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Virtual Raw Deal / Re: Virtual 7 Preview Thread
« on: July 23, 2015, 07:49:12 AM »
Did you consider giving his Superstar card an RMS logo to prevent switching tactics to keep with the theme of him having no ability?

This was our fourth month in a row holding Raw Deal events. Sadly we did not get a double digit turnout, but I blame the summer for it.
Prizing was a King of the Ring Backstage Signing Appearance alternate card and $25 store credit for first, $10 for second, $5 for third as well as a random $5 and King of the Ring for anyone who did not win a prize. All players got an alternate art You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice.

I played The Spirit Squad with Dynamic maneuvers and using Johnny.

Here is the event breakdown
Cam - Shelton Benjamin
Colin - Batista
Dave - Lita
Eric - The Spirit Squad
Patrick - Edge
Ryan - Big Freakin' Machine
Saran - The Phenom
Scott - Rene Dupree

First Round
Dupree 1 - 0 P. Shelton 0 - 1
S. Squad 1 - 0 P. Batista 0 - 1
BFM 1 -  0 P. Edge 0 - 1
Lita 1 - 0 P. Phenom 0 - 1

Second Round
S. Squad 2 - 0 P. Lita 1 - 1
BFM 2 - 0 P. Dupree 1 - 1
Phenom 1 - 1 P. Batista 0 - 2
Edge 1 - 1 P. Shelton 0 - 2

Third Round
S. Squad 3 - 0 P. BFM 2 - 1
Dupree 2 - 1 P. Lita 1 - 2
Phenom 2 - 1 P. Edge 1 - 2
Shelton 1 - 2 P. Batista 0 - 3

Fourth Round
Dupree 3 - 1 P. S. Squad 3 - 1
BFM 3 - 1 P. Phenom 2 - 2
Shelton 2 - 2 P. Lita 1 - 3
Batista 1 - 3 P. Edge 1 - 3

Top 4
Dupree P. BFM
S. Squad P. Phenom

Third Place BFM pinned The Phenom
Finals Rene Dupree pinned The Spirit Squad

Random prize King of the Ring went to Pat. Colin won the $5 store credit.

Here's the link to Scott's winning Dupree deck.,15679.msg183246/topicseen.html#new

Glad to see everyone that was able to make it out this month. See you in August for our Fifth Month Anniversary.

General Discussion: Raw Deal / Re: Virtual Pre-match Length?
« on: July 10, 2015, 10:06:07 AM »
While the pre-match phase can be a little long, how many time have you seen the rock or stone cold just walk out and wrestle?

This game is supposed to reflect an actual professional wrestling match.  In the world of wrestling, there just so happens to be stuff that happens between the hitting of music and the first collar and elbow tie up.  Some superstars have more prematch options, but that is a reflection of their character.  Take HHH for example: I mean the guy has one of the longest wrestle mania entrances (next to taker of course).  Why shouldn't his prematch reflect this?
And that's when people make a trip to the bathroom or the kitchen.  The entrance is usually not 25% of the entire match. While you are correct that the game is supposed to represent an actual wrestling match, it is also supposed to be fun and some players/potential players find that a long prematch sucks the fun out of the game.

There have been times playing Classic that I have a chance for a bathroom break while they are resolving their Pre-match phase. I couldn't imagine a Virtual game.
I've tried watching some games on Youtube and couldn't get past the amount of purple cards I was seeing in play.

I am of two minds on the long Pre-match, but I agree with Creed that it can't be put back into the bottle. Pre-match phases were getting long even in GAB, and letting people play their specific PMs without gobbling up all of their slots is, in general, a good change because it lets you focus your PM on the stuff that you actually need instead of filling up on shinies.

But when you're giving a Superstar a large amount of specific Pre-match cards with some that can be played during any phase strong effects and also allowing them to play these strong non-specific purple cards on top of it is a bad idea. A card like Break You or IAATG can only do so much and I don't want to have to play John Cena just so I can pack Yo Kill Da Beat so can try and shift the meta.

