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Rules Forum / Managed by sharmell searching without sharmell cards?
« on: November 28, 2019, 04:10:29 AM »
Can u keep searching with managed by sharmell if you dont have any more of her cards? Just to get the shuffle effect with Booker T? I'm assuming you can but if not that be awesome to know.

Classic Raw Deal / Raw Deal Classic Tournament banned list?
« on: November 28, 2019, 04:05:54 AM »
I hope this is the right place on the forms for this if not I apologize.
I believe I heard that there was a Classic Tournament kind of recently ran by Eric or maybe it was TCO as a whole, either way I was wondering if there was a banned list at that Classic Tournament?

This had myself and a few others in my playgroup asking if they're had ever been a official banned list for Rawdeal from Baron and Creed for all the big tournaments? My group I was wondering for a few cards especially like Junkyard Dogs chain, it's all about the game, backstage attempts and or running a gauntlet. Not to mention some Superstars I know in Virtual there's answers for a lot of the classic BS cards but was just wondering if there was ever an official banlist or if it was just certain venues not wanting certain things played thanks in advance would love if Eric, deava, CREED, and anyone else who has experience what's a bigger tournaments of classic.

I personally assumed because there's lots of specific counters to a lot of the BS that there was never really a banned list and like I said certain venues might have just gone out of their way to be like yeah we're not having that here it's not fun but that was my thought on it. Slowly but surely trying to bring everyone around to at least VC XD

Thanks I hope everyone's having a great Thanksgiving holiday

Rules Forum / GM ability clarification
« on: November 28, 2019, 03:55:13 AM »
Using a GM picking an enforcer does not replace your GM Superstar ability it just adds the chosen enforcers ability to their's correct?  :P

Rules Forum / Maneuvers/cards from ringside Aces?
« on: November 28, 2019, 03:53:47 AM »
I know Ace abilities are from The Ring area but was curious. so cards like Booker's thrust kick, Kidney punch, And The BlindSide cards as well as  other card  effects with similar text  being able to be played from the ringside pile are all not Aces right? even with very similar effects to Aces just from the ringside pile?

Rules Forum / RFG cards public knowledge? Or semi public?
« on: November 28, 2019, 03:51:37 AM »
Is RFG public knowledge or only public knowledge cards that are are RFG public knowledge? ( example opponent forces me to rfg one card from my hand at random do they get to know what that card is once removed even if there's cards removed from the game from a previous volley this!?) I assume it's variable knowledge based on if the card was public knowledge or available to my opponents knowledge prior to being removed.

Rules Forum / Managed by Jimmy vs multi?
« on: November 28, 2019, 03:48:56 AM »
Can you use managed by Jimmy's aces to reverse a multi?
(Ace putting it in the ringside pile for the first reversal removing it from the game as the second reversal for the multi)

Thanks Happy Thanksgiving

If you play For the Love of the Game the maneuver you play after it is clutch onto opponent and you panic grab the clutch onto opponent can your opponent play reversals to either of them at all? Or can they play a reversal to panic grab?

My thought is you cant play reversals to the clutch (because FTLOTG) but they could play a reversal to panic grab right? Thanks

When you're playing Stephanie McMahon GM you count as a female correct? even if you have a male enforcer right?

(Player 1 plays chick kick opponent is Stephanie McMahon GM with John cena as chosen Enforcer.)

We assume as shes the superstar Steph counts as female but wanted to ask thanks a bunch

Rules Forum / Rawdeal fifth anniversary before draw?
« on: November 27, 2019, 01:17:58 PM »
can you hide rawdeal fifth anniversary before your draw step?

Rules Forum / Enforcer APA hybrid actions? And FAQ damage?
« on: November 27, 2019, 01:15:27 PM »
Question/confirmation can enforcer APA play cards hybrid actions as reversals? Example: volley this!? because their actions hybrids being played as the reversal but their ability says you cant play non unique actions.

Also the Omni FAQ for APA says "The +1 damage bonus is applied to every card they play from their Hand." Does that apply to the enforcer?

Thanks I'm sure they can just confirming

Classic Raw Deal / Looking for advice with enforcers
« on: November 24, 2019, 08:37:37 PM »
 just looking for some overall advice and recommendations from more seasoned players,  their opinions on the best GM's and enforcer card combos maybe some fun shenanigans. We play classic but would love to hear some Virtual stuff too Thanks in advance cant wait to hear from ya'll

Rules Forum / Handful of rules questions
« on: November 22, 2019, 06:26:31 PM »
My group plays classic and Harrison questions that have come up.

