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Virtual Raw Deal / Re: Do we know when the set is gonna drop?
« on: February 23, 2019, 08:10:35 AM »
Simple response is when Creed says so :)

Professional Wrestling Discussion / Re: Major League Wrestling (MLW)
« on: February 22, 2019, 09:09:34 AM »
Mancer is also damn good.

Fully agreed. What really strikes me about Ol’ Mancer is his promo ability. He’s only been wrestling for three years but cuts an awesome promo.

On another note, MLW now has a new timeslot. 9 PM Saturday on beIN, with it going up on YouTube at 12 PM Sunday. beIN wants to do more live shows, and Saturday is their typical show day. Plus, it’s been getting dynamite ratings for beIN, and giving them that timeslot will help.

Worth noting Mancer was trained by the same trainer as Ruby Riott. The legendary King of Indiana Billy Roc! Both of which were trained in my home town of Lafayette, Indiana. The school name is The School of Roc.

Professional Wrestling Discussion / Re: Major League Wrestling (MLW)
« on: February 21, 2019, 10:46:00 AM »
Mancer is also damn good.

General Discussion: Raw Deal / Re: Virtual All Axxess, do you play it?
« on: August 10, 2018, 01:46:12 PM »
This needs to be a complete separation. Not kill the format and cherry pick the broken cards to VC haha!

General Discussion: Raw Deal / Re: Virtual All Axxess, do you play it?
« on: August 10, 2018, 08:50:34 AM »
In Yugioh, we play 2 decks best 2 out of 3 must win with both decks

Thats a way to handle 2 out of 3 at worlds? 2 VC decks and Nuke the bad formats? Just a thought

Given how unplayable Yugioh is, not the best example P.

General Discussion: Raw Deal / Re: Virtual All Axxess, do you play it?
« on: August 10, 2018, 07:43:18 AM »
Of the 23 that voted, did that sway you to not play at Worlds because VAA is a supported format?

I loved the support. I was very happy with my Bret Hart sing and Rollins poster. Looking forward to the next lot of goodies. :)

I'll be posting the deck lists tomorrow afternoon.

I wanted to take this time to say some things. This will be a long post. After 11 years there's been build up. I've been playing this game 11 years like I said. It all started one Friday after a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament. I'd become bored with the game and wanted a new challenge. I was pitched to play WWE Raw Deal. Being a massive wrestling fan I jumped on in. From there I've made countless memories, life long friends and to a degree family. However, I promised myself if this day ever came I wanted to thank everyone who was there for me. So here it goes.

Tony Vela: You have been a constant cornerstone to this game. You go out of your way each year to help us. I know it doesn't go smooth all the time. You still find a way to pull the rabbit out of your hat. We don't deserve it. Thank you sir for everything you've given us. I've always enjoyed seeing what you come up with for us.

Creed: I've been lucky enough to see the non Raw Deal side of you. We've disagreed on a few card ideas haha. However, you've always given me sound life advice & are truly a good person. I've enjoyed all of our conversations and can't thank you enough for the advice and guidance.

Big Pimpn: 5 years ago I came back into this game and sent you a deck list of does this work. It was absolutely horrible, however you took the time to write me a step by step guide to this game and how to build decks. By the way he sent a novel.  You didn't have to help me at all. I am beyond grateful for every deck advice I got from you. It helped me grow as a player. More games need someone like you to help build their game.

Drew: I love you to death you know this. You stomped me stupid in my first top cut. It opened my eyes on how to get better. You've been an amazing teacher and an even better friend. You're another one I feel every game needs to help it grow. You're not the D-bag some may think you are, haha.

Mitch: You're the smartest deck builder this game has EVER seen. You are a tier above all others. I'd have to write a novel on everything I learned from you. When I thought something was good, you'd point out X kills this. Piece of advice to all players, find this man and ask his advice! It's been an honor and privilege to learn from you over these last few years.

Mackie: Without a doubt one of the workhorses of this game! You are I feel so under appreciated in things you do. You're a very intelligent player. We talk almost every day in our chat. You're a tremendous person.

Softcore Legend: One of the guys I look forward to seeing every year at Con. Another highly intelligent man in this game. We had an absolute classic a few years ago in the top cut. One of the most down to earth people you'll wanna meet.

John P: Brother, You taught me soooooo much about this game. You taught me how to win. I've had a very rough year going into Gen Con. I got divorced, my step dad was diagnosed with Cancer. You were always there for me to talk with. We've talked years worth of deck ideas haha. You're one of my closest friends. Some may find you cocky and arrogant haha. There are more sides of John P. I can't tell you how much it meant to play you in the finals. We'd talked about it for years. It was an absolute honor to play you in the finals.

GreatWhiteDope: Corey, we haven't talked in a while. It would be a crime if I didn't thank you for helping me get started in this game. I legitimately wouldn't be here without you. Thank you man!

Steve Resk: One of my closest friends. You were always pitching me ideas. You even took time today to calm me down before the finals. You deserve every bit of success from SRG. You're an amazing person and friend. Thank you for the multi hr phone calls we had talking Raw Deal and what to work on with my ideas.

To everyone else I may forgot. I don't mean to skip anyone. 11 years is a long time. I spent many years being so close to being a World Champion. So many ideas I felt were good enough that failed. It feels so good to be on top on the mountain. Just thank you to everyone that helps this game and that took the time to help me. I love this game and can't wait to defend my World Championship!

Congrats on the win Scott.

Thank you so much Eric!

I have come out of retirement at a wonderful time!


Oh It's True....It's DAMN TRUE!!!!!!!

I'm lame I'm just here. Thank you so much Nick!

Thank you all so much!

