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Singapore / Re: Revo 3 Sealed Deck Tournament
« on: August 17, 2007, 08:34:11 PM »


Ok then... thats what i wanted to hear. Can you confirm the date ASAP as i have to see if i have school on that sat.

wah lau.. how i know when the shipment comin in?? when it comes then dat week lah..

Singapore / Re: Revo 3 Sealed Deck Tournament
« on: August 17, 2007, 12:09:32 AM »
yep yep.. it should be about 30ish.. have to check with the shop then i would know the numbers.

It's not sanctioned. so do not have to worry about rankings. people juz need to come down and get decks and play.

you keep what u get. and if there are more players means stands to win more packs on the top cutoffs and lucky draws depending on allocated budget of the tourneys.

price-wise as said i would have to check with the shop. it shouldnt exceed $40. coz its too ex anyways. im hoping $30. so price range should be about $30-$40

play em shoot. shoot forearm, shoot lock-up, shoot action, precision haymaker, precision kick. grapple with your faith.

midmatch can have shoot counter to deal with some revolution cards.
get rid of your step, escapes and replace with revo of the mind and get the f outs.
more omni reversal cards. dx has lotsa omni reversal cards to deal with all sorts of manuvers. u dun wanna get stuck with steps with tonnes of other cards comin at ya

if u are going old school. put in '3 steel chain shots tb', to fuel the 'beatings' recursion.
and for the fun of it, since there are many people putting back 'test of strength' in their decks, u can use all of those manuvers u get back from the 'beatings' recursion to fuel the 'test of strength'

Singapore / Re: Revolution format
« on: August 07, 2007, 01:58:07 AM »
hv to check with the shop first. get a good promotional price. then probably hold it the week after the revo 3 is released

Singapore / Re: Revolution format
« on: August 06, 2007, 08:42:22 AM »
who knows.. as i said if there is enuff players interested in it. i could hold a Revolution 3 release tourney.

using mainly revolution cards and starters like draft. see if people are interested.

Singapore / Re: Revolution format
« on: August 04, 2007, 05:28:20 AM »
well as said i can hold a Revolution Format if there are enuff players.
im pretty open to any options.

go to the tournements in singapore thread and check out how to get to my weekly tournaments and u can probably get some cards there and exchange ideas and deck gameplays

in terms of the east side i am not too sure. most of the shops in tampines that used to hold tourneys are no longer there. and the comics mart branch there which i used to work also no more.

u could check with Dakkon(Zhenxiong) he is the manager for the north east side. hougang area.

Singapore / Serene Raw/SD (August - Number 1 Contender Match/Storyline)
« on: August 04, 2007, 05:25:07 AM »
The players had assembled.
Rumi and Xiu Bin came to contend the NEW champ belt!

and the NEW Winner CHEE XIU BIN with his KENNEDY DECK..

Music plays - *NO CHANCE.. NO  CHANCE IN HELL!!

Muahahahaa!! my Enforcer is the eventual winner of the champship match! fitting for someone who can back up this reign.. heh heh..

The RAW GM is scared and the SD GM is nowhere in sight!! my enforcer's opponent didnt have it HIS WAY either!! hahah.. he could better sing Sinatra's song in his shower!! and Edmund ran like a scalded dog heh..

normal deck w/o TK

Well since there is so much confusion on who passes who the damn belt.. THIS IS NOT A CHARITY EVENT!

"oh no u should have the belt. it looks good on u *blink blink*"
"oh no maybe he should have the belt it brings out his eyes"
"oh u think we should all hold hands and share the belt?"

YA ALL ARE CONTENDING FOR THE NEW BELT!!!! the current one has no use anymore!!! nobody owns that damn belt!

This sat would be a battle to get the new one!

Damn now come to think of it, after i tried some testing myself, i think the rares are required for arsenal construction..

esp manager interferes and sloppy and esp once is enough and get the f out. dun want people bombing Trademarks to people. Tried the common/uncommon theme last time(probably coz it was RDC era)

ok then. so this is the latest rule for contendership match and championship match

BOTH ARSENAL AND BACKLASH as normal but NO TK cards period.
New players can still compete in the competition but dun have the power cards like jimmy or divine intervention, 5th anniversary or the sigs.

Singapore / Re: Singapore Qualifier 2008 (probably)
« on: July 31, 2007, 10:54:50 PM »
when are ya'll going overseas then?

championship matches lah!
its non santioned and only for our local tourneys wat..
the usual santioned tourneys - all cards can use

the reason why i want to put the contendership matches and championship matches to be this rule is coz some people may not have all the cards so they do not want to compete in the contendership or championship matches esp those who do not have the proper TKs and others

so to level the playing field. this rule is enforced.
we shall try this method till till there is a time where arsenal would require putting rares in coz i understand some of the more important rares are manager interferes and sloppy being one of em.

so for this ppv we try out the norares arsenal first.

yesh.. backlash can have rares. arsenal no rares.
TKs not allowed either

well if its not impossible, it would be unbalanced..

few that came to mind which is needed is Break You and Sustained Damage.
and without rares in backlash, there are a couple of very wrong combos that could be done.

anyways get yr decks ready

Singapore / Re: New Proposed Serene Champ Belt
« on: July 31, 2007, 12:43:28 AM »

then how the hell am i suppose to hold a PPV tourney!?!?

Singapore / Re: New Proposed Serene Champ Belt
« on: July 30, 2007, 09:45:24 PM »
Wah lau.. i go genting, u also follow go genting.. wtf... go gamble some good money.. check out their ah beng disco pubs.

