw GM- Frankie BiscHo
SD GM- Teddy Xiong

Current Champion: Empty
No. 1 Contender: Edmund Heng VS Zuoren VS Xiubin VS Kevin Qua

Andrew Oh (Injury, out for 2 months)
Tan Ngiap Teng
Timothy Tang
Alvin Lee
Lai Feng Rong
Jovi Ang
Chow Wing
Leon Lim

To be added as necessary.
Thread housekeeping took place 10/07/07

Rules Forum / William Regal readying
« on: April 09, 2007, 07:25:59 AM »
Regal Readying
Pre-match Event
The maximum number of Pre-match cards you may have in your Ring area is increased by 1.
Your Starting Hand Size is +1.
When this card is in your Ring area, the cards listed in your Superstar Ability are considered Multi cards. Fan Favorite logo
F: 0 D: 0

438/643 William Regal Superstar Card (SS2) (RUMBLE PACK FOIL – William Regal logo)
Starting Hand Size: 6
Superstar Value: 1
Superstar Ability:
Once during each of your turns you may search your Arsenal for the card titled Commission-er Rules!, Great Technical Knowledge, Who Booked This Match?, Charismatic Style, Drawing Extra Heat, or Apply Illegal Leverage, reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, and shuffle your Arsenal. Your cards titled Brass “Nuks” Shot are -3F. You may shuffle in 12 cards instead of 8 when you Activate the card titled Duchess of Queensbury Rules.

Does this mean that Brass Knuchs shot and Duchess of Queensbury rules are considered multi cards?

Singapore / Royal Rumble Rules fully expanded
« on: April 03, 2007, 07:39:46 AM »
Here are the revised Royal Rumble Rules

No non-superstar specific backstage cards and prematch cards are allowed (Enforcers are not allowed. Fight your own match in the Royal rumble, every man/woman for him/herself)

Each player will draw a number and seat accordingly.
Each player will take turns in playing their superstar specific prematches.
Each prematch will specifically target the next person down the line. Unless it specifically states Opponent(s)

 Eg, A is Kane, B is Piper, C is HHH, D is X-Pac, E is Undertaker
Kane plays his Born of Hellfire. All players overturns 6
Piper can play his Bagpipe introductions, but he still does not get to go first
HHH plays his Cerebral Assassin, blanking X-Pac's ability.
Undertaker plays you will respect me. This will target Kane as there ar eno more players down the line.
Kane then skips
Piper plays his Piper's pit, being only able to target Cerebral assassin

and so on untill no more prematches are left to play.

Then A takes his turn, then B takes his turn
A takes his turn again, then B, then C takes his first turn
Then A takes another turn, then B, then C, then D enters

You can play a maneuver against anyone legally in the royal rumble.

Highrisks and followups can only be played against the same opponent
(Eg, Undertaker Pumpkicks X-Pac. He cannot do a Suicide Lariat on HHH as his next card.)

No Interferes. Only the target of the maneuver can reverse it.

Actions and antics

These cards can be reversed by anyone

The target of the action/ antic need not be announced when played

Eg: Piper play Break it Out, Break It Down, Breakin Rules, Breakin Ground. Anyone can reverse it. But once it is successful, Piper can choose any legal opponent as his target.
(So if Piper tells you he will not make you the target, do not be surprised when he suddenly announces you as the recepient of the benefits of the card)

Activated Card Effects

Effects that have an active effect, such as haterate, can be reversed by anyone. The target need not be announced beforehand (Same as actions and antics)

Effects that have a reversal effect can only be targeted by the active player
Eg: Kane plays a Big Freaking Uppercut on X-Pac. X-Pac discards 2 to sustain damage. Undertaker cannot play DTTAH on it.

Eg: Kane plays Big Freaking Uppercut as a reversal to X-Pac's strike. X-Pac discards 2 to sustain damage. Kane can try to reverse the effect but not Undertaker or anyone else.


Cards will specifically target an opponent in game
For example, Undertaker sits up on X-Pac. X-Pac's reversals to UT's maneuvers are +25F and UT's maneuvers are +2D to all players.
For Example, Piper plays Break it Out, Break It Down, Breakin Rules, Breaking Ground. Kane plays Road To Victory on the card. HHH will not discard down to 5 despite having more than 15 cards in hand.


Abilities will be activated once conditions are met.

Eg: Booker T can use his ability to recover 2 before his draw segment if there is
someone with lower fortitude than him.
Eg: Kane makes EVERYONE legal in the match overturn 1 before his draw segment

Cards or abilities only work if the conditions are met targeting you.

Eg: Brahma Bull will only take effect of 4F or lower maneuvers are played against you from an opponen's hand
Eg: Kane Punches X-Pac and X-Treme Diva is in the match, Kane does not have to overturn 2
Eg: Jamie Noble does not get to take back a non-unique card everytime someone plays a maneuver against anyone else.


Mini Aggression Rule

If a player ends his turn without playing any cards, he overturns 3 cards.

