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Virtual Deck Reviews / Re: Asuka: The Empress of Tomorrow
« on: July 31, 2019, 08:01:55 AM »
While it would involve flipping from Face to Hell, have you considered running this with Brass Nuks Shot?

Brass "Nuks" Shot
Strike: Foreign Object / Reversal: High Risk / Heel
If played by William Regal, this card is -3F.
As a reversal, reverse any High Risk maneuver and end your opponent's turn.
When this card is in your Ring area, your cards with the word "punch" in the title, as well as your cards titled Haymaker and European Uppercut, are +2D and cannot be reversed from your opponent's Arsenal.
F: 3   D: 5
"He's got the power of the punch, J.R.!" - Jerry "The King" Lawler

You can use No DQ Match to make it -3F, or, since you're Asuka and can search for those 0F Forearm Uppercuts, Spinning Backfists, and Whirling Backhands, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting to 3F. In addition, Brass Nuks interacts with Haymaker, another card on Asuka's Aggression. The downside to this is:

This Is Going To Be an Old School Brawl!
Mid-match Reversal: Special
Can only be played when your opponent plays a maneuver with a reversal restriction from his card that is not his first maneuver with a reversal restriction from his card this turn. Blank that maneuver's text and damage, he discards 2 random cards, and end his turn.
When this card is in your Ring and he plays a non-Superstar-specific maneuver with a reversal restriction from his card that is not his first maneuver this turn with a reversal restriction from his card, he overturns 2 cards.
F: 0     D: 2     Unique     RMS logo

Still, if you get your opponent to the point where they don't have any reversal options except to hope to overturn one, and your Brass Nuks is preventing Arsenal reversals, and you have a Cross Punch in hand, it's easily worth overturning 2 cards for a second, third, etc. Cross Punch that you know is going through to the tune of 6+ damage.

Virtual Deck Reviews / Re: Becky Lynch: The Coronation of the Man
« on: July 31, 2019, 07:45:35 AM »
Make sure that amongst your Backstage stack is The Breakout NXT Star. If nothing else, it protects you from Armageddon is Upon Us, but the draw ability is obviously very useful. Similarly, you should look at some of the other NXT Prematch cards like NXT Arrival (for some Fortitude discounts on Counters, as well as some recursion) and Corey Graves: Savior of the Masses (for making NXT Arrival not take a prematch slot, protecting The NXT Generation, and granting a bit more recursion).

In your midmatch, you might want to find room for a copy or two of My Name is Matt Striker ... and I Am Your Teacher. This one is not Virtual, so you may not have access to it, but if you do, bear in mind that its interactions with Dynamic maneuvers combined with Becky (via her Goggles) treating her Precision maneuvers as Dynamic, lets it serve as Precision support in this deck, and potentially gives you free Fortitude if you're really falling behind.

I also want to echo the utility of Precision Kick. Having the reversal restriction printed on it makes it a great maneuver. Playing it for 0F as an opening maneuver (when your opponent may only have cards from the prematch in this ringside) makes it a great maneuver. Getting to choose a number less than 5 when played as a counter because of NXT Arrival and The Era of the Superstar, makes it a great maneuver. And once you have 10F and can choose 0, letting your opponent recur 0 cards, and still playing a 6D Strike that cannot be reversed from hand, it remains a great maneuver.

I also often have a gut reaction to Precision cards based on my worst case scenario (paying the maximum precision effect for maximum Fortitude discount), but it's important to remember that the maximum is not going to be necessary every time. For cards like Precision Kick, especially in Becky, it may only be necessary once, and if so, possibly at a time when it makes no difference to your opponent anyway.

The weakness of DA, I've always found, is top-decking: Your opponent gets the right reversal at the right time because you forced them to draw it. It's the sort of problem that statistically shouldn't worry you, but always seems to happen. So my DA decks have tried to focus more on forcing discards than on forcing draws. The idea was always that my opponent would choose to play their own draw effects (that I would generally also benefit from), because I was trying to keep their hand low. Generally, I find that giving my opponent more cards to play is... Dangerous. *rim shot*

This is a deck I've been actively working on for a while now, and if I come up with a list that I think is worthwhile, I'll be sure to share it here.

