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Rules Forum / Kaientai and I Don't Care About the Heat
« on: March 14, 2012, 03:13:57 PM »
Starting Hand Size: 6     Superstar Value: 1
Tag Team Superstar Ability:  Once during each of your turns, you may discard 2 cards and overturn 2 cards, and then search your Arsenal for a non-hybrid non-Run-in Multi maneuver, reveal it, put it in your hand, and shuffle your Arsenal.
When your opponent would remove any number of your cards from the game, that number is reduced to 0.
You may only pack Unique maneuvers.  You may pack High-Flying Style and Funaki maneuvers.

#11/24 (FOIL)
I Don't Care About the Heat
Pre-match Event
Once during each of your turns, you may remove 1 non-Heat card in your opponent's Ringside pile from the game or you may remove this card from the game and remove up to 3 cards in his Ringside pile from the game.
Once during each of your opponent's turns, he may remove 1 non-Heat card in your Ringside pile from the game.
¶ ¶ ¶ (Activated Card Effect Symbol)
F: 0            D: 0

So, if Kaientai play I Don't Care About the Heat, does it have no downside for them as their opponent cannot remove their cards from the game?

Fantasy Cards / The Most Infamous Streak in Wrestling History...
« on: March 13, 2012, 04:41:10 PM »
Remember when I used to make fantasy cards instead of working on homework? Yeah, I'm back at that...

Just a silly idea I came up with... utterly not tested, the theme is really loose, and it's... okay, it's mainly just silly.

This is the deck I built for today's tournament in East Dubuque... that I can't attend. Just thought I'd put this up for feedback.

Backstage Area:
The Rowdy One
Signing Appearance, Both Shennanigans Cards

Typically Played
I'm Going to BASH Your Brains In!
It's Time for a Great American BASH x3
Piper's Pit (tb)
I’ll Taunt You, Then I’ll BASH You!
Bagpipe Introduction
ECW Championship Belt
Night of Champions

Backstage Shenanigans
For the Love of The Game
A Quick BASH-ing!

The Sleeper Match of the Year!
Sustained Damage
This Is Going to be an Old School Brawl!
Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp
You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
The Road to Victory
Restricted Use in This Area
Time to Pay the Piper
Seen the Glory - Told the Story
Dragged to the Center of the Ring x2


Maneuvers (21)
Precision Sleeper x3
Sleeper (tb) x3
Dragon Sleeper x3
Blindside Sleeper x3
Claw x3
Classic Claw
BASH Vice x3
The Rowdy Sleeper
Piper's Inverted Atomic Drop

Reversals (28)
Over Sell: Hot Rod Style
Piper's Patented Eye Poke
Me Llamo ... Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrada x3
A Revolution of the Mind x3
Don't Try This at Home x3
The Return BASH for Scotty’s W—O—R—M x3
You Won't BASH Me!
BASH Evader x2
Too Many Rules and Too Many Refs
Divine Intervention
Sidewalk Slam (tb) x3
Get the "F"Out! x3
The Raw Deal Revolution
...I Change the Questions x2

Actions (11)
Hot Rod
I Was Rowdy Before Rowdy Was Cool!
Never Forgive - Never Forget
Maintain Hold (tb) x2
... And the Crowd Roars x2
Kristal: Broadcast Beauty
Puppies! Puppies! (tb) x2
Iron Will (tb)

Every game should start the same way: If it's not already in your hand, use your ability to dig up the Rowdy Sleeper, play it as an action, dig up a precision sleeper, play it (You have 3F, it's already -4F for Rowdy Sleeper, and you precision the rest of it), ta-da, you've got 9F on the board and you've activated your ability to play Me Llamo... Eventually you either win via Sleeper Match or good old Maintain/Claw or a Maintained Precision Sleeper.

Classic Deck Reviews / Million Dollar Man, BASH, Cheater, Virtual Classic
« on: September 12, 2011, 03:37:32 PM »
This is the deck I built for the Saturday Night Main Event tourney happening this Saturday in East Dubuque. Since I won't be making the actual tourney, I figured I'd throw it up for feedback.

Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase

Backstage Area
Legendary Defense
Money! Money! Money! Money! Money!
The Shenanigans Backstage cards

Saturday Night's Main Event
I'm Gonna BASH Your Brains In!
Night of Champions
Backed by Virgil
The Million Dollar Title Belt
The Million Dollar Man Always Gets His Way
The Million Dollar Corporation
Through All of These Years
It's Time for a Great American BASH x3
Straight-Shootin' Interview

(You drop all twelve)

Trevor Murdoch is Gonna BASH Your Brains In x2
Living the Good Life
The Beast Money Can Buy
Shoot Counter x2
You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
Restricted Use in This Area
The Road to Victory
This is Going Nowhere Fast
A Quick BASH-ing
BASH: Great American Style


Reversals (28)
Break the Hold
Escape Move (foil)
Step Aside (foil)
Elbow to the Face
Lift a Boot
BASH Evader
Get Back in the Ring
You Won't BASH Me
"Cowboy" Bob Orton Interferes
The RAW DEAL Revolution
Legendary Ring Skills
Don't Try This at Home
Sidewalk Slam
Over Sell Maneuver x2
The Return BASH for Scotty's WORM x3
Me Llamo Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrrada x3
Get the F Out x3
I Change the Questions x3

Actions (7)
Melina: Naughty Manager
You Will Be Bought!
It's All About the Money
Everybody's Got a Price
Everybody's Gonna Pay
Tax Tips from IRS
A Vicious Corporate Takeover

Maneuvers (25)
Precision Kick x2
Shoot Forearm x3
BASH Suplex x3
Shoot Suplex x2
BASH Drop Over the Ropes
Shoot Lock-up x3
Shoot Double Arm Lock x3
BASH Vise x2
Spinning Wrist Lock Hammerlock Headlock Takedown Armbar of Doom
Sharpshooter (tb)
DiBiase's Patented Fist Drop
Shooting Star Press (tb)
What a Maneuver! (tb)
The Million Dollar Dream

The idea is basically to abuse the crap out of Ted's ability and The Million Dollar Corporation. Night of Champions and The Million Dollar Man Always Gets His Way will be removed from game ASAP, meaning your maneuvers are -4F and +2D. All mid-match cards get removed from game shortly after you play them, barring Shoot Counter (unless your F is good, or you pop it so you can hit Shoot Counter #2)

The maneuver set is where the deck is weakest, right now. It probably wants a trickle of Classic moves (and add Classic Competitor in the backstage), but I'm not entirely certain what gets cut.

The reason I point out Escape and Step are foils are because one or the other is what you grab for Million Dollar Title. Woo, searching up a unique near-omni reversal.

So... questions, comments, improvements?

Fantasy Cards / Random SS Cards - Now With Added Colt Cabana!
« on: August 10, 2011, 05:06:53 PM »

Just a couple of ideas I had. Public Enemy is obviously a bit boring, but they'd be more in the support cards. And yeah, poor Justin's ability is a really bad joke :D

Tournament Reports / Dubuque Tournament - 7/31/2011
« on: July 31, 2011, 09:11:27 PM »
I have to give mad props again to the Dubuque tournament organizers. We had a great 8 person turnout today, which lead to 5 rounds of swiss, cut to top 4. I had a blast, and not just because of how well I did.

We had -
Myself - Raw Guest Host (HHH Corner) (7-0)
Mitch! - Bobby Heenan (running Test Enforcer) (3-3)
Wallemania4life - Randy Orton (2-3)
Niki Heber - Paul Heyman (5-2)
The Softcore Legend - Marcus Cor Von (2-4)
Bryon R - RTC (2-3)
Kirby - Stone Cold (2-3)
Mikey T - HHH (0-5)

I won't break it down match by match for me, but I will say that my deck did way better than I thought it would. It only ran 19 maneuvers (and only one maneuver that was printed F:0), and had a back-up win condition in JR's Animal Hat Trick (which will be replaced with Goodnight Everybody and that will free up some space in the arsenal, since I never even got close to using it, and never needed to).
0F Trademarks that are out of elbow range are really hard for people to reverse right off the bat, and the <R> The Triple H High Knee was almost always the basis of my getting my F on the board. But the real MVP of the deck, because it always swung the game in my favor: The Price is Raw. That card is really, really powerful. Your opponent has no chance of winning the 'Price is Right Showdown', unless they know exactly what is in your hand. Otherwise, all you have to do is name one number above them, and you win it. The only time I didn't play it was versus Bobby Heenan, because that would have been silly.