General Discussion: Raw Deal / Virtual Pre-match Length?
« on: July 09, 2015, 06:18:02 PM »
While Lawnmowerman may have taken the wrong approach with his critiquing of the Virtual cards, I think he starting a dialogue that I feel people were afraid to start due to the potential backlash that could have come from some members of this community. I wasn't going to add my opinion to this until I read piperspit's post seeing that we can have a conversation about this that isn't all one sided.

My observations of the Virtual card base is that it makes the game very Pre-match focused. I think the route it should have taken from the get go is set back and look a the power shift that Unforgiven and sets forward brought to the game and learn from that. It's nice to see more support for the game with full sets and new Superstars, Specifics and non branded cards, but when there are unbalanced effects, text heavy cards, rule breaking effects (play during any phase, etc), and a lack of fun in some people's opinion, that takes away a lot from what is being made.

At our local event we don't run Virtual cards an we've been getting over ten people each time without the problems of Andre, Kennedy and Piper. We have seen new deck ideas and Superstars you wouldn't expect making an impact out of nowhere. Are we against running the Virtual cards in the future? With the comments that get made about it, so far there are no plans. Down the road if the print run gets stale? It's a possibility. But I'm perfectly fine playing my 5 Pre-match cards a game for a while.

These are cards that I've been making for the local tournaments. I have images of others I have made in my June tournament report.

Standard deck construction rules apply. Classic only. No Revolution or Virtual cards. OMG EXCLUSIVE Prize cards are allowed.
$5 entry with store credit and promos for prizing.
First place to receive a Backstage Signing Appearance substitute card.
Store credit and Alternate art cards for prizing.
12:00 Noon start time.

OMG Games
130 Bell Farm Rd, Barrie, ON L4M 6J4
(705) 721-4263

Fantasy Cards / Re: The Miz - Updated with images
« on: June 29, 2015, 06:11:49 PM »
Updated with card images.

Fantasy Cards / Re: The Brood
« on: June 19, 2015, 10:22:58 PM »
The cards look really good! But you spelled ready wrong backwards.

Tournament Reports / Barrie, Ontario Underdogs June 14 with photos
« on: June 14, 2015, 11:15:34 PM »
On Sunday we held an Underdogs event. Only superstars of 2 Superstar Value or lower and you cannot pack cards with a +Value modifier. Each player got an alternate art The Champ is Here promo and the winner got a Mr. Money in the Bank Backstage Signature substitute that are legal for our local events.

Adam H - Chris Benoit
Cameron - Billy Gunn
Colin - Matt Hardy
Dave - Jerry Lawler
Eric - Kane
Saran - Nicky!
Tim - Snitsky
Ryan - Trish Stratus
Scott - The Fabulous Moolah
Zach - Goldust

Round 1
Billy Gunn 1-0 Pinned Snitsky 0-1
Trish 1-0 Pinned Matt Hardy 0-1
Chris Benoit 1-0 Pinned Goldust 0-1
Nicky! 1-0 Pinned Moolah 0-1
Kane 1-0 Pinned Lawler 0-1

Round 2
Kane 2-0 Pinned Trish 1-1
Benoit 2-0 Pinned Nicky! 1-1
Billy Gunn 2-0 Pinned Goldust 0-2
Moolah 1-1 Pinned Snitsky 0-2
Matt Hardy 1-1 Pinned Lawler 0-2

Round 3
Kane 3-0 Pinned Billy Gunn 2-1
Trish 2-1 Pinned Benoit 2-1
Nicky! 2-1 Pinned Matt Hardy 1-2
Moolah 2-1 Pinned Goldust 0-3
Lawler 1-2 Pinned Snitsky 0-3

Round 4
Benoit 3-1 Pinned Kane 3-1
Moolah 3-1 Pinned Billy Gunn 2-2
Nicky! 3-1 Count Out Trish 2-2
Snitsky 1-3 Pinned Matt Hardy 1-3

Top 4
Nicky! defeated Chris Benoit
Kane defeated Moolah

3rd place went to a coin toss due to time constraints, Chris Benoit won.