I also think a couple of cards that are worth mentioning for DA include:
Flurry of Finishers - Throwback
Mid-match Action
Cannot be packed by The Home Team or The Heat Seekers.
During your turn when you are a Stable and have not played or Activated any cards this turn, you may put this card from your Backlash into your Ring.  When the next card you play this turn is a Trademark Finisher, you may play up to 1 additional Trademark Finisher from hand, Backlash, or Ringside (as if from hand or Backlash) with it, and you may ignore the 'Can only be played...' text on 1 of those cards.  Unless both maneuvers are reversed when played, both are considered successfully played; after damage is resolved, your turn ends.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent

With The Numbers Game, you get to play this bad boy, and, as pointed out, they come with some pretty solid TMF's. If you're built Chain or BASH, you have midmatch TMF options to pair with whatever you may be playing from hand. This may be assumed, but just in case someone comes here searching for "Dangerous Alliance" and finds this post in isolation, let that be a good reminder for them.


Spinning Arm Lock
Submission + Hold: Mean
You may search for this card as if it was non-Unique.
Draw up to 1 card.
When you have a Revolution card in your Ring, F: 0 Mid-match reversals to this card are +4F, and when you successfully play this card, you may search your opponent's Arsenal for 1 non-reversal card, put it in his Ringside, and he shuffles his Arsenal.
F: 10     D: 10     Unique     Multi     arm

This card is mostly chosen because of how well it pairs with I'll Make You Tap. Of course, if you end up going Chain, you're probably better off with a Fujiwara Armbar, and if you're Heat, probably either an Asphyxiator or Neck Torque. But if you don't go either of those routes, a 10/10 multi without RMS is nothing to sneeze at.

Superstar Strategy Session / Re: Superstar Strategy Session #13: Tazz
« on: July 04, 2019, 11:21:18 AM »
Good write up, but there are a few things I think is worth considering. One could argue that the problem with a character like Tazz can be one dimensional, so mixing up the moves may not be a bad idea. One possible idea is to keep throwing suplexes at your opponent to try to get a rhythm going. Then, at a certain fortitude threshold, you can try to switch gears on them and then hit your opponent with hard to reverse submissions. Hopefully, you can catch them off-guard, and it also gives you another reason beyond Tazzmission to pack Maintain Holds.

This is how I used to run Tazz.

I'm also a fan of the Rake reversals in Tazz, since the suplexes you can play at 0F net you 7+ Fortitude. When "cannot be reversed" still meant something, a Rake as a reversal, into another Rake as a Maneuvers into an irreversible Indian Deathlock won me more than one game with Tazz.

While I might change up the order a bit, I think DallasStar's original post presents a significant number of the people I would like to see brought to Raw Deal. There are so many exciting new faces in the product with NXT and 205 Live giving them an opportunity that never could have existed in just the Raw/Smackdown era of the company. While I understand completely that as the internet brings us more access to other promotions (I myself posted a link for folks to watch the most recent AEW show), there doesn't seem to be any reason to try and branch the game into other promotions. There's just so much great talent in the current product that has not yet had its opportunity in Raw Deal.

In terms of Superstar Support, I think the objectives should be: 1) balancing existing superstars who have "fallen by the wayside", and 2) opening those superstars up to players with limited libraries of printed product. From what I've seen, number 1 has been consistently a goal of the design team, and I issue kudos for it, and ask that it remain a priority. For number 2, it feels like a lot of older superstars (or superstars who received non-unique superstar specific support in the printed product) can feel like they're gated off because I can't afford to buy three Patented Austin Kick to the Guts, etc. So maybe consider when designing support cards, looking at those out-of-print superstars and asking whether they need new cards to remain competitive, or if, instead, they need something to help open them up as a deck choice.

I know this is far from a universal concern, but I own zero cards with the word "sledgehammer" in the title, so when I see a Triple H support card for sledgehammers (and to a lesser but still relevant extent, even just to support his superstar specific maneuvers), it does nothing to draw my attention to the deck. Again, I know full well that there are a huge number of other Superstars that have been well-designed and balanced, and I do not need to play Triple H to fully enjoy this game, nor am I asking you to give me all the cards I am missing from Raw Deal. But since part of the conversation is whether to cut off support for existing superstars, that's my suggestion: we do not necessarily need to cut off support for very, very well supported superstars, but new support should be properly directed.

Thanks for welcoming the conversation, and I'm excited to see what comes next.

Virtual Raw Deal / Re: Time for a Change
« on: July 02, 2019, 10:38:13 AM »
Thank you, Creed, for all you've contributed to the game. Your efforts have been indispensible to keeping this game going, and it has been inspiring to watch the way you have continued to expand and innovate on what I still consider to be one of the best card games ever released. I hope that you find your drive for the game again (because all of your hard work demonstrates how deeply you've felt it in the past), and thank you for leaving us in such good state, and in such good hands going forward.