It was a lot of fun to play, though, and I ended most games via Pedigree or The King of King's Pedigree, with one match that ended via Bring the Hammer Down. Winning via trademark finishers is always satisfying.

And really, huge props have to be given to all the players, because it was really a positive play experience all around. Niki played a mean, mean Paul deck that only lost to my Raw Guest Host. And pull off a Back Throw through a Table onto a Chair to win one match, which was amazing. Also, we had a match where the Stone Cold Stunner was reversed via The Pounce, which again, just beautiful.

Fantasy Cards / The World's Most Dangerous Man!
« on: June 20, 2011, 01:18:31 PM »

I swear, the only time I make these is when I'm procrastinating on grad school work. Any feedback is welcome! Thanks.

This took a lot longer than I thought, and wow is it hard to find certain images. But here's my first effort, my favorite wrestler of all time, Mick Foley and his various versions:

Rules Forum / You Can't Chain Up This Dog
« on: May 13, 2011, 06:12:12 PM »
You Can't Chain Up This Dog
Backstage Card
When packing this card, you may pack No Sell Maneuver cards.
Your non-Multi non-Unique Grapple maneuvers are Chain.
When JYD's Chain is successfully played, your opponent does not discard.
Once during each of your turns, when JYD's Chain is in your Ringside or removed from the game, you may put it into your hand.
Unique     (RMS logo)

If I'm packing this card, as long as I don't pack actual chain maneuvers, can I build JYD as BASH? And then he could have Chain bash moves?

I'm thinking yes, as the card isn't revealed when checking the deck for legal packing restrictions. I think. I'm just double-checking in case I'm totally wrong.


Fantasy Cards / Ridiculous Alterna-Art Superstar Cards
« on: May 10, 2011, 10:10:13 PM »
Inspired by the great efforts by the folks from Chile, and also inspired by the awesome request that someone make an Al Snow Superstar card with him as Avatar... I present my efforts to make the silliest Superstar cards known to man. This isn't meant to steal the thunder from the Chile folks or anything, this is really just meant for a laugh. And so I present a small batch, I may revisit this the next time I have some free time. If this isn't kosher, just let me know and I'll take down the post.

Fantasy Cards / Everyone's Favorite Belly Slapping Superstar
« on: April 28, 2011, 09:56:46 PM »

Boredom strikes again!

This is possibly the dumbest B2B deck I've ever devised. It's entirely based around exploiting Punch (tb).

Backlash (24)
1   I'm Always On the Winning Side - MY Side!
2   Back to Basics
2   Old School Antics
3   Old School Psychology
1   Old School Donnybrook
1   Old School Manager
1   Old School Wrestling Match (tb)
1   Getting Some Old School Payback!

1   Restricted Use in This Area
1   You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
2   That's Sub-optimal
1   Fortitude Surge
1   The King Interferes!
1   Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp
1   Took That on the Chin
1   Really, That's Enough
1   Fully Loaded!
2   Ready to Fight

Arsenal (60)

Maneuvers: (27)
1   Russian Leg Sweep
1   Roundhouse Punch
1   Elbow Drop
1   Foot Stomp
1   Drop Toe Hold
1   Chop
1   Collar & Elbow Lockup
1   Arm Bar Takedown
1   Cobra Clutch (tb)
1   A Radical Assault
1   Lita's DDT (tb)
3   The Gory Bomb
3   Trish's Chick Kick
3   The Johnny-Go-Round Kick
3   Angle's Uppercut
1   Saving Grace
1   The Game's Sleeper
1   Noble Bomb
1   Standing Moonsault

