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okay. that still doesn't tell me much. lol

With Sasha, the key is to build around a Set-up or series of Set-ups so you can take advantage of their effects.  I'd recommend looking at the setups that are available in the game, seeing what they do, and then building around that.  Build Momentum into Divas moves is a good idea as Rated SRH said, but there are other concepts she can do well at (Irish Whip + Lumberjack Match, Throw/Gut Wrench into Grapples, Chain Wrestling into Chain moves, etc.)  She's also a good RP: Back deck as she can change the maneuver type that RP: Back blocks with her cards.

After looking at every back card in existence...alot of them arent good and depending her superstar specific cards doeesnt seem consistent at all unless I'm overlooking something.

Any update on this sasha banks deck?

Curious of the build because I never seen anybody post a deck or a write out of her here

Tournament Announcements / Re: Virtual Classic OCTGN Leagues
« on: September 14, 2020, 05:50:36 PM »
I'm in. What happens now?

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