Question 1: Does rms bypass we face each other as God intended effect of no player may play cards with "win via pinfall victory"?? RMS says that basically RMS cards cannot be modified by other cards we face each other just prevents players from playing the card similarly how it was ruled with a RMS Card cannot be played if censorship match chooses it.

Question 2: Vince McMahon interferes is an ace, if my opponent uses it during my turn can I DTTAH (dont try this at home) to reverse Vince interferes? and do I continue my turn or does it end my turn just wondering how that works because it's during my turn? Thanks odd question XD

 question 3: For the Love of the Game says your opponent cannot play reversals to the maneuver so does that make it not reversible for the purposes of reversing it with sidewalk slam? Simple version can you sidewalk slam the maneuver played after For the Love of the Game?

Question 4: My Sacrifice says the maximum number of your pre-match is increased by 2. So it covers itself and gives you another one correct? it doesn't cover itself and give you + 2 correct?  because if it works the way I think of covering itself and giving you an additional pre-match ( similar to how a title belt and champ is here covers the belt and itself for the pre-match count) why wouldn't you just play the card you would play after it without the cost of My Sacrifice and potentially walking into being hit by I'm gonna to break you?

Question 5: Edge's spear TB says reverse any card played after the card titled Irish Whip or any other Set-up card so does it reverse a setup card or a card played after a set of card?

Question 6: the card always have a plan B says when overturned reverse in a strike grapple or sub maneuver and in your opponent's turn. This card from the game and put one card from your hand on the bottom of the Arsenal. The period Separating to the two sentences brings up the question if you have no cards in your hand you cannot pay the post cost so will it still reverse one of those maneuvers?

Question 7: is a mid match card blanked by road to Victory blank until end of turn or for the rest of the game and or as long as road to Victory isn't removed or blanked itself if it does stay blank does that include the maneuver damage if a maneuver???

Question 8: does divine intervention completely reverse a multi since it says completely?

Much thanks in advance sometimes rules written and rules as intended contradict with English so we always like to ask

Rules Forum / Obvious question does get the F out reverse the finisher?
« on: November 20, 2019, 03:41:05 PM »
Title says it all....... (it does)

Rules Forum / Rules question for "Can U Believe the Witte Retort?"
« on: November 20, 2019, 03:19:57 PM »
Does it stop card effects from searching off the discard effects they have?

Example: giant head butt does it stop the search effect becuz the card is removed from game? Or do I still get to search but the discarded cards removed. (The discarded cards even fort)

I'm sure it's a dumb question to all of you but long story short are backstage cards considered pre match cards? I say no cuz they're in a separate Zone and they happened before pre match my friend argues it doesn't specifically say they're not and they're purple therefore they are.

Long version of the story is we were playing a throwback game Andre the Giant vs Big Show classic we face each other as God intended your opponent's hand size is -1 for each pre match card in there ring area Big Show you can't manhandle The Big Show your opponent's pre match cards can't affect your hand size it didn't end up mattering because I activated and hid we face each other as God intended but just a rules question thanks in advance. Also if anyone has a breakdown of Andres classic ability that would be appreciated my friend is very argumentative so unless it comes from you guys I'm always wrong even when I'm not wrong.

Rules Forum / Hello all some rules questions part 2
« on: July 19, 2018, 05:53:30 PM »
hi so my play group has some rules questions we've written down over the past few months, some of these are classifications to rules that seem basic but some people in the wanted a ruling on them to be 100% sure so thank you. im going to split this so its not like 30 questions in 1 thing. please keep in mind we only classic only. i numbered them to make it easier for answering and not getting lost let me knwo if there was anything i should have done to make it easier. Thanks Nico.

1... If somebody escape the rules's and you use Ref got in the way as your only reversal towards it will it be on the field legally for when Escape blows up your card to force them to discard?

2... Is the card ring steps ability considered a ace because you have to take it from your ring area and put it into your ringside pile and would similar abilities be considered Aces as the cost to activate them would be to put them in the ringside or would this not be considered an ace?

3... Can you use an ace only during your turn, Unless it specifically says otherwise or one way or the other?

