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Rules Forum / WCW's Technical Shooter Question
« on: January 12, 2021, 07:57:09 AM »
Does playing maneuvers from the effect of Everything and the Kitchen Sink considered "as if from hand"?

WCW's Technical Shooter     (Dean Malenko logo)
Backstage Card
When packing this card, you can pack Drawing a Blank in your Backstage and it is considered to have "1000" in the title; replace the "Before your Draw Segment when your Ability is blank" text with "When your maneuver is unsuccessful" on that card.
You are also considered The Radicalz for your card effects, and replace "Arsenal" with "Ringside" on your Ring Psychology: Leg.
Do not RFG cards for The Iceman Cometh, your Superstar-specific cards are considered non-Unique for that card's effect, and when you play a maneuver without a printed reversal restriction "as if from hand", it is Chain and you may blank that card for the rest of the turn.
Unique     RMS     WCW logo

Everything and the Kitchen Sink
Strike: Foreign Object: Face
When played, choose up to 2 Foreign Object maneuvers in your Ringside pile not titled Everything and the Kitchen Sink. Those maneuvers are considered played from your hand and are played in the order of your choice after this card. Resolve each card's effects and damage before the next card is considered played. After all of these cards have been played, if any have been reversed, your turn ends.
SV: 1 
F: 14     D: 6

Rules Forum / Shocking Interference
« on: April 25, 2020, 01:35:22 AM »
Hi all,

I would like clarify if Shocking Interference is a "Run-in" as an Action, Reversal or both?

Rules Forum / Rude's Changing Alliances
« on: September 24, 2019, 05:49:23 AM »
Rude's Changing Alliances     (Rick Rude logo)
Allegiance Deck
This deck may only contain Allegiance cards (regardless of other cards packed), but you may not pack Allegiance cards in your Backlash.
When you reveal your Superstar card, put 1 card in this deck on top of this card; once during each of your turns, you may put the card on top of this card into this deck, and then put 1 card in this deck on top of this card.
The card on top of this card is considered to be in your Ring.

Am I allowed to pack every Allegiance ignoring the restriction like packing both Raw/Smackdown Allegiance? Packing ECW, WCW or nWo Allegiance despite the text on I'm Always On the Winning Side - MY Side? And can I pack One of the Big Boys while packing McMahonism in Rude's Changing Alliance deck?

Rules Forum / Alexa Bliss' Ability
« on: December 31, 2018, 01:04:01 AM »
Starting Hand Size: 5     Superstar Value: 3
NXT Superstar Ability:  Your printed D:7- maneuvers without 'reversed' in the text are -5F, cannot be reversed by cards with ‘Reach’ in the title, and when successfully played you may Promo: 2.
You can pack up to 3 Hair Pull and 3 Choke Hold cards in your Backstage Area, as if they are not Heel, and you can pack Total Divas.

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding Alexa Bliss' ability, as it says that your printed D:7- without 'reversed' in the text are -5F. Does that apply to cards like Apply Illegal Leverage when played after Clutch onto Opponent?

Rules Forum / Old School Cage Match + Kidney Punch
« on: June 04, 2018, 07:44:39 AM »
Kidney Punch
Strike: Volley: 7
When this card is in your Ringside pile, during your turn you may remove 4 cards in your Ringside pile from the game and then put this card into your hand.
F: 4     D: 8     SV: 1

Old School Cage Match
Pre-match Stipulation
When a card that is not printed: Chain, Heat, Stipulation, Superstar-specific, or Unique moves cards from any Ringside, the number of cards moved is reduced by 1.
When Back to Basics is in your Ring, your Pre-match Capacity is +3, and your opponent cannot play I'm Gonna Break You.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent     RMS logo

Hi everyone, I have another question regarding the above 2 cards.

If Old School Cage Match is in any Ring area, technically I would not be able to take back Kidney Punch by removing 3 cards (-1 due to Old School Cage Match effect and assuming the 3 cards removed were not Kidney Punch). Let's say if 1 of the 3 cards I removed was Kidney Punch, would I be able to put it to my hand because of it's effect?

Rules Forum / My Addiction Is Wrestling Question
« on: May 26, 2018, 06:48:56 AM »
Hi guys,

If the non-damage card effect comes from my own card effect would I be able to trigger the effect?

My Addiction Is Wrestling
Action + Action
As an action, shuffle this card into your Arsenal and put up to 1 non-hybrid maneuver in your Ringside into your hand.
When this card is overturned for a non-damage card effect, after the effect is resolved you may shuffle all cards discarded and overturned for that effect into your Arsenal; when that card had 'wrestling' in the title, you may then draw 1 card.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Multi     RMS logo

Classic Raw Deal / Raw Deal Tournament Software
« on: February 14, 2018, 09:05:54 PM »
Hi all,

I would like to know if there are any tournament apps/software available specifically for Raw Deal or any others out there? The main issue I am facing now from some  is the point system (e.g. you can't set a Draw match to 0 point, it will add 1 point to the player's score).