Kane defeated Nicky!

Prizing in store credit:
1st $35 Eric
2nd $20 Saran
3rd $10 Adam
Random for non-placing $5 Zach

I won the event and didn't feel it would be fair keeping a card I made so I randomly gave it to one of the players. Colin won the card!

Here are some images from the event in this folder.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the event. We'll see you in July for Classic Constructed.

You cannot pack cards that increase Superstar Values.
Is it applied to GM's enforcers?

Yes it does. You will be unable to run any enforcer cards or title belts that have a +0 or greater.

General Discussion: Raw Deal / Re: Looking for....
« on: June 01, 2015, 05:58:12 PM »
I don't want to bump up that old post, but does anyone happen to have all of the dead images saved?

Fantasy Cards / The Miz - Updated with images
« on: May 31, 2015, 01:48:29 PM »

Starting a noon on June 14th OMG Games! in Barrie, Ontario will be holding a Constructed Underdogs tournament.
You can only play a Superstar with a 2 Value or lower. You cannot pack cards that increase Superstar Values.
$5 entry and prizing will be pooled store credit for first, second and third place as well as a random $5 credit draw for anyone who didn't place.

OMG Games
130 Bell Farm Rd, Barrie, ON L4M 6J4
(705) 721-4263

Deck Reviews - Classic / Re: stacey keibler
« on: May 18, 2015, 04:44:32 PM »
I like the maneuver base in it. The reversals seem a little lacking. Why did you choose only one Manager Interferes? Maybe take out a Break the Hold and something else for a set of three?

Our second tournament this year in Barrie saw an 11 player turn out for store credit!

I played a TLC Match Edge & Christian, searching out Blindside Elbow and Beal Toss in the pre-match. Distracting Diva to give me a turn to Teddy and build up my hand. Most games I was able to DLB into the Blindside Elbow, but beyond that the deck wasn't able to do a whole lot else. Against The People's Champ I was able to play Title Belt Clubberin' as a reversal and draw 11 from Neck Torque, but that was about it. I enjoy the theme of this deck but will be taking out the TLC match and adding some recovery cards to make this a less noncompetitive deck. It was a fun day regardless though getting to hang out with a bunch of friends and Scotty.

Prizing was:
First $35
Second $20
Third $10
Random Draw $5

Here is the superstar breakdown
Adam H - Triple H
Adam S - Chyna
Cameron - Randy Orton
Colin - Eddie Guerrero
Dave - Torrie Wilson
Eric - Edge & Christian
Pat - The People's Champion
Ryan - Rikishi
Scott - Chris Jericho
Tim - Gene Snitsky
Zach - Mr Pay Per View

Round 1
Adam H 1 - 0 Pinned Eric 0 - 1
Cameron 1 - 0 Pinned Colin 0 - 1
Scott 1 - 0 Pinned Adam S 0 - 1
Ryan 1 - 0 Pinned Tim 0 - 1
Zach 1 - 0 Count Out Pat 0 - 1
Bye - Dave 1 - 0

Round 2
Zach 2 - 0 Pinned Dave 1 - 1
Pat 1 - 1 Pinned Eric 0 - 2
Scott 2 - 0 Pinned Ryan - 1 - 1
Cameron 2 - 0 Pinned Adam H 1 - 1
Adam S 1 - 1 Pinned Tim 0 - 2
Bye - Colin 1 - 1

Round 3
Pat 2 - 1 Pinned Tim 0 - 3
Scott 3 - 0 Pinned Dave 1 - 2
Cameron 3 - 0 Pinned Zach 2 - 1
Adam H 2 - 1 Pinned Colin 1 - 2
Adam S 2 - 1 Pinned Ryan 1 - 2
Bye - Eric 1 - 2

