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Myself and my brothers and a couple of others play Raw Deal once in a while.  The only thing is that none of the others want to use all the Rev cards with the Classic cards, preferring to use just the classic with some of the superstars and prematch.  I actually like making decks out of all the cards, but no one wants to play against them.

So, I'm just looking for any advice as to what maybe other people have said to get over this hurdle.  I like the All Axxess format best out of all of them, and I'd like to use Rev 4 to get some renewed interest in Raw Deal.  Just have this one hurdle, just have no idea how to approach it.


Rules Forum / Corner card question
« on: July 23, 2008, 10:31:10 AM »
Me and my brothers have started to fall back into Raw Deal lately, and one of them had a crazy idea that sounds like it should work.

He's thinking of using Shawn Michaels with his extra 2 prematch he can pack.  From that he was going to pack up to 7 Corner cards.  From there, he'd play Frankie goes to Ho-llywood to slap the RMS symbol on all his reversal cards, including all the hybrids he is "borrowing" from other Superstars.  That way the Superstar Specific hybrid reversals gain the RMS and do not aquire the Requirement text from all the Corner ards not played.

Now as long as he keeps Frankie in the Ring, this should work, atleast from what I see.  Just want to make sure this will work before I let him build the deck  ;D

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