Actions (3)
2   Offer Handshake (tb)
1   Maintain Hold

Reversals (30)
1      Punch (tb)
3   Volley This!
2   Over Sell Maneuver
3   Raw & Ready
1   Backhand Slap (tb)
1   The Snake Bite DDT
2   ...I Change the Questions
1   RKO
1   G.T.S.
2   Sloppy ... Very Sloppy
3   Once is Enough
3   I'm Driven by Anger
1   Stratusfaction Bulldog (tb)
1   Lita-canrana
1   McMahon-icide
1   The Pride of the Family
1   The Dream Lives On
1   Eugening Up
1   Carlito Says "That's Not Cool"

The deck is specifically Dallas-Proof, and doing some test-draws have proven that it usually can do what it needs to. Worst case scenario, you have 3 guaranteed F, Best case is 11. And 11F easily bridges to 14, and then you're only 1F short of unlocking your complete reversal base (barring your 3 kill reversals). Any ideas on how to tighten it up?

This is the deck that just won the Iowa Championship, as played by Niki Heber.

Backstage Area
Enough Shenanigans
Really, That's Enough Shenanigans

Backlash Deck: 24
Once a Horseman, Always a Horseman
Managed by Bobby "the Brain" Heenan
Underrated Superstar
Through All of These Years (tb)
Tear You Down like a Minnesota Wrecking Crew (siiiick card)
The Marquee Says "Wrestling"!
Banned from Ringside
SmackDown! #1 Announcer Funaki (tb)
Legendary Management
My Game, My Way
Again With This Crap?! (tb)
For the Love of the Game
Classic Teamwork
The Road to Victory (tb)
Restricted Use in This Area (tb)
Outsmarting the Competition
Silent But Violent
This is Just the Beginning x2
Dirty Low Blow (tb)
Perfectly-Executed Tope
You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
Living the Good Life

Reversals (32)
Sidewalk Slam
Volley This! x3
Always Have a Plan B x2
Don't Try This at Home x2
You Missed Your Chance
Back Rake x2
Eye Rake x2
Abdominal Rake x2
Elbow to the Face x2
...I Change the Questions
Me Llamo... x2
Spine Buster (tb) x2
Manager Interferes x2
Legendary Ring Skills
The Horsemen Have My Back
Total Teamwork
Cowboy Bob Interferes
Superior Brain Power
Double-A Spine Buster
Hung Out to Dry, Horsemen Style
Arn's Abdominal Stretch

Actions (3)
Ego Boost x3

Manuevers (25)
Judo Takedown x3
Arn's Gourdbuster
German Suplex (tb) x3
Shoot Suplex x2
Double Team
Shoot Double Arm Lock x3
Shoot Lock-Up x3
Thunder Bulldog x2
Blindside Takedown
Precision Sleeper x3
Precision Suplex
Brain Busting Spike Piledriver
Dynamic Finisher (tb)

And before anyone says it, yeah it needs Shoot Counter. I sadly don't own any yet.

Tournament Reports / (East) Dubuque Wrestlemania Tournaments, 3/20/11
« on: March 20, 2011, 08:42:25 PM »
Well, figured someone should post something, and I don't mind starting. Playing Raw Deal for the first time in ages was pretty great, even though I had an awful day, results wise. Sort of. But more on that later.

They eschewed the planned series of Virtual Classic single-elim tourneys to go for 4 rounds of swiss with a top 6 cut, each pairing playing for one of the special titles (Iowa, Dubuque, and Quad Cities champs). This did not play in my favor, as I had untested decks and I'd been planning on, if one deck didn't work, switching to a new deck and hoping that worked better.

Instead, I went 0-4 with a Kozlov deck that was not ready for prime time.

I faced Mitch! first round, with a Heat X-Pac deck that I'd played before the tourney and lost. This was a repeat of that. Irreversible Outsider Distraction = Kinda sick, especially with Heat. I didn't get above 10F that game. The protection from Moscow Mauler doesn't help against Heat.

