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This is absolutely fantastic! Congrats!

General Chat / Re: My First Song
« on: October 06, 2019, 08:23:15 PM »
Dude, I'm loving this. Great job, my friend!

General Chat / Re: Level 37 Achieved!
« on: July 09, 2019, 10:59:55 PM »
Happy Birthday to you, sir.

All of you are so damn young!


Organized Play / Re: Backstage Autograph Session signers
« on: February 13, 2019, 01:59:10 PM »
Old thread, but some new life with these cards!

There is a newly designed Backstage Autograph Session card, exclusive to VelaCards. Same card text as the previous 2 versions (the original, V 1.0 featured Mickie James picture. V 2.0 featured picture of Scott Hall signing V 1.0 cards - this was a very short lived version of the card and only a few were ever signed, with only Kevin Nash and Sid Vicious having signed V 2.0 cards), only this one has a fresh and unique look to them. I have posted about these different versions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook not too long ago.

Any ways, the purpose of this post is to announce that going forward, I will only be using the new V 3.0 cards. There still seems to be some interest in these, so I am happy to continue to gather signatures. Our first 2 signers on the new card design have been Chris Jericho & Kevin Nash. Each have signed 4 cards.

As I get more signatures, I'll be back to posting both here on TCO and via all VelaCards social media pages.

Thanks everyone!

Tournament Announcements / Re: What does 2019 hold for Raw Deal?
« on: February 05, 2019, 04:42:42 PM »
Any large events outside of Gen Con, I'll gladly help in the way of prize support (prizes permitting). I'm currently gathering signatures on the all new BAS cards (same card text, just new design/look), so I should have a couple/few to select from soon.

Most of my other normal prize support stuff (signed 8x10s, DVDs, magazines, etc) are back in my storage unit in California, but I will be working with Nash this weekend and may stop by storage and grab some things.

Anyone planning to hold a large(ish) type of open tournament, feel free to hit me up and I can see what I can do.


Tournament Announcements / Re: Montreal NWO Premiere Tournament
« on: January 31, 2019, 01:00:38 PM »
Are you guys playing strictly old school Classic or are you allowing Virtual into the game? Allowing even SOME virtual can help with the card pool, as they are free to download an print on your own. Many of the key staples have been done in some form or another to help players get back into the game, without hurting the value of the original versions of said cards.

I can help you out with some pro-printed Virtual title belt cards if you want to introduce your players to them?


Professional Wrestling Discussion / Re: Chris Jericho Signs with AEW
« on: January 09, 2019, 07:56:39 PM »

Autographed Shenanigans

Your SHS and SSV are +1

This card has the text of all Backstage cards with"shenannigans"in the title

LOL - Great idea, however the new BAS card has already been designed. It's not a new card, it's the same as the previous 2 versions (first version was a Mickie James image, 2nd version was a Scott Hall image), just a new design/image and made exclusively for VelaCards. We'll be busting out these new versions in early Feb.


Professional Wrestling Discussion / Re: Chris Jericho Signs with AEW
« on: January 09, 2019, 12:05:14 PM »

The cool kids get selfies with him in burger joints  8)

Damn right! LOL

On that note … how far are you guys from Parsippany? I should be back out that way in Oct (Chiller Theatre Expo). Wish I was going to be there for their April event, but it's the same weekend I'm getting married.


If I can't buy a signed photo of you, how will I convince people that I know VelaCards?

Well, I guess we can fix that. How about a brand new Backstage Autograph Session card (Ver 3.0)? HA!


Professional Wrestling Discussion / Chris Jericho Signs with AEW
« on: January 08, 2019, 04:39:48 PM »
Yep. That happened.

I'll be with him the 26th this month in Atlanta for the Days of the Dead convention. If you're in the area, please come by say hi, maybe even buy a signed photo (from Chris, not me - HA!)


General Chat / Re: Happy New Year
« on: January 01, 2019, 11:10:54 AM »
Happy New Year to all. Thank you to everyone who has helped continue this game. Wishing everyone all the best in 2019!


Classic Raw Deal / Re: thankful for RDPC
« on: November 23, 2018, 10:21:24 AM »
This is a good thread! I too, am thankful for all that the RDPC does to keep this game alive. Countless hours put in by those who create (I know this one all too well having played a big part of Rev 4), playtest and re-tool cards all for those who love to play the game. Thank you guys for surviving the headaches, the arguments, the long nights of writing, ruling, designing, image hunting, fixing errors, losing work and having to start over again, and so many more things that go into making this game last.