Cerebral Assassin

Whenever Cerebral Assassin is activated/ triggered, the HHH/DX/Game etc player will choose a legal player in the Royal rumble. That player's ability is considered blank until cerebral assassin deactivates

HHH with 5 cards in hand.
HHH plays a card, hand goes to 4. He chooses Kane. Kane's ability is blank.
HHH plays another unique card, returning 3x Steel Chain Shots back to his hand (6 hand). kane gets his ability back
HHH discards 3 to A Beating You'll never forget (3 hand left). This time he chooses X-Pac. X-Pac's ability is blank.
and so on...


For the actual triggering of the ability, it'd have to trigger on the second card against Andre, if the opponent didn't play any cards at all, or if he played one card against Andre and ended his turn, either voluntarily or via a card effect (Keibler Instincts, for example).

Piper plays That's Broken. Andre sits and does nothing.
Piper plays Grab from That's Broken against Kane. It is successful. Piper looks for an Atomic Driver and damage is applied (not reversed). Andre sits and does nothing.
Piper throws Atomic Driver on Andre. Andre cannot use his ability as it is now the 3rd card of Piper

Singapore / Serene Title Belt
« on: March 27, 2007, 08:53:08 AM »
Serene Championship Belt
Backstage Object: Enforcer

May be revealed by any superstar.
"Insert cool but not broken effect here"

Any specifics?
I won't want 1 person to have an overpowering effect for 1 whole month, especially if he gets to use it during his title defence too.
So I'll need something cool, but not with too much of an advantage

The Enforcer type is to prevent against Backstage shenanigans

Some ideas
1) At the end of the prematch phrase, you may search your arsenal for a non-unique hybrid card, put it in your hand and randomly discard 1 card

2) Your SHS is +1

3) At the end of the prematch phrase, you may look at your opponent's hand and choose 1 card and he discards the chosen card, then your opponent draw 2 cards.

4) At the end of the prematch phrase, you may draw 1 card and then discard 1 card

5) Your first maneuver of the game is +2D

Rules Forum / hardcore hell
« on: February 26, 2007, 07:49:06 AM »
If I have R hardcore Hell out, and I'm always on top and my opponent's fort is higher, can I throw a 1-3F R core maneuver and get the benefits of hardcore hell?

For example, R Haymaker, 1F card made 0F by I'm always on Top

Can it be reversed from opponent's hand?

Hardcore Hell
Pre-match: Event
If your Fortitude is less than your opponent: your first non-F:0 Core of this turn cannot be reversed from his hand.

Rules Forum / Edge's SHS
« on: February 04, 2007, 07:33:16 AM »
Now I get the point about Edge's SHS not being a part of his ability but instead as clarification text.

If it is not an ability, then what is it?

Lets come up with a name to call the ever changing hand

I name it "The 6th Sense"

Any others?

Rules Forum / FLAU original revisited
« on: February 03, 2007, 10:06:25 PM »
Fans Love an Underdog
Pre-match Event
At the end of the Pre-match phase, determine if you are the player with the lowest Superstar Value. If you do not have the lowest Superstar Value then you must put this card in your Ringside pile.
When this card is in your Ring area, you may put it in your Ringside pile as a Mid-match Action, draw 1 card and your opponent's reversal to the next card you play this turn is +8F.
F: 0   D: 0

lets say if i sucessfully play the card titled pump kick, which has 4 damage, then pop one <<fans love an underdog>>, can i play an high risk like <<knee smash>>
(Can only be played after a successfully played 4D or greater maneuver.
When successfully played, overturn 1 card.) after that?

wait a sec. I was under the impression that as FLAU says as a midmatch action, Knee Smash will see the followup as a midmatch action instead of a 4D or greater maneuver.

For example, what will happen if a card exists below.
Knee bashing
Can only be played after a midmatch action.
F:0 D:0
If this card can be played after FLAU, then I don't think Knee smash will follow up FLAU

Or do things that say as a midmatch action do not break the highrisk/ follow-up chains?
Another question
Quote from: frehocc on January 24, 2007, 06:54:21 pm
If Edge's ever changing SHS is not considered part of his ability, what is it called?

Uh... "The explanation for the variable"    After all, we wouldn't want people to think # was some kind of guessing game as to how many cards Edge gets, heh heh.

Anyway, the correct answer was given, the explanation for variable SHS and/or SSV is not considered Superstar Ability.

--> Can I call Edge's SHS the 6th sense

Tournament Reports / SGQ
« on: February 02, 2007, 08:24:45 AM »
One day before the qualifier: Still pondering who I should go as, because I have the Feathered Boa, but not the rest of the Hogan attire, especially the trademark mustaches.
Then I remembered someone I know who have access to a wig from my school days in Uni (Some theatre and dancing stuff)
Not blond, but good enough. I already grew a beard, so put the wig on and

*HHH Sprays*

And I found a wierd connectivity as I have managed to find both HHH KOK and The Game music and stored them in my PSP. And my deck is Revo HHH.