4... If you blank Raw roulette wheel do the other stipulations leave the field do they stay on the field? Are they also considered blank? How does that interaction work?

5... During pre-match phase if a card says when you would play a card with raw or Smackdown you draw card even though it's during pre-match and you play one do you draw a card even though end of pre-match hasn't occurred and we haven't drawn our hands?

6... Do cards like bad blood and similar cards that do not say at the end of pre-match phase do you immediately search your deck for the cards or do you wait until end of pre-match as some of these cards haven't been updated?

7... Does Mankind's Superstar ability reduce the damage of cards with the RMS symbol I bring this up because Piper can remove RMS and I assume that Superstar abilities override a lot of the things in the game?

8... The old switcheroo the you cannot play pre-match cards does that mean if you play this as your last pre-match card it's still on the field and works correct? I assume what the last part of the text means is if you play that before
any other pre-match events you can't play anymore but if you play it as your last pre-match event you're fine right?

9... How does timing work in the game is it similar, if not the same as the stack in Magic the Gathering "stack" and technically cards don't count as being fully played until they're resolved? plays into my next question

10... Does elbow to the face or any reversal with damage when reversing a multi count towards your fortitude for another reversal towards that multi? Example opponent has 3 fort reverses my multi with elbow, counting the fort to give him the 5 to play Have a Nice Day! to completely reverse my multi just one
example of many in the past while. That just doesn't seem right.

11... One of our players who played way back in the day says in a tournaments two players cannot play the same character against each other so people would have to bring two decks is that true for tournaments and/or true for normal games? Or was this an area based "rule" thing?

12... In classic when playing against Piper does his ability turn cards like boot lace (Maneuver/actions) with reversing the text turn them into actions that deal damage bootlace as an example?

13... In classic can RMS pre-match cards be played against Kennedy or does the super star ability override RMS and they cant unless superstar specific? prematch like A no show as example?

14... This is more of a conformation but Armageddon Is Upon Us vs Edge his printed hand size would be is equal to twice his opponent’s Superstar Value (min. 6) right?

15... When my opponent has no more end of prematch effects left and i have like 2 or 3 more their end of prematch is done right, i dont pass back priority to them correct? Asking for the card A no show can i trigger it when they have none left even if i have more effects to play out? Example my opponent has none left i trigger it to reveal the cards add them to my hand and switch it out to continue with the other 2 end of prematch i had. opponent says i cant trigger it till i do my others cuz i have to pass end of prematch priority to them so theres isnt really done when they have no more effects to use/trigger.

Rules Forum / Hello all some rules questions part 1
« on: July 19, 2018, 05:41:01 PM »
hi so my play group has some rules questions we've written down over the past few months, some of these are classifications to rules that seem basic but some people in the wanted a ruling on them to be 100% sure so thank you. im going to split this so its not like 30 questions in 1 thing. please keep in mind we only classic only. i numbered them to make it easier for answering and not getting lost let me knwo if there was anything i should have done to make it easier. Thanks Nico.

1... If you a no-show and one of the cards is not a heel card as it's being removed from the game can you use the Ace of I'm gonna to break you to prevent a card from being removed and if so where does that card go your hand ringside pile back into the deck?

2... Do cards like divine intervention and Furry of the storm reverse cards like clutch not basic reversal "reverse any" but Superstar specific or very rare reversals that's a reverse any card or do they not?

3... Does blanking a card remove it's type like face, heel, or chain and/or respective logo raw or SmackDown or is just the text box blanked?

4... Does who in the blue hell Do You Think You Are? when used by the people's champion you only get the second effects of plus two hand size? someone said you get the plus two hand size and your opponents mid-match reduced?

5... For clarification people like Lita, Batista, and Goldberg Superstar abilities that reduce the cost of a card or cards to cost zero along with card effects that reduce the cost those cards will be are effected by Brahma Bull correct?

6... Do cards like Premier Smackdown Superstar allow you to draw cards even during the pre-match phase by playing Smackdown logo cards even before hands have been drawn?

7... For clarification Premier WWF/WWE superstar makes the player with the lower superstar value remove cards from their ring area into the ringside pile equal to the greatest superstar value correct? like all of their pre-match cards if high enough
superstar value, even if their permanent? and can your opponent use Ref got in the way during prematch aginst this?