Round 4
Pat 3 - 1 Pinned Adam H 2 - 2
Cameron 4 - 0 Pinned Scott 3 - 1
Zach 3 - 1 Pinned Adam S 2 - 2
Colin 2 - 2 Pinned Ryan 1 - 3
Dave 2 - 2 Pinned Eric 1 - 3
Bye - Tim 1 - 3

Top 4
Cameron Pinned Pat
Scott Pinned Zach

For Third place
Pat Pinned Zach

Scott Pinned Cameron in a hour long match!

Random draw winner was Colin.

Here are the decklists!

Scott: First Place
Chris Jericho
Backstage Sig
Signing App
5Th Year
World Tour x3

I’m Better Than You
Managed By Regal
Would You Please…
I’m Gonna Break You
Big Show GRA
US Belt
Cruiserweight Belt
More Championships Than Women

Just the Beginning x4
Happy You’re Here…
Layin’ the Smackdown
Superior Acrobatics
Ready to Fight
Panic Assault

Shake x2
Scoop Slam (TB) x3
Quick Snap Body Slam
Face Stretch
Steel Chain Shot x2
Butterfly Suplex x2
Diving Takedown x3
Running Bulldog x2
Precision Sleeper x2
Blindside Slam
Dynamic Finisher
Walls of Jericho

Jeri-Tron 5000
Kurt Met Christy
Keibler Instincts
Roll Out of the RIng
Few Heel Men
…And the Crowd Roars x3
Ultimate Smackdown

Revo x3
Elbow x2
Manager x3
Volley This x3
Great to Be Back Here…x2
Sidewalk Slam x2
Get the F Out x2
Coach Says…
Don’t You Never EeEeeeeeeEEEEver
Jericho’s Ensuguri
Power Slam
Springboard Drop Kick
Raw Deal Revolution
Roll The Footage Monkeys!

Cameron: Second Place
Randy Orton

Backstage Area:
Character Card, 5th Anniversary, Kennedy App., Melina Sig.

Pre-Match: (10)
Backstage Politics
Managed by Dawn Marie
Premiere Smackdown Superstar
United States Title Belt
I've Had More Championships than You've Had Women
WWE Championship Belt
The Champ Is Here
Banned from Ringside

Mid-Match: (10)
Unscrupulous S.O.B.
Outside Interference
Don't Cross a McMahon
You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
Fortitude Surge
Break It Out, Break You Down, Breakin' Rules, Breakin' Ground
The Legend Killer
Ready to Fight x2
Atomic Bear Hug

Maneuvers: (16)
Rest Hold x2
Small Package (tb) x8
European Uppercut (tb) x2
Suicide Lariat
The Ego Cutter
Atomic Driver
Atomic Knee Drop

Actions: (14)
Ego Boost x2
Fully Evolved: Only the Strong Survive x3
Paid, Laid, and Made
Spit at Opponent x3
The Youngest Champion in WWE History
I Spit In the Face Of...
From the Top Rope (tb)
The End Is Near

Reversals: (30)
Third Generation Superstar
A Revolution of the Mind x3
Elbow to the Face x3
Manager Interferes x3
Spine Buster (tb) x2
Power Slam (tb)
Volley This! x3
It's Great To Be Back Here In... x2
Don't Try This at Home x2
Sidewalk Slam (tb) x2
The Coach Says, "Today's the Day!" x2
Get the "F" Out! x2
"Cowboy" Bob Orton Interferes

Pat: Third Place

The People's Champ:
Backstage Area: (2)
Backstage Signature
Backstage Signing Appearance

Pre-Match: (10)
Pago Pago, American Samoa
Just Who in the Blue Hell Do You Think You Are? [Throwback]
Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth
The Brahma Bull
Shades of the Great One
Premiere Smackdown Superstar
WWE Championship Belt
Banned from Ringside
SmackDown! #1 Announcer Funaki [Throwback]
Vince McMahon Interferes!

