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Fantasy Cards / Maria
« on: August 22, 2010, 12:06:34 AM »
SHS: 5+
SSV: 3+
Diva Superstar Ability:
You may reveal an enforcer and choose an enforcer after your pre-match phrase. If you do not, your starting handsize is +7.
Your enforcer has no brands. Your card maria:ideal interviewer is considered set-up card. Your opponent cannot play any card with the word "maria".

Here She Comes Again...
Pre-match Event
Always resolve this card after all pre-match phrase.
When you do not have an enforcer revealed, your opponent cannot play maneuvers on the first and second turn.
When you have a revealed enforcer, your opponent starting handsize -3. He cannot activate the card "the best laid plans".
F:0 D:0

Maria's DDT
As a maneuver, cannot be reversed from opponent's backlash deck.
As an action, this card is -7f and -8d. discard this card and your opponent overturn 3 cards and discard 3 cards.
F:7 D:8

Santino Marella Or CM Punk?
Enforcer (Brandless)
(Can only be revealed by Maria)

Santino Marella
SHS: +4
SSV: +1
Superstar Ability: Once during your turn, your opponent discard 1 card, you may draw 1 card and shuffle 1 card from your ringside into your arsenal. Discard 1 card and end your turn.

CM Punk
SHS: +5
SSV: +3
Superstar Ability: Your cards with the word knee, leg, kick are -4f and +2d. Your Knee Lift cards now reversed any non unique actions and antics.

The Playboy Cover Girl (Maria, Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson, Sable, Ashley)
Action + Antic
Cannot be reversed when played by torrie or maria.
You may discard # cards. For every card discarded, your opponent's discards and overturn the same number of cards. 
When your opponent is a male superstar, he discards and overturn the double instead.
F:13 D:0

Fantasy Cards / Revolution The Rock
« on: August 05, 2010, 09:46:17 AM »
Revolution The Rock
Superstar Ability: During your turn, reveal 2 card with the same target from your hand and put them at the bottom of your arsenal ; look at your opponent's hand, choose 1 card and he discard that chosen cards.

Revolution The People's Champion (UR)
Pre-match storyline
New superstar ability: your means and collossals maneuvers are -4f for every superstar specifics pre-match in your ringarea. draw 2 card when you successfully played a mean or colossal.

Revolution KIP-UP!!! (UR)
Mid-match Reversal: Maneuver
Discard 2 cards and draw 2 cards. If Revolution The People's Champion is in your ring, put 3 cards from your opponent ring into his ringside.
F:18 D:0

Revolution Do You Smellllllllllllllll llllll.....
Search your arsenal for the card Revolution .....WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN? and put it into your hand. Your next 2 maneuvers have the momentum effect.
F:9 D:0

Revolution .....WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN?
Put 2 cards from your ringside into your hand. your opponent overturn 3 cards.
F:9 D:7

Revolution The Great One Spit Punch
Requirement:Less fortitude
F:9 D:8

Revolution Raising The People's Eyebrow
Requirement:More Fortitude
Search your arsenal for 3 non unique cards, put 1 into your hand, 1 in your ringside and shuffle the last card into your arsenal. Your next 3 Antics have momentum.
F:14 D:0

Revolution The People Champion's DDT
Reversal:Assault, Throw & Extreme
Put 4 cards from your ringside at the bottom of your arsenal.
F:18 D:16

Revolution The Brahma Bull's Elbow Drop (UR)
Put 2 antics from your ringside at the bottom of your arsenal.
F:25 D:20

Revolution DO IT ROCK's WAY!~
Mid-match Trademark:Mean
Your Revolution Superkick have blank text when this card is in your ring.
After damage have been applied by a maneuver or a reversal from your opponent, put it into your ring regardless of fortitude rating. When sucuessfully played this card as a Trademark, your opponent discards his hand.
F:12 D:8

Additional card for the Great One!~

Revolution The Rock Bottom
Trademark: Momentum
Trademark: -10F
Reversal Requirement: Discard 2 cards.
F:45 D:35

Revolution Stone Cold Steve Austin

Backstage Area (2)
Signing Apperance (John Cena)
Backstage Signature (Hardcore Holly)

Pre-match (10)
Houston, Texas
Trash Talkin'Interview
Bitter Rivals
Hell In The Cell
Pay-Per-View Main Event
Managed By Theodore Long
Managed By Eric Bischoff
Managed By Vince McMahon
Old School Manager
It's All About The Game

Basically Just Play Houston Texas To Gain Hand, Then Trash Talk To Change Hand And Prevent Dont Try For Long, Hell To Prevent Volley This, Theodore Long To Draw Hand And Game To Prevent Backlash.

Mid-Match (10)
And That's The Bottom Line...
You're As Graceful As A Cow On Ice
Shoot Counter
The King Interferes
Unscrupulous S.O.B
Sustained Damage
Outside Interference
Restricted Use In This Area
(Revolution) The Stone Cold Truth

Pack For Fun. LOL. Just In Case.

Reversals (18)
Double Digits
Don't Trust Nobody
The RAW DEAL Revolution
Hold The Phone x2
Get The "F" Out x2
The Coach Says, "Today's The Day!" x2
Elbow To The Face x3
Manager Interferes x3
A Revolution Of The Mind x3

Antics (3)
(Revolution) A Decade Of Whoopin' A%$
(Revolution) Arrive - Raise Hell - Leave!
(Revolution) Do I Have Your Attention...?

Do I Have Your Attention Is To Regain The Condemned From Your Ringside. A Decade Of Whoopin' A%$ is when you got fewer hand, you can whack opponent with momentum.