Second round, got paired up to Face Niki Heber with... The Brainbusters deck that he borrowed off of me. It busted me hard, finishing me off with Cowboy Bob Interferes, I think.

Third round, got paired up again to face Nic Johnson's drawing a blank/man of 1000 holds Ric Flair. Once leg got activated, it was all over for me. Knee bar finished Kozlov off.

Fourth round, Wallemania himself, Meyerz with Brock Lesnar. Against my strike-heavy Kozlov. I got hit with F5 as a manuever to finish off Kozlov's losing streak (though I got to 20+ F that game, finally!)

When it cut to finals, it was kind of a weird thing as Niki won the Iowa Title with my Brain Busters deck. Cool for my deckbuilding skills, but of course it was in the hands of a master.

After that, came the single-elim 'Money in the Bank' tourney went a lot better for me. My BASH CM Punk went 1-1, which at least gave me a win for the day.

That win was against Duggan's Rock deck, where I finally won via a multi submission (I think Spinning Wrist Lock etcetera of Doom). Rock having saved himself via Wrestlemania at one point, I actually had 211F on the board at match's finish.

Next up was facing Jake's Andre the Giant. And boy, this was a nailbiter. I'd locked Andre down for a bit, but he finally bridged up F to make it a game. It was tough, but Andre's ridiculous amount of uniques (thanks, all Factions playable by Andre) finally got through my wall of... non-unique reversals, and then I walked into a pair of BASH Evaders on my Spinning Wrist Lock etc. of Doom and that was pretty much my death. He pinned me with a Unique Extreme and that was that.

I definitely learned a lot, and worked off some 'ring rust', as it were. I walked away with the new Diva's Title Belt, and the good ole Dubuque boys gave me a couple other cards as well, which was awesome. Very good time, long day, but great to see everyone again. Hope to come back to ole DBQ for the next tourney, if I can make it.

Fantasy Cards / 'Classic' Versions of ECW Extremists.
« on: March 18, 2011, 12:54:25 AM »
A product of boredom and procrastination on a paper:

---Tommy Dreamer---

Starting Hand Size: 8     Superstar Value: 1
Extremist Ability: When your opponent successfully plays a card, after damage has been applied, you may place one card from your ringside on the bottom of your arsenal.
Your foreign objects are not heel.
ECW logo

Managed by Beulah McGillicutty
Pre-match Manager
At the end of the prematch phase, you may place one card from your hand on top of your arsenal, search your arsenal for one printed F:0 manuever, reveal it to your opponent and place it in your hand then shuffle your arsenal.
ACE: During his turn, you may place this card in your ringside pile to reverse any Activated Card Effect.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     ECW logo

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?!
Mid-match Reversal
Can only be played after a successfully played manuever. Blank that manuevers text and overturn cards equal to the manuever's damage.
Search your arsenal for a card, place it in your hand, and then shuffle your arsenal. End your opponent's turn.
F: 5     D: 0     Unique     ECW logo

Beulah Interferes!
Reversal: Special: Run-in
Reverse any non-unique card and draw 1 card.
When your opponent is Raven, or the card titled Managed by Beulah McGillicutty is in your ringside pile, reverse any card instead.
F: 6     D: 2     Unique     ECW logo

Dreamer Driver
Trademark Finisher + Trademark Finisher
When this card is in your ringside, you may overturn one card and then place this card on the bottom of your arsenal.
F: 30     D: 25     SV: 3     Unique     Multi     ECW logo

The Heart and Soul of ECW
Action + Action
Shuffle # cards from your ringside into your arsenal, where # is equal to your opponent's fortitude rating.
When this card is in your ring, your manuever are +3D.
F: 18     D: 0     Unique     Multi     ECW logo

---The Sandman---

Starting Hand Size: 9     Superstar Value: 3
Extremist Ability: Your manuevers are -#F, where # is equal to the number of nonhybrid manuevers in your ring area.
ECW logo

Enter Sandman
Pre-match Event
This card is -3D when played.
Remove the top three cards of your arsenal from the game. When packing this card, you may not pack BASH prematch cards.
F: 0     D: 3     Unique     ECW logo