8... When playing cards do they count themselves as part of a count towards an effect effect (interacting with number of a type of card(s) on the field correct)? Example The Maneuver of Doom would it count itself
for its effect along with similar card effects counting the number of cards in the ring area? universally unique counts as unique for this right?

9... Can cards like the Panic cards mainly Panic grab played with clutch onto opponent be reversed with backlash even if clutch isn't reversed? or are they played at the same time as 1 card in a manor of speaking?

10... Can u volley this hold on its not time for the show? As its effect happens before the first draw step of the game.

11... Can play cards before draw segment begining of the game or otherwise? I think unless a card or ability specifies you can, you cannot and cards must be played during the main phase right? rule book phases section backs me up on this right? example opponent tried to Escape the rules and blow up my it's showtime after he activated hold on it's not time for the show. Also to this question if your opponent uses hold on it's not time for the show can you choose not to activate
is it's showtime is it an ace or not?

12... When playing as Mr. PPV can your opponent use Volley to reverse a card like The Maneuver of Doom, Missile Dropkick, or other high risks with the ability, can they Volley ability to reverse it or does PPV make them only be able to be reversed from the Arsenal by his effect?

13... Does shoot counter reverse cards like Reap the Rewards and integrity that don't directly let you draw card at the moment but do allow them to draw at a later point?

14... When you put Judo chop into play by its effect does your opponent take damage or is it just placing it into your ring area? Also can you put multiple Judo chops into play off of your opponent playing two actions in a turn or only 1 off of the trigger?

15... Can you sidewalk slam TB from the hand to reverse a bootlace or other cards that say cannot be reversed from X-Location or does sidewalk slam TB only reverse fully unreversible cards? Not just cards that can be only reversed from restricted locations and just mentioned cannot be reversed in the text?

Classic Raw Deal / Question about virtual from a newer player
« on: February 21, 2018, 04:31:03 PM »
id love to start playing virtual can you just print the cards even prize cards? it sucks in classic when there great cards for decks but you cant buy them cuz there were only a handful sadly some arnt virtual like fury for RVD. As for like tournaments in raw deal for like virtual classic do you just print the cards and glue them to a throw away card and sleeve them  or get them properly printed at like vela at some point when you know 100% you're gonna use the cards?

and a question thats rules/opinion As for "That's Not Cool!" with “reverse” in the text have blank text.... reverse counts when it says reversed? does that also work for Piper? "with the word “reverse” in the text have blank text." is that what made him so good in classic? also in virtual do you only use the errata version or could you choose?

How can Andre the Giant have pre/mid match cards when he says he cant pack them??? is there a max amount of backstage cards a player can use like with backlash decks??? hes who i want to build next for a fun deck. TY Nico

Rules Forum / Mid-match reversals during pre-match
« on: February 18, 2018, 05:40:26 AM »
My opponent today tried to tell me tonight that you could use reversals I.E. Mid-match during the pre-match phase, is this true?

Classic Raw Deal / how do i deal with The Brahma Bull??
« on: February 17, 2018, 05:23:50 AM »
hi all, what are the best ways in mainly classic to deal with the damn Brahma Bull?

Unique Pre-match Event
When this card is in your Ring area, all your opponent's maneuvers played from the hand of 4F or less are considered to have a D:1 and their text is considered blank. In the opponent’s Ring area those cards are counted normally for purposes of Fortitude Rating.

id prefer ways all my decks could if possible that cards just so brutal to most of the few decks i have, my RVD/Mr.PPV can handle it only cuz i have Unscripted TY in advance.

Rules Forum / SuperStar Ability During Pre-Match?
« on: February 16, 2018, 06:45:20 PM »
hi all again question of the day does your SuperStar Ability work During Pre-Match?
thats will answer the card situation i have Edge & Christian using Houston, Texas: You and your opponent draw 6 cards. Randomly pick 1 card in his hand. If it is an Action or Maneuver card, he discards it and you randomly pick another card. If it is a non-hybrid Reversal card, he discards it and you stop picking cards.
Discard cards until you have the same number of cards in your hand as him.
All players’ Starting Hand Sizes are -3.

if someone could link the newest errata's and most recent rules for the game as CI's website doesnt have them anymore and the link i found on here didnt work either

also some awesome card recommendations for E&C would be awesome ty in advance

Rules Forum / Throttled Within an Inch of Your Life in Eugene
« on: February 14, 2018, 09:13:33 PM »
hi all my question is the card:Throttled Within an Inch of Your Life.
"When successfully played, he overturns cards until 2 applicable Reversal cards are revealed or until he has only 1 card in his Arsenal."

does this mean any 2 reversals that would reverse it or would they have to be able to pay for the said reversals? Example: In my Eugene deck, turn one i use Fans Love an Underdog: "you may put this card into your Ringside pile, draw 1 card, and your opponent’s Reversal card to your next card played this turn is +8F."