Thank you everyone. You guys truly rock and don't get enough credit.


Classic Raw Deal / Re: A Special Moment for Me & VelaCards
« on: November 01, 2018, 12:03:47 PM »
so, what was his favorite era?

Pre-Backlash. His favorite deck to build is Triple H.


Classic Deck Reviews / Re: Shawn Michaels Toolbox
« on: September 27, 2018, 03:50:44 PM »
Am I reading the Pre-Match wrong or are you only packing 11?


Classic Raw Deal / Dragon Con Raw Deal Tournament
« on: September 05, 2018, 07:37:36 PM »
I saw that there was a huge gaming area at this year's Dragon Con. In year's past, I never got the chance to walk around since I was working the entire event, so I was unaware of there being any events like this being held there. Would anyone be interested in a Raw Deal tournament at Dragon Con in 2019? I would fully prize support it, if enough people were interested.


Classic Raw Deal / Re: A Special Moment for Me & VelaCards
« on: September 04, 2018, 11:53:13 AM »
WOW! Would have been so cool to have met with some people this year.

This meeting took place on Sunday night. I was with my client (Ian Ziering) and he took a step back to watch the engagement that took place between Xavier and myself. It was a pretty cool moment, I thought.

Any ways, knowing there are some people who do attend this event or are at least in the area, I propose this:

Why not have some kind of RD event take place that weekend? A one day thing? Maybe on Sunday of this event? They have an entire gaming venue that weekend. I'm pretty sure if planned right, I could arrange for a special Guest to attend and hand out prizes. =)

Let's get this discussion going and see if it's something do-able.


Classic Raw Deal / A Special Moment for Me & VelaCards
« on: September 02, 2018, 10:29:12 PM »
So yeah... this happened tonight (here at Dragon Con)

To anyone who has doubted VelaCards stance within the Raw Deal community, let me share with you what happened this evening. Tonight, I got to be the “celebrity” when Xavier Woods, a life long gamer (of all things, not just wrestling card games), popped when he realized that I am the owner of VelaCards. He stated, (pun intended here for wrestling fans...) And I quote “I know VelaCards!”

We talked, briefly, about deck construction, strategies, his favorite era of the game, his favorite single card (Turn the Tide), the talk of there being a mobile app version of the game and more. To say it was a surreal moment is an understatement.

Honored for the recognition and validation of the efforts I’ve put forth in a community that I have supported in many ways over the better part of 15 years. Great things for the future and just a real special moment for me this evening.


Classic Raw Deal / Re: 2018 Gen Con Prize Support - Follow Up
« on: August 15, 2018, 11:40:27 AM »
So overall I feel that we need to do the following going forward (should we decide to):

- Pre-select prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so forth (depending on what you feel each event will draw). Players who don't like their prizes or want something different are free to engage with other players and trade. It's a tough thing to have to sit back and determine what each prize level is, as personal favorites come into play, I'm sure. Again, set the prizes and let players decide after the fact if they want to trade or whatever.

- Lay the prize support out for each day, so players can see the entire field of merch. No need to lay out prize support for Worlds for a Friday's list of events. Only lay out prizes for THAT day's events. Anything left over get's pushed over to the Big Game and can be added to boost up either grand prize or whatever is deemed necessary.

- Make announcements to all those who play to inform them HOW and WHEN they can collect their prizes. If announcement is made and player(s) still don't get their support, that's on them, not those who are running events. You've been told, still didn't collect - not the tournament organizer's fault you didn't get what your placement yielded you.

- Take pictures of the entire event, not just a couple shots of the finals or final four. EVERY winner of EVERY run event should get their picture taken holding whatever prize they won or what Superstar deck they ran. Promotion of the product is KEY and showing players engaging, having fun is one the best ways in doing this. A lack of pictures being taken is just weak, in my opinion. Be creative with your picture taking. Have fun with it. Fun is what you're supposed to be having any ways, right?

There's some work involved in running these things, as anyone who has run a tournament knows. Putting in the time to lay out prizes, organize them and make sure they are handed out properly, is the responsibility of the tournament organizer/runner. If you're also playing in the event(s), yeah, it sucks pulling double duty, but you DID sign up to run things. As the event runner, the focus is about having fun and making sure everyone is taken care of. Are their promos to hand out for everyone who enters? Yeah, make sure they are handed out to everyone who is actually playing in some kind of event - UNLESS, we decide to have enough copies to hand out to even casual players or those just passing by. That's something we can discuss for future events (again, should we decide to).

Just my 2 cents.