Flurry of Singapore Cane Shots
Strike + Strike + Strike: Foreign Object
This card requires 3 reversals to be reversed instead of 2.
If you have a card with "singapore cane" or "kendo stick" in the title in your ring, ignore "completely" on your opponent's reversals and effects.
F: 15     D: 12     Unique     Multi     ECW logo

Blood, Sweat, and Beers
Reversal: Special
Completely reverse any non-manuever card, even if it cannot be reversed.
F: 7     D: 1     Unique     ECW logo

White Russian Legsweep
Trademark Finisher: Foreign Object
If you have a card with "singapore cane" or "kendo stick" in the title in your ring, can only be reversed from arsenal.
F: 30     D: 25     SV: 3     Unique     Multi     ECW logo

The Rolling Rock
High Risk
Can only be played after a succesfully played manuever.
When the card "Ladder in the Ring" is in your ring area, this card is multi.
F: 10     D: 15     SV: 2      Unique     ECW logo


Starting Hand Size: 9     Superstar Value: 3
Extremist Ability: Your cards played from hand or ringside are +1D. During your turns, you may not play more than one non-manuever card.
ECW logo

ECW's Death Defying Maniac
Pre-match Event
Replace the 'grapple' text on your Table! Table! Table! cards with 'non-hold, non-submission', ignore the 'can only be played after' text, and the ACE of that card cannot be reversed.
When you successfully play Table! Table! Table! you may put one manuever from your ringside into your hand.
You may replace the 'assault' text on your Revolution Suicidal—Homicidal—Genocidal with 'non-unique'.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent    ECW logo

Air Sabu
High Risk
Can only be played after a successfully played manuever or the card titled 'Throw Into the Corner Turnbuckle'.
If played after 'Throw Into the Corner Turnbuckle', can only be reversed by unique non-hybrid cards.
F: 5     D: 10     SV:  2      Unique    ECW logo

Arabian Clutch
Submission / Reversal: Special
As a manuever, this card is -5F.
As a reversal, this card is -8D and reverse any non-manuever card.
F: 12     D: 8     Unique     ECW logo

Arabian Facebuster
Trademark Finisher
Can only be played after a successfully played manuever
If you have a card with "chair" in the title in your ring, this card is multi.
F: 30     D: 30     SV: 3     Unique     Multi     ECW logo

Bill Alfonso Interferes (+ Rob Van Dam, Tazz logos)
Reversal: Card: Run-in.
Reverse any card and end your opponent's turn. You may draw 1 card.
F: 10     D: 1     Unique     ECW logo

I may end up doing more or tweaking.

Rules Forum / I'm Straight-Edge and Self Modifying Cards
« on: March 05, 2011, 11:43:31 PM »
I'm Straight-Edge
Mid-match Action + Action
When your opponent reverses a maneuver from his hand, and that maneuver had no modifications from your cards, draw 1 card and he randomly discards 1 card.
Your Revolution Straight-Edge card is now "Reversal: non-Trademark Finisher" instead, and when you do not have a maneuver in your Ring, that card is -9F.
During your turn when this card is in your Ringside, you may overturn 4 cards to put it in your Backlash.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Multi

Ankle Breaker
This card is +#D, where # is equal to your Fortitude Rating.
¶ (Restricted Modification Symbol)
Raw logo
SV: 2
F: 0      D: 3

Weird question: Do self-modifying cards, such as Ankle Breaker, not trigger I'm Straight-Edge when reversed? Thank you very much for your help.

