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Rules Forum / A few clarification questions
« on: February 13, 2018, 10:57:48 PM »
1.  Does Divine Intervention or You missed your chance, stop Premier WWE Superstar?
     - Also, is Premier WWE superstar "overturn" one card at a time, or is it just one lump sum?

2.  Does Divine Intervention stop damage I'm taking from reversals, or cards such as "go for the cover" ?

Just started playing for the first time with my gf, and the wording for this game is quite tricky...or I'm overthinking things.  :)


Rules Forum / World Tour 05
« on: February 11, 2018, 10:22:15 PM »
Hi guys,

Quick question regarding the wording for Chris Jericho's World Tour 05.

Does "once during each turn" mean only on your turn or does it mean on your opponent's as well? For example, if I reverse a card with a unique card like "Don you never...ever" can I use world tour 05 to recover a card?


Hey guys,

I'm curious to know how one should start when building a deck, or how to analyze strategies for a competitive edge in Raw deal.

I played L5R, MTG, and Netrunner at competitive levels for 10+ years and would consider myself a good player in those games and understand how to go about building decks, but I'm a complete beginner when it comes to Raw deal; only played from the original set to Backlash and just came back to the game recently.

To give an example, when building a Raw deal deck, after deciding my Superstar, I usually just look at good reversals and maneuvers (multi, chain, good abilities) and throw them all together; the same thing with the backlash deck. I'm assuming there's more to this game than just throwing a bunch of "good" cards together and hoping it works.

To follow up on the previous question, what archetype of decks/strategies are there? For example, in magic, there's control, aggro, midrange, and etc.


General Discussion: Raw Deal / Why play face over heel?
« on: January 23, 2018, 02:43:38 PM »
Hi everyone,

I'm an old player returning to the game, and a new member of this community.  I wanted to say what you guys have done with the Virtual sets is nothing short of amazing, and a big thank you to everyone involved.

I'm still getting acquainted all the cards and popular decks people seem to be playing, which brings me to the question, why play face over heel decks? I'm not seeing a lot of face decks and it just seems a lot weaker compared to heel, and I know this was kind of the same thing back in the day.

What are the essential Face cards other than turn the tide?


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