Mid-Match: (10)
The Peep's Champ
This is Just the Beginning x4
Remove the People's Elbow Pad [Throwback]
Layin' the Smacketh Down!
The People's Kip-up
You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice x1
Unscrupulous S.O.B. x1

Maneuvers: (19)
Pump Kick x1
Patented Rock Footstomp [Throwback]
The People's Elbow
Suicide Lariat
Left Cross Punch x3
Right Cross Punch x3
German Suplex [Throwback] x3
Gut Punch Body Slam
Spine Buster [Throwback] x2
Rock's Spit Punch
The People's DDT
Rock Bottom [Throwback]

Actions: (19)
SmackDown! Hotel
Your Brush with Greatness is Over [Throwback]
McMahon Family Values
The Show Must Go On x2
Finally... The Rock Has Come Back To... x3
Roll Out of the Ring x3
A Few Heel Men
It Doesn't Matter What Your Name Is!
Do You Smell What the Rock is Cookin'?
The People's Eyebrow
Get Ready... Your Candy A%$ is Next! [Throwback]
Explosion Raw Deal
Third Generation Superstar
Ultimate Smackdown!

Reversals: (22)
Divine Intervention
Don't Try This at Home x2
This is the Rock's Show x3
A Revolution of the Mind x3
Elbow to the Face x3
Volley This! x3
Sidewalk Slam [Throwback] x1
The Raw Deal Revolution
Take That Move, Shine It Up Real Nice, Turn That Sumb*tch Sideways, and Stick It Straight Up Your Roody Poo Candy A%$!
Get the "F" Out! x1
You Bring the A%$, We'll Bring the Whoopin'!
Manager Interferes x2


Edge and Christian
Backstage Signature
Backstage Signing Appearance
5th Year

TLC Match
Managed by Teddy Long
WWF Tag Team Title Belts
The Champ is Here
Distractingly Divalicous
Blindside Percision x2
For the Love of The Game
Al Snow, Guest Ringside Announcer
Backstage Donnybrook

Dirty Low Blow
The Road to Victory
You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
Title Belt Clubberin'
You Think You Know Me?
That's Gonna Leave a Mark
The King Interferes
This is Going Nowhere Fast
You Can't Spell "Furniture" Without F-U-N
Unscrupulous S.O.B

Snap DDT x3
Snap Suplex x 3
Blindside Beal Toss x2
Blindside Elbow Drop x 2
Airplane Spin TB x2
Chair Shot x3
Neck Torque x1

Spit at Opponent x3
Roll out of the Ring x3
Commission-er rules! x3
Little She Devil x3
Blindsided by the Dangerous Divas x2
Ladder in the Ring TB x1
Table! Table! Table! TB x2
Sodas Rule
Greetings to Our Fans In... Where the Hell Are We?

Volley This x3
A Revolution of the Mind x3
Elbow to the Face x3
Manager Interferes x3
Hold the Phone x2
Nerve Hold x2
VKM's Big Gulp x2
Leg Drag x1
The Coach Says... x1
Divine Intervention
This Is So Totally Unfair!

Rules Forum / You'll Really Be Stunned with added Stun Value
« on: May 12, 2015, 09:33:35 PM »
You'll really be stunned
Mid-match Action
Can only be played after a successfully played card with Stun Value.
When this card is in your Ring area, if you successfully play a card with Stun Value, your opponent overturns 3 cards and if he reverses a successfully played card with Stun Value, you may put this card into your Ringside pile and continue your turn.
� � � (Activated Card Effect Symbol)
F: 1      D: 0

If a maneuver that has no printed Stun Value, but has it added through a card effect allow this card's Can only be played after... text?

Starting a noon on May 17th OMG Games! in Barrie, Ontario will be holding a Classic Constructed event.
$5 entry and prizing will be pooled store credit for first, second and third place.