Fantasy Cards / Too Cool
« on: March 04, 2011, 02:44:55 PM »
No support cards figured out, but just wanted to show off how I wasted a half hour today:

Rules Forum / Be a Man + Handcuffed Timing Inquiry
« on: March 02, 2011, 11:53:06 AM »
Be a Man!     (Macho Man Randy Savage logo)
Backstage Card
Once during each of your opponent's turns, when he plays a card, you may overturn 1 card and his card is considered to be both Face and Heel until the end of the turn.
When he wins via card effect, you may hide this card and then ignore the Permanent trait on that card and remove it from the game instead, then shuffle up to 7 cards from your Ringside into your Arsenal and end the current turn.
When he is Hollywood Hulk Hogan or The Immortal One, his ability is blank.
Unique     (RMS logo)
Strike: Foreign Object: Heel
Your opponent cannot play the card titled Over Sell Maneuver immediately after you play this card.
When reversed from your opponent's hand, he discards 2 cards.
When successfully played, draw up to 3 cards.
When this card is in your Ring area, your opponent discards 1 card when he plays a Face card.
F: 0      D: 0

Okay, I'm assuming the timing breakdown works like this, but I want to be sure: Opponent plays a card, Macho overturns to Be a Man to make it face and heel, Handcuffed does not get activated because the card is already played, just in that limbo of not resolved/reversed?

Classic Deck Reviews / Spike Dudley // Virtual Classic // BASH
« on: March 01, 2011, 01:13:41 PM »
1   Spike Dudley
1   Brothers Forever
1   The House That Hardcore Built
1   Hometown Hero
1   Enough Shenanigans!
1   Really, That's Enough Shenanigans

1   Dudleyville, USA
1   I'm Going to BASH Your Brains In!
1   Blood Is Thicker Than Wood
1   It's Not the Size of the Dog in the Fight...
1   Backed by Paul Heyman
1   Managed by Paul Heyman
1   Duchess of Queensbury Rules
1   No Disqualification Match (tb)
2   It's Time for a Great American BASH
1   Underrated Superstar
1   I’ll Taunt You, Then I’ll BASH You!

1   Pound 4 Pound
1   Brothers from Another Mother
1   Dudley Dog
1   Backstage Shenanigans
1   Trevor Murdoch Is Gonna BASH Your Brains In
1   A Quick BASH-ing!
1   Restricted Use in This Area (tb)
1   The Road to Victory
1   Backlash!
1   You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
1   Sustained Damage
1   Buying Myself Some Time

1   Beatings from Dudleyville
1   Dudleyz3
3   Garbage Can Lid (tb)
1   Trash Can (tb)
1   Chain Lashing (tb)
1   Table
1   Ladder
1   Chair
3   BASH Kick
3   BASH Punch
1   BASH Drop Kick
2   Shoot Headlock
3   Struck by a Kendo Stick (tb)

3   Brotherly Love
1   Giant Killer
1   150 lbs. Soaking Wet
1   Shane O'Mac Delivers the BASH
3   Energy Burst
2   Iron Will (tb)
1   Takin' a BASH

3   Psychotic Bump
1   Get Him, Boyz!
1   BASH Evader
3   The Return BASH for Scotty’s W—O—R—M
3   Elbow to the Face
3   Me Llamo ... Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrada
1   You Won't BASH Me!
3   A Revolution of the Mind
2   Don't Try This at Home
2   Let's Wrestle Already!
2   There Are Two Things You Can Do: Nothing, and Like It
2      Sidewalk Slam (tb)

So I've been trying to brainstorm decks for the Virtual Classic tourney coming up in Dubuque. This here is an example of a deck that I will not get all the cards for before the tourney, so I decided to put it up for critique.

It looks like you can drop all your pre-match, but that's not the idea. The Backed by Heyman/Managed by Heyman thing is in there solely if you have to drop Duchess to get rid of the bane of your existence: Hell in a Cell, and still want to get No DQ out in play. I might be missing some new anti-HiaC tech that would work better of course, so let me know. Typically you'll drop Dudleyville, BASH your brains in, No DQ, BASH your brains in, Blood is Thicker than Wood, 2x It's Time for a Great American BASH, Taunt you then I'll BASH you, Underrated.

With No DQ and 2 Time for a Great American BASHs, You can drop Brotherly Loves right off the bat, which will not only smash your opponent's hand, but also help fetch you your plethora of Foreign Objects. If your opponent manages to wallop you first turn and hit over 2F, you can always use Brothers Forever into Beatings from Dudleyville or a Kendo Stick and you'll be set for all your cards except Dudley Dog and Dudleyz3, for the most part.