Singapore / Re: New Proposed Serene Champ Belt
« on: July 30, 2007, 09:14:20 AM »
This saturday would be the revealing of the NEW champ belt! with NEW picture!

ability would be as below juz to try out if its receptive. i feel it should be balanced enuff and not significant to gameplay

card text:
(can only be played in serene centre comics mart, this does not count as a backstage card)
when revealed and placed in the backstage area, reveal the top card of your arsenal, you may put this card on the top or the bottom of your arsenal.


prepare your decks!
Ed Heck would defend the champ belt and a NEW belt would be presented if he defends it! or would there be another contender?

to make things fair for all players of the championship match, it would be a common/uncommon theme. so new players if they are willing to compete can use and do so and easy to create.

Rules of the contendership(and hopefully from this point onwards also if receptive)
Arsenal would only contain Common/Uncommon cards(no rares, no TKs, no promos)
Backlash is impossible to not have Rares so i allow Rares only for Backlash Cards(no TKs, no promos)

prepare your decks!

Singapore / Re: Singapore Qualifier 2008 (probably)
« on: July 30, 2007, 09:04:36 AM »
well it depends on the Raw Deal Situation in singapore and the participants of the players.

currently my assessment of SGQ is that there aint much people around playing unless i can see numbers.

so it wouldnt happen so soon. maybe 2 sets later when the new TKS from 2sets later would be released or something..

now is accessing if Revo 3 would have players returning to play the game or not also.
and lastly is the venue. initially would be held in comics mart but then we do not have a games room anymore.

to make long things short.. would have to wait and see.
in the mean time if people want to do something about it. get people to come down and play or get people to be aware of the weekly tourneys.

Singapore / Re: New Proposed Serene Champ Belt
« on: July 25, 2007, 01:32:54 PM »
here is the proposed card text i believe would be something good for the weekly tourneys unless strongly opposed by people

card text:
(can only be played in serene centre comics mart, this does not count as a backstage card)
when revealed and placed in the backstage area, reveal the top card of your arsenal, you may put this card on the top or the bottom of your arsenal.

that is it. to reveal to all players to see what u have in your starting draw or to cycle one card.

anyone oppose to it? if not it would be in the new serene champ belt card where i would present it in the ppv tourney two weeks from now.

WWE would be in Singapore!!!! MATT HARDY!! GO!!

Singapore / Re: New Proposed Serene Champ Belt
« on: July 24, 2007, 11:30:31 AM »
I was bored.
I already have a prototype belt card done.
all it needs now is the main card text.

i believe it looked really good. i even printed it out.
too bad can't post a pic here

ya have another 2 weeks for pay per view week!
quick decide!
this week no tourney coz WWE is coming to Singapore!!!!

Singapore / Re: andrew's BACK!!!
« on: July 21, 2007, 10:22:18 PM »
this is not a flaming thread.
if ya wanna flame a person go do it in your own time while playing with dolls.

im locking this thread.

welcome back andrew. ignore the people.

oh.. then eh watever the match will be then!!!


it should be MY TITANTRON!!! sheesh wat do i pay you people for!!?!?(actually nothing but that isnt the point)

*Aaron McMahon walks with a limp and a eyepatch down the ramp..

I dun die so easily heh heh... seems like people like alot of hardcore huh!?!? people wanna see the EXTREME stuff in Raw and Smackdown HUH!?!?

aaaaawwwwrrrrighttt tyyy then! get ur best men out! we are having a rumble!!!!

King of the Ring!! 4 men from RAW and 4 men from SD! we would make it an elimination match! name your people!!! and of course my enforcer would be one to fill up the gaps so book your men well. we are having a match this sat!!

Singapore / Re: New Proposed Serene Champ Belt
« on: July 12, 2007, 03:09:18 AM »
its very difficult to get a non-significant effect that champs would WANT to use as champ and not have a distinct advantage.

So far agreed upon are

Name of Card: Serene Centre Raw Deal Champ Belt
Type of Card : Serere Centre Champ Belt
SSV: +?
Card Text: (Can only be used in Serene Centre Comics Mart.) Reveal this card with your superstar card. When revealed, this card is placed in the backstage area.


??? = not yet defined.

and so far suggestions are

1) Draw One Card. At the end of prematch phase, discard ONE card

2) Draw One Card. At the end of prematch phase, put ONE card on top of arsenal

3) hide the belt to view ONE random card from opponents hand

4) when revealed, look at the top card of your arsenal. you may put it on top of your arsenal or at the bottom of your arsenal

to Quote myself
take note that the prime purpose of the belt is basically bragging rights and no more significant to how the game play would be affected.

so basically instead of thinking what abilities to have.. juz take note of what it should NOT do then.

I guess the first and foremost thing is that the ability/effect should NOT affect opponent. and if so affects the opponent, it should have the same ability/effect on the your own.

it should NOT affect anything your opponent owns (which includes prematch, arsenal, ringside, handsize) but only your own..

so if anything is to be added to your own whichever.. it could only be increased with  a number of 1 and something else have to be decreased with a number of 1. (eg SSV +1 handsize -1, shuffle 1 draw 1, overturn 1 recover 1 etc.

The July Champ could probably have a say in how the belt is to be done(kinda like creation rights)

On that note: an inspiration got to me to leave the card variable, kinda like Bizarro's World in the VS System, every month change abilities so it can be switched. and the champ would decide the effects and the managers would moderate the effects so it can be used for the month. and in the Raw/Smackdown storyline each month would post the new effect for people to read. a good follow up dont u think?

This gives contenders some new ideas to think for their champ belt's ability and when they win the belt for the month, they could use that ability.

5) Text Variable: card text and effects are to be posted every month in the RAW vs Smackdown Storyline thread in TCO.

so Poll away.

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