 Then play the throttled would my opponent overturning 2 reversals (Example 2 step aside's) would it be reversed even though they are +8F? the wording "applicable" could make it go either way.

Another odd Question can Eugene's Superstar Ability:
"You can pack any Superstar-specific Maneuver cards in your Arsenal. You cannot play more than 1 Unique card during each turn. Your Superstar Value is equal to your opponent’s Superstar Value -1."

Bring his superstar value to negitive 1 when VS someone who has a Superstar value of 0? TY in advance.

Rules Forum / Rules questions to help out some new players PLZ & TY
« on: February 08, 2018, 01:01:12 AM »
Hello everyone!  ;D :D :) myself and my playgroup have become a huge fan of this game,  were all pretty new. We could really use some help with some rules questions we've come across while playing the past couple months. To clarify were mainly only playing classic at the moment and soon I'm sure we'll start mixing virtual into our decks.

Here's some of the rules questions we've had.
1. Does the order of the cards in your ringside pile matter,  especially after playing some cards like volley this?

2. I assume mid-match actions still count as actions for the purpose of reversals or do they require reversals specifically for mid-match actions? But also do cards like pre-match cards that have a activated ability that say as a mid-match action put this in your ring side pile to do something does that count as a mid-match action that can be reversed by a reversal? Examples like using signed contract with Linda McMahon and someone using don't hate the player hate the game to reverse its effect also,  fans love an underdog,  Vince McMahon interferes....  ect.

3. Does discarding cards to sustain damage count as reducing the damage of the card or just the damage the player would receive?  for example if the maneuver would deal 8 damage your opponent discards one card reducing it to 6 and starts to overturn the remaining damage and overturns an elbow would it be reversed?  similarly would it count as reducing the damage for playing cards that require a maneuver of X damage to be played before it like most trademark finishers example I play bootlace opponent discards one card to sustained damage to reduce the damage to 2 would that prevent me from playing con-chair-to or does it only reduce the damage he will take but my maneuver is still X amount of damage so would I be able to play a card that requires X damage after if it wasn't reversed?

4. Does discarding from your mid-match if you're playing E&C with a card like Sucker Punch would you still draw because it's forcing you to discard? Also regarding E&C the card airplane spin (TB) because the first part is optional for them to discard their backlash deck, if they choose not to and both players have to discard their hands would e&c get to draw because that part is forced?

5. Can someone explain to a friend of mine the order of it's showtime and hold on it's not time show. I believe that it works like this and if I'm wrong please tell me.  at the start of the very first turn of the game before draw segment the player going first has priority, so as active player can you can use hold on it's not time for the show because the opponent has it's showtime in the ring area then the opponent has the option to use it's showtime and then proceed with its effect and ending the active players turn?

6. If you over sell maneuver the card "everything in the kitchen sink" it's still considered successful so the foreign objects you would get and play with it are still on the field even if you over sell it correct or would they go away? Also when you over sell a maneuver I know it blanks the text at the bottom but does it also remove its type like grapple, strike, ect?

7. The card "see how it feels" it allows you to play your opponent's trademark assuming they have one in their deck,  hand, or ringside does it override requirements to play example after a maneuver of X damage or only if you reversed a card and ended your opponents turn?

Myself and playgroup in Northern California really appreciate the help. If anyone has a link to a page or download for the most updated rules for the game for classic or virtual classic including rules for special card types like heat chain volley that would be awesome cuz comic images website doesn't have the rules  and the rule books we have are extremely old and watching gameplay on YouTube shows that some things have changed,  so that would be really appreciated thanks in advance.

I know the rules question area isn't the proper form to ask if someone could tell me which would be the proper one or just answer me that would be awesome who would the community consider the top classic Superstars and also who would be considered the top Superstars for classic virtual thank you again. I'm personally a huge fan of RVD and Mr ppv the glass Cannon and the controlling nuker

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