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Tournament Announcements / QuestMania 2019 (Classic, Raw Draft)
« on: October 23, 2018, 08:58:47 AM »
You know who we are, but you don't know why we're here - Scott Hall

After a long absence, Team Better Than You has returned to Raw Deal in a big way. The successor to popular Raw Deal Stronghold, Knights Quest, Game Knights in Gardner MA wants to not only return to the game we love, but make it better than ever! After our successful OctoberQuest event we will be holding a Limited Classic Raw Deal Event on Wrestlemania Weekend, QuestFest 2019 where we will not only run a Limited Classic event, but also watch WrestleMania afterwards.

At OctoberQuest The Mark Laroche Experience was crowned the Limited Classic World Heavyweight Champion, but it was not without some controversy as he never actually beat Mark Armitage! Join us for our next Limited Raw Deal Rewind as this time we to Limited Draft. Stay tuned for Entry Fee info as well as what sets we'll be using.

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