Super fun show, good diversity of matches, and an excellent reminder that there are more kinds of wrestling than what we see on WWE. I laughed, I cringed, would watch again.

If I heard correctly, I believe Fight for the Fallen will also be free on bleacher report. Fingers crossed.


Event begins at 830 edt, preshow at 730. This is a legit stream, no piracy. If you know another service that is legally streaming it, feel free to share!

Rules Forum / Re: The french phenom
« on: June 22, 2019, 07:27:13 AM »
Per Daeva’s post above, you do NOT move the card under Phenom when taking damage. The card under Phenom is not in your Arsenal. Rather, that card is specifically considered when an effect targets the top card of your arsenal. Damage is “overturning” cards from your Arsenal to your Ringside. Because the card under Phenom is not in the Arsenal, it cannot be overturned.

But a card like Kick (“When successfully played, you must take the top card of your Arsenal and put it into your Ringside pile.”), WOULD hit the card under Phenom.

Rules Forum / Re: Stardust and Cartwheel
« on: May 23, 2019, 08:54:22 PM »
Starting Hand Size: 6     Superstar Value: 3
Superstar Ability: Once during each of your turns, you may force your opponent to reveal the top 4 cards of his Arsenal. He chooses 1 revealed card, puts it in his hand when it is a reversal, and then shuffles.
You can pack non-Foreign Object non-Trademark Finisher Cody Rhodes maneuvers, but you cannot pack Corners. Your Cartwheel is Unique.

Your Cartwheel is Unique. You may only pack one.

Fantasy Cards / Re: A Few Non Specifics
« on: May 21, 2019, 12:51:47 PM »
For the Briefcase, what are your thoughts on adding a line "You may ignore the "Can only be played if..." text on your Title Belt Clubberin'."? My reasoning is that it's not uncommon to see the briefcase holder use it for a foreign object style attack, which I think fits well with Title Belt Clubberin, but I don't necessarily see a need to make a "Briefcase Clubberin" card.

Rules Forum / Re: Iron Sheik Ability
« on: May 20, 2019, 12:39:34 PM »
I don't think that's right, you discard two to reverse from hand or overturn two to reverse from ringside.  Reversing on overturn is neither of these, it's reversing from Arsenal.  So I don't think you have to do anything to reverse on overturn, the played maneuver is still considered successful and goes into the ring, the overturned reversal just stops the damage and ends the turn.

The first part of the Shiek's ability asks where your maneuver is being played from AND where your opponent is trying to reverse from. The second part only asks where your maneuver is being played from and does not care where your opponent's reversal is coming from. It's a more encompassing ability than the first part.

Very cool. I loved the idea of Rhyno when he was released and built a moderately successful Heat deck for him, but didn't really like putting quite so many cards in my ringside for his ability. Haven't really returned to him in Virtual, but this Bear Hug/Maintain combo is exactly the sort of tech that is making me reconsider.

Thanks for the cool write-up!

Is that how Extreme Warfare interacts with Maintain Hold? Per it's text, the played maneuver is just applying damage/card effects, not actually being played again on subsequent turns.

It's still a brutal card to maintain, but I'm not sure if, once maintained, it still can only be reversed from arsenal.

Virtual Deck Reviews / Re: Eddie Guerrero
« on: May 16, 2019, 07:52:43 AM »
Since you're using Technical Stomp and Technical Splash in the Corner, did you consider packing A Technical Shoot and Shoot Counter?

The edited version is to appeal to Rey. You start with it revealed, and the first thing you do is pop it and play Springboard (since that's -5F due to your ability, -6 with this in play) whose can only be played after text you're ignoring. And since using that effect removes it from your Backstage, it should never actually be in your backstage when your ability is relevant.

Cosplay Ring Attire
Backstage Card
You may reveal this card when any player puts a Pay Per View card in their ring, or when you reveal The Demon Arrives.
All numbers in your Superstar Ability are +1 (this card does not modify Abilities that affect the Fortitude of your Maneuvers). When you Promo, you may choose to hide this card to add an additional +1 to that Promo effect.
When this card is hidden, and there is a Pay Per View card in any player's Ring, or The Demon Arrives is in your Ring, you may discard 1 card to reveal this card.

Just realized I foolishly forgot to give Rey some love with this card!

