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Magic: The Gathering Discussion / Guilds of Ravnica Pre-Release
« on: September 27, 2018, 09:37:18 PM »
Is anyone excited about Guilds of Ravnica?

I'm planning on going to at least two pre-releases. Picking Boros for the first and debating between Golgari and Dimir for the second one.

What Guild is everyone thinking of playing for the Pre-Release?

Professional Wrestling Discussion / Questions for Bret Hart
« on: November 01, 2012, 10:08:24 AM »
I've got seats to a Q & A with Bret Hart tomorrow and was wondering if anyone can come up with a better question than the one I currently am thinking of asking.

"After WWE bought WCW and had the invasion angle, did you have ideas how you would have booked it differently?"

General Chat / Superman Batman: Public Enemies
« on: August 09, 2010, 10:08:18 PM »
I didn't see anyone else start a topic of this movie, so I'd thought I'd start one. I really enjoyed this movie and was glad to see a variety of DC characters.

The action in the movie was great, however this got me to thinking of a few things.

Superman: it was great to see him let loose and use most of his powers. However this shows how powerful he is and (when compared to other movies and shows) that when he takes more than a few seconds to out a bad guy, he's wasting time. It also emphasizes how he doesn't use his variety of powers enough. Obviously he takes his time for dramatic purposes, but seems more often to be sloppy writing.

Batman: as above, he took down super-villains quite efficiently. This again shows how amazing he is, but also blows a hole in other media. I've seen him take minutes to take out hired thugs (where the bosses, typically just out of jail, have the money to hire these guys and the ability to convince that this time will be different is a different story). I did like how he they used his brains too. In the live action movies, he's rarely shown as a good detective, let alone the world's greatest. Another problem it kind of showed is that against certain meta humans, he's totally screwed. At least once, possibly more me had to ask Superman for help. This also emphasizes why most of his villains our crime bosses, rather than being powerful or a real threat.

It seems the movie ruined me a bit for Superman and Batman.

I don't usually watch TNA Impact nor much of Raw, but because of circumstances I decided to check out some of Impact. Sorry this won't be in total chronological order.

The RVD AJ promo was interesting. Hard for me to watch, cuz I kept thinking that the lighting could be better and they rarely panned out and showed both guys. Sometimes when RVD moved around (he was excitable I guess) he went out of camera range.

The recap from the ppv and the Team Hogan vs Team Flair thing was a good news bad news thing. It seems they're doing a faction fight properly, however having Hogan and Flair be the captain seems bad. Also Bischoff returning seemed to have everything focusing on Hogan, Flair and Bischoff.... still not ready to wear my Hollywood Hulk Hogan shirt (put in the back of my closet after Nasty boys and Syxpac/Hall debuted).

The Beautiful People having all the gold seems interesting, reminds me of when Evolution had all the gold a while back and TBP are a great stable. Although it'd be good if they eventually won the belts more cleanly, as Sky seems like the only legit pro wrestler of the 3. Lacey is usually lost, not just the character.

RVD vs Hardy to face Aj later that night was intriguing enough to kind of keep me interested.

On Raw the Raw crew stuck in Europe and the show being taken over by SD guys kept me interested, since I like SD more than Raw. HHH vs Punk at the start was done well and finally explained why Punk doesn't shave.

Kozlov vs MacGruber segment was a lot better than I expected. Also MacGruber cast being host I think were the best non-wrestler hosts, since it got me actually interested in what they were shilling.

Back on TNA, Samoa Joe returning as no nonsense guy was cool. Then RVD winning the title was really neat. the main problem was the confetti looked more like Hogan's colours than RVDs. Also RVD should have been clutching the title from the start instead of not seemingly caring about the belt. The first person I saw to actually hold up the belt was Hogan, luckily he gave to RVD fairly quickly.

General Chat / Baby #4, TCO's Genetic Jackhammer strikes again
« on: November 24, 2009, 03:48:20 PM »
Hey all,

My wife gave birth to our 4th child this past Sunday Morning.
Name: Caelan Joel Koebel
Weight: 6 lbs, 15 oz
Height: 19 inches

My wife and 3rd son (our first baby was girl) are doing well and in the hospital waiting for me to bring them home right now...

Caelan seems like a lightweight, so I'm putting BJ Penn on notice. ;-)

While I'm at it I'm putting Machida and Lesnar on notice for my middle and oldest sons Ryker and Logan.  :laugh:

In the next year or so I think I'll be able to get my older two kids into CCGs.  ;D

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