All prize support items, including new Gen Con promos (early Virtual 9 released cards), 2018 Title Belt cards, signed photos and extremely limited signed merchandise, has been getting spoiled via all our social media outlets. Wanna sneak peak, go check them out (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram).

Thanks everyone! =)

I can safely say there is a very good amount of amazing support. Thank you so much again Tony! This is the most important tournament each year and we want the best to sponsor it.

Small update as we approach Worlds. In large thanks to Sean Taft. He will be streaming the finals of, the 2018 WWE Raw Deal World Championship Presented by Velacards. Thank you again Sean from all of us.

Rules Forum / Re: quick worlds question.
« on: July 20, 2018, 08:53:02 AM »
From what Creed told me when I asked, nope.

Just remember, a vote for me is....a waste of your time :p

You're a good player Mackie. You very well can win.

It's become traditional that we post our yearly Who's going to win the WWE Raw Deal World Championship poll. I put down people who I knew were going. So if you were not listed it's because I didn't know you were going. So please cast your vote and tell everyone why you plan to be the champion!

Alright folks, We are just under three weeks away from the best four days in gaming Gen Con! Where we will be holding our 2018 WWE Raw Deal World Championship Presented by Vela Cards! Remember to stop by and browse his current inventory to stock up on Raw Deal & Super Show for Gen Con! You can access him one of three ways on Twitter @Velacards (He's been leaking prize support there) or on his Facebook page Velacards. Tony goes out of his way every year to provide us with FREE support to help us. Please if you go make sure to thank him. Some of these sigs are NOT always easy to get. Now that we have our sponsorship mentioning taken care of let's get to business.

As we prepare for the 2018 WWE Raw Deal World Championship, Saturday August 4th, at 10 am. There are a couple of important announcements that bears repeating.

A.) Typed decklists are REQUIRED and MANDATORY for the World Championships. There are reasons for this and there are no exceptions.  This is not a frugal exercise, ask the people who made the cut most notably in 2013, there WILL BE deck checks. Onesie-twosie changes made in pen the night before are acceptable.  However if it isn't legible they will not be accepted.
If you do not have a ticket from the pre sale. Do not worry we will NEVER turn anyone away from playing. Just simply go get two generic tickets from one of the booths. Once you've submitted your deck list you are NOT allowed to make any changes to your VC,VAA or VR deck submitted.

*****Also PLEASE use the most recent print of ALL virtual cards. There will be a print out of all virtual cards with their most recent print. If you feel the opponent is using an out of date version of a virtual card please notify a judge to clear the matter up. You can find the 2018 Revisons in the Virtual Raw Deal section. Mitch and myself will be the head judges for the 2018 WWE Raw Deal World Championship.

B.) Mitch & I will be running a majority of the tournaments onsite, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.  Couple of notes I wanna post here. Virtual Classic will be 50 Minutes, Virtual All Access will be 50 Minutes & Virtual Revolution will be 45 Minutes. There will be no exceptions made. If you go to time with your opponent you each will LOSE that round. If you get to the 10 minute mark a judge will announce how much time is left.

C.) The Raw Deal World Championships is serious business, please treat it as such.  It is also a place where fellow Raw Deal Players from across the country/globe will be traveling to play Raw Deal.  Be respectful and be treat your fellow players how you would like to be treated.  I won't tolerate any berating or shenanigans of any kind. Having said that do not test me with your whining, complaining, or anything along those lines. 

D.) Above all, remember Raw Deal is also a game. Have fun!

E.) Finally, I want to loudly again promote Velacards for his gracious prize support. Worlds wouldn't be what it is without you sir! Aside from that Tony has some VERY nice prize cards in store for those who play over the best four days in gaming Gen Con!

Can't wait to see you all in a couple short weeks!

-Scott H

General Chat / Re: Level 36 Achieved!
« on: July 09, 2018, 10:05:15 AM »
Happy birthday to you!

Deck Reviews - Virtual / Re: [VC] APA Funk Con 2018
« on: July 06, 2018, 10:13:26 AM »
One Product Endorsements TB and this ends badly.

Deck Reviews - Classic / Re: Eddie
« on: July 03, 2018, 03:20:59 PM »
This could pop up in a few weeks. Aug 4th to be specific.

Quick question for folks: has anyone had their order sent to them yet? The GenCon website says fulfillment began this past Sunday, but my badge and tickets have not been sent at this time.

Also, me and some FFTCG players are going to be going to Rathskeller the Wednesday before GenCon, because I've found that many of them share my love of beer. If anyone wants to meet up there, let me know and I'll let you know when we're there.

They mail them out alphabetically by first name, usually hitting a few hundred (200-300) each business day.  I'm on the latter end so I get mine early-to-mid-July.
The Friends of Gen Con Facebook group is usually the best indicator of where they are as they come in; you should join the group anyway to keep up to date on important things (like the I-65 construction project downtown).

If you don't get it immediately, it's not a big deal.  However, if we get to mid-July and you haven't seen a shipping number show up yet, you should start asking questions and getting in contact with Customer Service.

As for that meet-up, maybe.  I don't drink, but I do game, so if games are happening, keep me informed; otherwise, it's the Stink at Union Station again for me.

I thought it was by last name.

Professional Wrestling Discussion / Re: Big Van Vader passes away
« on: June 20, 2018, 10:42:11 AM »
R.I.P Vader

General Chat / Re: Dragon Ball Super players
« on: June 19, 2018, 09:58:05 AM »
Got two of the demo decks and some promos at a recent game swap and still haven't played. I really enjoyed the previous DBZ game, unfortunately this isn't using the same mechanics.

To me I feel this is very simple. It can also be VERY fast paced. The artwork on these cards are a thing of beauty. I never played the OG DBZ game.

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