Do let me know :)

Rules Forum / Flanked vs. Sami's Non-Generic Lucha Skill
« on: October 26, 2017, 08:31:53 AM »
Flanked by Arena Security
Pre-match Event
During the Pre-match phase, no player may move cards from his opponent's hand, Backlash, or Ring with non-Superstar-specific cards; reduce his opponent's starting hand size or Pre-match Capacity; or force his opponent to overturn cards.
After all Pre-match phases, put # random cards from your hand on the bottom of your Arsenal, where # is equal to twice the number of Pre-match slots you have filled above 5.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique

Sami's Non-Generic Lucha Skill
Pre-match Event
Cannot be blanked.
At the end of the Pre-match phase, you may put this card and High-Flying Style from your Backlash or Ringside into your Ring.
When this card is in your Ring, your High Risk and non-Foreign Object Strikes are considered High Risk and Strikes for your non-Pre-match card effects and High-Flying Style; when your first High Risk played each turn is not Chain and does not have 'reversed' in the text, your opponent must discard 2 cards to play reversals to it.
F:0     D:0     Unique     Permanent

My question is, does Sami's Non-Generic Lucha Skill and High-Flying Style takes up Pre-match slot(s) for Flanked even if I put them into the Ring from my Backlash/Ringside at the end of my Pre-match phase?

Rules Forum / A few question revolving Old School Cage Match
« on: October 07, 2017, 12:48:50 AM »
Old School Cage Match
Pre-match Stipulation
When a card that is not printed: Chain, Heat, Stipulation, Superstar-specific, or Unique moves cards from any Ringside, the number of cards moved is reduced by 1.
When Back to Basics is in your Ring, your Pre-match Capacity is +3, and your opponent cannot play I'm Gonna Break You.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent     RMS logo

1. Does cards with RMS like Shoot Headlock be affected when moving it from Ringside pile?

2. If the answer is "No" to the first question, does You Can't Cheat an Honest Man be able to move a cheater/fan favorite card from Ringside pile too? After adding RMS to it with Frankie Takes Ho-llywood, not sure if this works thou.

Rules Forum / McMahon's Million Dollar Mania
« on: August 01, 2017, 01:07:01 AM »
McMahon's Million Dollar Mania (Vince McMahon logo)
Mid-match Action
Your opponent cannot play reversals to this card.
ACE: Once during each of your turns, you may put 1 non-Backlash D: 0 card from your Ring under this card and he may draw 1 card, and then draw up to 2 cards or shuffle up to 3 cards from your Ringside into your Arsenal. When there are 5 cards under this card, remove it from the game and put the cards under it on the bottom of your Arsenal.
F: 1     D: 0     Unique     Permanent     RMS logo

Hello all.

I would like to check if cards that were put under this card using the Activated Card Effect, are they still considered to be in my Ring area or not?

Rules Forum / Question with LOTP and flipped down cards
« on: October 03, 2016, 04:29:44 AM »
Hi all, I have a question to ask in regards to LOTP ability.

Does his ability allows him to move flipped down cards from my ring area? I understand that flipped down cards loses all traits, does damage consider a trait too?

Virtual Deck Reviews / The Apex Predator!!
« on: October 27, 2015, 02:24:37 AM »
Hi everyone, was thinking about forming a decent Viper deck. I think this deck is still missing out something and I don't feel right about it, would appreciate if you guys are able give me some advice. :D


The Viper
BASH / Cheater

Backstage: 13
The Apex Predator
WWE Raw Deal Fifth Anniversary
Really, That's Enough Shenanigans
Enough Shenanigans!
Raw Deal Tenth Anniversary
Celebrity Shenanigans
No More Shenanigans
Old School Shenanigans
Defeating Villainous Shenanigans
Backstage Signature
WWE Signing Appearance
Backstage Autograph Session


Pre-Match: 12
I Know Who Pays My Salary
I'm Gonna BASH Your Brains In
I'll Taunt You Then I'll BASH You
Managed by Shane O Mac (Throwback)
I Hear Voices in My Head (Throwback)
The New Face of <WWE>
WWE Undisputed Heavyweight Title Belt (Throwback)
Flanked by Arena Security
It's Time For the Great American BASH x3

Mid-Match: 12
Crucifix Roll-up
This is Going to be an Old School Brawl
The Road to Victory
Pounding the Mat, Preparing to Strike
Introduce Your Brain to Your Mouth
You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
Restricted Use in this Area
Sustained Damage
Took That on the Chin
Your Reach Exceed Your Grasp
Shoot Counter


Maneuvers: 22
Blindside Tornado Strike x3
BASH Headlock x3
BASH Suplex x2
BASH Slam x2
Precision Kick x2
Precision Haymaker x2
Shoot Forearm x2
Shoot Lock-up x2
Blindside Takedown
Orton's Hanging DDT
The Ego Cutter
The Legend Killer Kick

Action: 7
Battling the Voice (Throwback) x3
The Youngest Champion in <WWE> History
Ego Boost
The Counsel Me, They Understand

Reversals: 31
A Revolution of a Mind x3
The Return BASH for Scotty's W-O-R-M x3
Get the "F" Out x3
Don't Try This at Home x2
Sidewalk Slam (Throwback) x2
Leg Drag (Throwback) x2
Nerve Hold x2
Counter Strike
BASH Evader
Hold the Phone
Adapt of Perish
Third Generation Superstar
The Viper Strikes
They Talk to Me
Don't Be a Douchebag
Carlito Say, "That's Not Cool!"
Divine Intervention
You Won't BASH Me


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