So on the day itself
Didn't want to wake up. A good sunday is a day I can sleep in late.
But Raw Deal dragged me up and put me in the shower.
Coming out, just in time for the travel arrangements to call and fetch me.

Into the convention room for Raw Deal
Most of the people have registered, so no queue like the last 2 qualifiers (The sagging attendence may be a help in me not needing to queue)
I see some Malaysians, across the border for the game. I applaud their dedication. If I lived where they do, I'll probably surrender to the sandman and sleep in instead.

Just before round 1, I wore the wig, took some water and did the HHH spray.


Round 1
Just before the match, he took out an apple and bit into it.
Anyways facing carlito, I went Gentleman, HIAC, Eric, No Show and Break You.
I think I hid pump kick under No Show, then removing Break you to save it and put it in my ringside pile. Then remove No Show for Distractingly.
Once the real turn starts, I throw Pump kick, a couple of clutch Applies and several Trademarks at him over the course of turns. He also threw some maneuvers at me. But I outfoiled him.

Round 2
I outfoiled him

Round 3
I went Gentleman, No Show and Break You. Ho show in an unannounced match. He went for minimizing my hand.
I have an ability and the slots for my full midmatch.
I outfoiled him

Round 4
Kandyman's Andre. He does not pack the signatures for fear of Shenanigans.
I packed and displayed both because I do not fear his Shenanigans.
In goes Gentleman, HIAC, Cerebral and No Show. Cerebral activated first turn.
From there, I slowly outfoiled him

Round 5
Bobby The Brain
He has a large hand. I went for the Cererbral assasin route (hand <4). His hand > mine. He card advantaged out me

Round 6
My deck puts all the clutch, Applies and German stuff. We went for a nice cup of coffee and played World of Warcraft instead

In the top cut are 2 of my friends, who played Mr PPV and Ultimate Survivor.
In the top cut, there is a deck check.
Mr PPV was the one who is supposed to do out the decklists. He left the decks in another place and tried to do the decklists by memory prior to the Qualifier.
He missed by 1 card, writing in Overshot x1 instead of Get back in the ring.
He was DQed.
Mr PPV was also in charge of doing the decklists for Ultimate Survivor
He missed by 1 card, writing in can't Cheat an honest man instead of Get back in the ring.
Mr Ultimate Survivor was DQed.

If anyone wants to know what the victim of Shattered Dreams is like, just look at their faces.
It is sort of funny in a ironic kind of way.

Top 16
I meet home Team
I shut off his ability.
I outfoiled him.

Top 8
I meet LAISE.
We fought who will be revealing the face cards and signatures first by playing a game of World Of Warcraft. I won, so I revealed my face card and all my Backstage cards.
Then we had another Game of World of Warcraft to determine if I should be playing a Venue.
I won again, so I put out Gentleman's Estab.
He tells me I can't manhandle the Big show and he wants to try in the Top 4.
Since there is only 10min to end of round, I conceded and let him try his strategy.

He lost in the top 4 to Bobby The Brain

We stayed eventually for the loooooong finals
Alvin did his best in the finals, played well and just lost to a bad matchup.
He put up a good fight.
Hopefully both Singaporeans in Worlds can give a good accounting for themselves

We had a huge Macdonalds meal afterwards as all other shops were closed

This year I really had a good time, lots of laughter, no stress at all.
Hopefully next year there is still a SGQ
Then I can finally go as... HULK HOGAN!!!!

Rules Forum / Edge
« on: January 24, 2007, 05:54:21 PM »
Alright, I have some problem explaining this.

If Edge's ever changing SHS is not considered part of his ability, what is it called?

Can I call it the 6th Sense? seeing how he inately senses his opponent's SHS and adjusts his SHS accordingly

Rules Forum / HHH
« on: January 19, 2007, 08:25:10 PM »
192/643 Facebuster (SS2) (RUMBLE PACK FOIL – Triple H Logo)
Reversal: Special
Reverse any maneuver played after the card titled Irish Whip or any other Set-up card and end your opponent’s turn. Draw up to 2 cards.
F: 0      D: 10

Does this card reverse any maneuver after irish Whip and any other setup card (such as reversing Throw into corner Turnbuckle itself) or does it only reverse
maneuvers played after setups?

202/643 Cerebral Assassin (SS2) (RUMBLE PACK FOIL – Triple H Logo)
Pre-match Event
Cannot be packed by the Two Man Power Trip.
When this card is in your Ring area, if you have 4 or fewer cards in your hand, your opponent’s Superstar Ability is blank.
If this card is put into your Ringside pile from your Ring area, draw up to 4 cards.
F: 0      D: 0

If I use this to blank Edge's ability, does his SHS become 6 automatically regardless of my SSV?

Suggestions / Comments / Questions for the Staff / Tag line
« on: January 10, 2007, 07:03:13 AM »
Hey Brian,

Can I have my old tag line from the old TCO?


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