OMG Games
130 Bell Farm Rd, Barrie, ON L4M 6J4
(705) 721-4263

Fantasy Cards / Re: Damien Sandow
« on: May 11, 2015, 11:06:16 AM »
That Pre-match can be pretty nasty with Technical and Dynamic maneuvers. Love the idea of Professional Stunt Double.

Tournament Reports / Barrie, Ontario Aussie Draft April 26
« on: April 26, 2015, 08:01:29 PM »
Today we had a 10 player turnout of an Aussie draft. We had 20 starter decks to use with pack from Mania, Velocity and two from Insurrextion.
Each player randomly pulled 3 decks from a bag and chose one to use for the day, this is what everyone got.

Adam H - HBK
Adam S - Cactus Jack
Cameron - Booker T
Eric - The Rattlesnake
Scott - Gail & Molly Holly
Pat - The Crippler
Tim - Rey Mysterio
Matt - Team Angle
Colin - Eddie Gurerrero
Dave - Rikishi

We played 4 rounds of Swiss with a top four with store credit for prizing.

Round 1
Adam H (1-0) pinned Matt (0-1)
Cameron (1-0) pinned Eric (0-1)
Pat (1-0) pinned Adam S (0-1)
Tim (1-0) pinned Colin (0-1)
Dave (1-0) pinned Scott (0-1)

Round 2
Adam H (2-0) pinned Dave (1-1)
Cameron (2-0) pinned Pat (1-1)
Matt (1-1) pinned Tim (1-1)
Adam S (1-1) pinned Colin (0-2)
Eric (1-1) pinned Scott (0-2)

Round 3
Cameron (3-0) pinned Adam H (2-1)
Adam S (2-1) pinned Tim (1-2)
Pat (2-1) count out Matt (1-2)
Dave (2-1) pinned Eric (1-2)
Scott (1-2) pinned Colin (0-3)

Round 4
Cameron (4-0) pinned Dave (2-2)
Adam S (3-1) pinned Adam H (2-2)
Pat (3-1) pinned Eric (2-2)
Scott (2-2) pinned Tim (1-3)
Matt (2-2) pinned Colin (0-4)

Top 4
Cameron (5-0) pinned Adam H (2-3)
Pat (4-1) pinned Adam S (3-2)

For third place Adam S pinned Adam H in the Battle of the Adam rematch.
The finals saw Cameron (6-0) pinned Pat for the top prize.

Some great SS specific pulls were Cactus getting Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance, Booker T getting Xtreme Sendoff and Holla if you Hear Me, and Team Angle drafting I Love my Testicles, Yo Dawg Respect the Bookaman only to not play them because of the Raw branding.

Superstar Strategy Guides / Re: Strategy Guide Errors and Updates
« on: March 30, 2015, 07:18:47 PM »
Didn't know about that. I would always search a superstar with the alphabetized threads. Thanks for making it easier without trying.  ;)

Superstar Strategy Guides / Re: Strategy Guide Errors and Updates
« on: March 30, 2015, 07:03:52 PM »
What are the chances of getting specifics under each superstar separated by Classic and Revolution? I find it pretty confusing when I'm gathering sets together.

General Discussion: Raw Deal / Re: Raw Deal Staples
« on: August 14, 2014, 06:13:49 PM »
I find myself putting Roll out of the Ring and Iron Will, throwback and non, in just about every deck I build.

General Discussion: UFS / Megaman UFS is coming
« on: June 02, 2013, 09:24:58 PM »

It's official. Might have to dust off my old cards to put together a Megeman deck.

General Discussion: Raw Deal / Re: Card of the Day/Week
« on: April 01, 2013, 07:08:18 PM »
Forgot you can pack it with Revo. Makes it even more busted.

General Discussion: Raw Deal / Re: Card of the Day/Week
« on: April 01, 2013, 07:04:24 PM »
How about that old secret Winnipeg tech card from back in the day? :laugh:

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