Any obvious holes? I think I covered most of the bases with this. 

Rules Forum / The Wildcat Question
« on: February 27, 2011, 06:42:28 PM »
The Wildcat
Backstage Card
When packing this card, you may only pack 1 Enforcer (it has no brand), but you may pack up to 6 cards in your Arsenal for Superstars on that Enforcer card.  You may not pack Corners.
Your Sable-licious is Permanent and your Sable Bomb is blank.
Once during each of your turns, you may put For the Women Who Want to Be Me from your Ring into your Ringside, and your next card played this turn is -3F.
Unique     (RMS logo)

So, if I pack "Mankind / Cactus Jack, or ... Dude Love?" as Sable's enforcer with this card, is it totally legal to pack Bang! Bang!, Feel the Love, and Have a Nice Day! all at the same time?

Deck Reviews - All Axxess / Stevie Richards // Raw // Heel // Rev 5
« on: February 08, 2011, 08:01:31 PM »
So having been bitten by the Raw Deal bug again, I sat down with Lackey and put together a Stevie Richards deck because I was intrigued by the power of 'Taunting Your Opponent with a Skit'. This is what came out of my brainstorming:

Stevie Richards

I've Got Three Words For Ya!
The House That Hardcore Built
Really, That's Enough Shenanigans
Enough Shenanigans!

Taunting Your Opponent with a Skit
Most Extreme Player
<R> ECW Originals
ECW Championship Belt
ECW One Night Stand
Don't Question the Fire That Burns Inside
Drawing a Blank
There Is No Escape
Stun the Crowd
Flanked by Security
ECW on Sci-Fi

(You can drop all 12. And Flanked will protect you from Break You, and you've only filled 5 slots so Flanked won't hurt your hand.)

We're Takin' Over!
Dirty Low Blow (tb)
Restricted Use in This Area
The Road to Victory
You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
This Is Going Nowhere Fast
<R> In ECW, We Never Back Down from a Fight!
Fortitude Surge
Introduce Your Brain to Your Mouth...
Reverse 180-Degree Chair Shot
<R> One for the Money...
Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp

(the 180-Degree probably needs to be replaced with something, I just don't know what)

Manuevers (25)
Wrist Lock x2
Punch x2
Roundhouse Punch x2
Hip Toss x2
<R> A New Breed Unleashed
Russian Leg Sweep x2
Hammerlock x2
Body Slam x2
<R> Innovative Violence
<R> Extreme Brutal Beatdown
Whirlwind Kick
<R> Three to Get Ready... (tb)
Sucker Punch (tb)
Stevie Kick

Reversals (27)
Knee Lift (tb)
Blindsided Control
Volleyed Beyond the Edge x2
Volley This! x2
Manager Interferes x2
Blue Meanie Shennanigans
Elbow to the Face x3
<R>Welcome to My World
The Raw Deal Revolution (tb)
A Revolution of the Mind x3
Get Back in the Ring x2
<R> The Second Solution x1
Divine Intervention (tb)
You Missed Your Chance
<R> Death-Defying Maniac (tb)
<R> Two for the Show...
Get the "F"Out!
Carlito Says "That's Not Cool!"
<R> Off Your Mark

Antics (3)
<R> Four, Now Go, Cat Go!
<R> Enter the Sandman
<R> Worth the Price of Admission

Actions (5)
Beating the Odds x3
I’ll Show You – You’ll See!
I’ve Been Everywhere, but ECW is My Home

The basic idea being that with that pre-match set-up, you can drop a Punch or Hip Toss for 8 Damage (+4 for doubled ECW belt, +1 for Stun the Crowd) and 3 stun, which can't be reversed from hand, backlash, or ringside (at least, until they kill Taunt with a Skit, then uniques in hand or ringside will work). So really, straight-forward aggro with lots of protections. Which probably won't work in practice, but this is me starting to formulate decks after 3 years of not playing the game :D

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