Classic Raw Deal / Re: 2018 Gen Con Prize Support - Follow Up
« on: August 13, 2018, 07:39:53 PM »
OK, so as the main prize/promo support provider, this disturbs me.

I don't understand how the prize/promo support is laid out, how they are handed out or what one needs to do (other than win and event of some kind) to get said prizes/promos. I just supply them, so something happens to them from the time they leave my hands and are received by the tournament organizer.

I will work with those who were in charge of distributing prize support and see what issues there were/have been. It would seem that it's a simple process of identifying what each day's prizes will be, broken down as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on ... by whatever method the tournament runner for that day sees works best and just laying out the prizes for each given day. Players can swap whatever they want after all prizes have been handed out...

OK, I'm going off track again ... I'll see what I can do from my end to find out what has happened.


Classic Raw Deal / Re: Raw Deal event: Wrestlemania weekend?
« on: August 12, 2018, 07:02:11 PM »
Keep me posted on something like this. I could certainly add prize support for an event like this should is become something big enough to warrant that.


Classic Raw Deal / Re: 2018 Gen Con Prize Support - Follow Up
« on: August 11, 2018, 12:46:46 PM »
As i said I saw the pictures and that was it. there may have been more but it was not apparent to me.
 I asked what the prizes were and got not much in the way of an answer.
 I was told to wait for things to resolve when i placed 3rd /4th  and never heard from anyone again.

 I think it is absurd that  placing that high in worlds got me nothing and no one even decided to approach me at supershow when prizes were being given out when I was literally a couple of tables over. so you can say it was there all you want. it doesn't change the fact that I got nothing and you guys were fine keeping me in the dark.

WOW! Justin, this does not sound fun AT ALL! So sorry that this happened to you. Having not been there myself, I have no idea what the lay of the land was like, but can only imagine it based on my brief visit a couple of years ago.

Let's find a way to get this resolved.


Classic Raw Deal / Re: 2018 Gen Con Prize Support - Follow Up
« on: August 10, 2018, 12:31:40 PM »
So I'm gathering that signatures are still a good thing - whether that be BAS cards or other signed merch?


And pro printed prize cards are a hit, which pleases me. I make no bones about where the knowledge came from about getting them done and I AM thankful for that, but I've been attacked harshly for being able to find a way to monetize the process via a service. Free is great, but I strive for the best QUALITY and if there are issues, we fix it. Last year, we were able to show off what could be done (10th Anniversary cards), much thanks to Josh Temple for getting that done for us. Over the past year, we've really paid close attention to the various different color schemes used for borders (they are not all the same black color) and various other editing. Josh helped us kick start something that has turned into some amazing looking Virtual cards and now some amazing looking prize cards for Gen Con, and we are thankful for that.

Any ways, I got off track there. This thread is about Gen Con prize support and I'm happy that people liked the pro printed cards and other signed stuff. VelaCards will continue to help in funding the prize support each year for Gen Con and may even help with any other big RD tournament events, if asked.

Thanks guys,


Classic Raw Deal / Re: 2018 Gen Con Prize Support - Follow Up
« on: August 09, 2018, 05:03:44 PM »
I got the con promos and that was it

Ouch! So sorry about that. I'll reach out to Scott.


Classic Raw Deal / Re: 2018 Gen Con Prize Support - Follow Up
« on: August 09, 2018, 04:28:28 PM »
I never got anything I asked once and no one responded. So other than some signed pics I never saw what the prizes were.

Prizes weren't laid out like year's past? Did you not get to see the 2018 Gen Con Prize cards? Did you get a copy of any of the non-foil Gen Con promos?  Other than the 2 Sting items (which didn't arrive in time for Scott to bring with him), everything I had sent should have arrived and been laid out. I know it wasn't like years' past with a bunch of variety, but I did send some signed Morrison glasses, Dusty book, couple of shirts and a bunch of signed photos.

Man ... I'm sorry about that.


Classic Raw Deal / 2018 Gen Con Prize Support - Follow Up
« on: August 09, 2018, 11:11:40 AM »
Just wanted to touch base with players who attended this year's big event and ask about prize support and if players were happy. It's a difficult task each year, knowing what to supply and how much. So, was there enough? How were the quality of the cards? Are signed 8x10 photos wanted? What can I do better (for next year)?

All comments, thoughts, suggestions are welcomed. Thanks,


I have come out of retirement at a wonderful time!


Coming on the boards to make a quick congratulatory statement isn’t really “coming out of retirement”, buddy.  ;)

With that being said, congratulations, Scott!  8)


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