Hybrids (11)
Don't Try This At Home
Volley This! x3
Sidewalk Slam (tb)
(Revolution) Big Boot x2
(Revolution) Chicken Wing x2
(Revolution) Inverted Atomic Drop x2

Revolution F:0 for D:7 maneuvers become F:0 for D:8 when you use Revo Austin Ability. This Works Just Fine.

Rattlesnake Rulz
Open Up A Can Of Whoop-A%$
Gimme A Hell Yeah!
...Walk It Dry
Unleash Hell
The Condemned x3
Grab The Mic (tb) x3
Shoot Action x3

Hell Yeah to draw, Open Can And Grab The Mic TB To Draw, make opponent reversal +f And WHACK!~ Shoot action for opponent to take more damage.walk it dry and unleashed hell to shuffle cards.

Maneuvers (14)
(Revolution) The Adjudicator Stunner
Stone Cold Stunner
Stomp A Mudhole...
Austin Elbow Smash
(Revolution) Full Nelson Slam
(Revolution) Vertical DDT Drop
(Revolution) Spinning Drop Kick
(Revolution) Spear
(Revolution) Press Slam
(Revolution) Garbage Can Lid
(Revolution) Guillotine Stretch
Precision Sleeper x3

After 0 for 8 maneuver, then whack mean until you have to fort to stunner and win.

i hope this works.

Fantasy Cards / Some New/Throwback Fantasy Cards!~
« on: July 26, 2010, 09:50:02 AM »
New Deck Buliding Cards

Managed By Mr Mcmahon, Chairman Of The Board
Pre-match Manager : Face
Cannot be played by GM (except for stephanie mcmahon) or john cena.
When played, blank 1 of the following in your opponent's ring area. Venue, Feud or stipulation.
You may play any card with the word "mcmahon" regardless of superstar value.
When you are shane o mac or stephanie mcmahon, once per game, you may put 1 pre-match venue, feud or stipulation from your backlash deck into your ringarea. the card is considered in play and you may use the effects on that card.
Universally Unique
F:0 D:0

Eye Rake
As a maneuver, this card is -7f and can only be reverse by unique reversal cards.
As a reversal, reverse any strike, grapple, throw or assault and end your opponent's turn.
draw up to 2 cards.
F:7 D:2

Randy Orton

Orton's Stomp
This card requires 5 reversals instead of 2.
Cannot be reversed by once is enough or get the "f" out.
Discard 5 cards and end your turn.
f:11 d:6 sv:2

Stops here for now. will continue if i had more ideas. hahaha.

Fantasy Cards / <Revolution> Chris Benoit
« on: June 24, 2010, 02:52:44 AM »
<Revolution> Chris Benoit
Revolution superstar ability:
Your hold and follow-up maneuver are -3f and +3d.

<Revolution> The Rabid Wolverine Attacks! (starter)
Requirement: less fortitude.
Your next card has momentum.
F:0 D:0

<Revolution> Top Rope Diving Headbutt (starter)
Trademark: mean: Follow-up
Draw 2 cards.
F:6 D:12

<Revolution> Rabid Backhand Slap (starter)
Trademark: core: Follow-up
Requirement: more fortitude
Shuffle 2 cards from your ringside into your arsenal.
F:0 D:6

<Revolution> Crippler's German Suplex (starter)
Trademark: colossal: follow-up
Requirement: not the second card played this turn
F:12 D:18

<Revolution> Don't Hold Me Back (starter)
F:7 D:7

<Revolution> Best Technical Wrestler In Sport Entertainment (ultra rare)
New superstar ability: all your follow-up maneuvers that are not extreme are -3f. Your cards that reads follow-up:maneuver are now read as follow-up:card.

<Revolution> The Rabid Sharpshooter (ultra rare)
Mid-match Trademark:mean
Discard 1 card. Put 2 cards from opponent's ring into his ringside.
F:12 D:13

<Revolution> The Grin (ultra rare)
When this card is overturned, remove 3 cards from ringside and shuffle this card into your arsenal.
F:7 D:0

<Revolution> The Rabid Crippler Crossface (ultra rare)
Requirement:not the first card played this turn.
F:40 D:40 rms

Fantasy Cards / <Revolution> Kurt Angle
« on: June 24, 2010, 02:51:05 AM »
<Revolution> Kurt Angle
Revolution Superstar Ability:
Your core and mean hold maneuver are +3d.

<Revolution> It's Damn Freakin' True (starter)
Put 1 card from opponent's ring into his ringside.
F:5 D:3

<Revolution> Freakin' German Suplex (starter)
Requirement:less fortitude
F:12 D:12

<Revolution> The Crowds Chanting  'You Suck, You Suck!' (starter)
Put 4 non-unique cards from your ringside into your hand.
F:10 D:0
<Revolution> I Won An Olympic Gold Medal With A Broken Freakin' Neck!! (starter)
Antic/Reversal:Hold or Throw
Antic:Discard up to 3 cards, your opponent discard the same number of card. Put 3 unique card with the word ' freakin' ' from your ringside into your hand.
F:4 D:0

<Revolution> Angle's Freakin' Fall Away Suplex (starter)
Search your arsenal for 1 unique antic, put it into your hand, shuffle ur arsenal.
F:0 D:5 

<Revolution> 1st Ever Olympic Gold Medalist In Sport Entertainment (ur)
When you successfully played a hold, your opponent overturns 2 cards.

<Revolution> TAP! TAP! TAP! (ur with benoit logo)
Shuffle up to 3 cards from your ringside into your arsenal.
You next 3 holds have the momentum effect.
F:15 D:3

<Revolution> Your Freakin' Angle Slam (ur)
Shuffle 5 cards from your ringside into your arsenal.
F:35 D:20

<Revolution> The Angle Lock (ur)
F:30 D:20

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