Cosplay Ring Attire (Alexa Bliss, Finn Balor, Johnny Gargano, and Rey Mysterio logos)
Backstage Card
You may reveal this card when any player puts a Pay Per View card in their ring, or when you reveal The Demon Arrives.
All numbers in your Superstar Ability are +1 (this card does not modify Abilities that affect the Fortitude of your Maneuvers). When you Promo, you may choose to hide this card to add an additional +1 to that Promo effect.
When this card is hidden, and there is a Pay Per View card in any player's Ring, or The Demon Arrives is in your Ring, you may discard 1 card to reveal this card.
When this card is revealed, during your turn you may remove it from the game, and if your next card played is Springboard, you may ignore its "can only be played after..." text.

Fantasy Cards / Re: The Lord of Darkness
« on: April 30, 2019, 09:35:42 AM »
The Power of Darkness TB
Backstage Card
During your opponent’s turn, after Damage have been applied, Promo: 2 and then shuffle 1 card from your Ringside into your Arsenal. If you do not, remove 1 card from your Ringside. Your maneuvers are +1D and your opponent’s Reversals to your non-reversal cards +1F for each card removed from the game in this way.
Unique     RMS

I think this one is too unwieldy. For one thing, I don't see how the card text gives you the opportunity to ever remove cards from the game. You need to make something in there optional, either the entire Promo: 2 and recursion, or just the recursion. As written, the whole thing is mandatory, never letting you get at the fuel for the third part.

For another, this would essentially require you to have two different "removed from the game" stacks: one for this effect, one for all other cards removed from the game. Especially if the intention is to still show the cards removed by this to be recovered back into the game.  I think it would be substantially easier for bookkeeping to have the cards moved from it's effect go under the Power of Darkness itself (or even just into his backstage area). That would require either that you give another effect to get them out of the backstage, or to just accept the permanent loss of those cards as payment for the standing effect.

The Superstar deck restrictions should probably also be cleaned up so that it says "When you are packing cards that only have one of those logos, you cannot pack cards that only have another of those logos", so that it's clear that you're choosing between Undertaker, Deadman, or Phenom.

Sorry for being late. But if nidia ability says you can't pack maneuver of 4D and greater. So does divas overload! Somehow not legal to pack?

The text of Divas Overload! says it can be packed by any Diva, regardless of their Superstar ability, so it gets around her normal maneuver restriction.

Perfect! Thanks again!

Nice write-up! I've got a question, though, because I think I'm forgetting  some cards, or missing interactions:

 "You play this after a Spit at Opponent, and the net result is you discard 3 and opponent DISCARDS 10! Or how about Who Booked This Match? You draw a net of 6 and he discards a net of 6!" can you run me through the math that gets the numbers this high? Because I'm calculating Spit as forcing a 6 card discard, and WBTM as doing 4 apiece.

And I'm happy to see you mention the Grab Mark's Chair/Reverse 180 combo. I've used it in decks before, but getting to 5F was often a requirement. I hadn't thought of using it with Sandow!


If Boss and Huh ultimately gets their own set, please, please just call them Superstar "Bayley and Sasha", or similar, and keep "Boss and Hug" as a prematch or backstage card. I can't stand it as their team name. XD

Rules Forum / Origins 2013
« on: March 25, 2019, 07:45:03 AM »
Pertinent text: "This card is also considered Origins 2005 for your card effects."

Does this text interact with effects like No More Cheap Pops' "When played at Columbus, OH at Origins, he discards 1 card."?

Or is it (at this time), only effective for The Flannel Shirt? (that being the only other card I find in Lackey that has "Origins 2005" in its text.  I assume it's this latter answer, given that the text on No More Cheap Pops is so much more specific than that on Flannel Shirt.


Virtual Raw Deal / Re: 30 Days of Raw Deal Christmas
« on: December 23, 2018, 05:53:28 AM »
So for The Demon Arrives, even though it says I MUST move a card in my ring I can op out of that and just randomly remove 3 cards from the game?

So I'm not 100% on this, but I believe that because it says MUST you truly must, you cannot simply opt out. The bit about randomly removing 3 cards is probably there in case you've run out of cards in your ring, or every card in your ring is permanent and cannot be removed for its effect. Because without that, you could probably run an interesting build that used a lot of permanent cards to try and avoid the otherwise mandatory effect. I'm not necessarily seeing where that would become abusive, but, of course, I haven't tried to build him to exploit it since the way the card is written has precluded that kind of build.

Virtual Raw Deal / Re: 30 Days of Raw Deal Christmas
« on: December 22, 2018, 09:34:52 AM »
Wow, the Visage is gorgeous. All of the cards on this set have been looking great, Finn is getting some really striking ones.

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