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Rules Forum / Is non tb ECW belt an ECW card?
« on: March 27, 2020, 11:28:40 PM »
Just want to clarify whether non tb ECW consider an ECW card?

Virtual Deck Reviews / #F*ck The Revival
« on: October 26, 2019, 09:03:06 PM »
The Revival (Bash/FF)

#FTR (Freakin weak card)
Pulled some Strings...
Tag Team Shenanigans
All shenanigans, signny & anniversary

Arsenal 60

Actions 6
Proud Southern Boys (weak card)
Top Guys
I'll BASH you to Five
Kristal: Broadcast Beauty
Two time two time

Maneuvers 17
Whirlwind Kick
Blindside Hook x3
Bash Headlock x3
Bash Suplex x3
Double Team tb
Blindside Tornado Strike x2
Spinin Wristlock... Of Doom
Dash's Inverted Figure 4 (Fort way too high)
Back Throw
Classic Bulldog Lariat (for Precision Haymaker)

Reversals 37
Breaking Ground
You Missed Your Chance
Divine Intervention
Our Bite... Our Bark (12 fort card 90% of the time)
The Return Bash....W-O-R-M
A Revolution of the Mind x3
Elbow to the face x2
That's Gonna Cost You! x2
Hold the Phone!
Raw Deal Revolution
Carlito says...
Blindside Control
No Chance In Hell tb x2
U won't Bash Me!
Blindside Tag Team Tactics
Don't try... X3
Don't be a douchebag
Out of nowhere
No Flips - Just Fists
Sidewalk slam tb x2
Spine Buster tb
Dawson's Cradle DDT
Shatter Machine

Prematch 12
I'm Gonna Bash yr Brains In
Handicap Match tb
Find out... From Finlay
WWF Tag belts
Evening Up the Odds
I'll Taunt U...
One of the Big Boys
It's Time for a GAB x2
Frankie Takes Hollywood (To Finish off opponent with reversal dmg, beside tat's the whole pt for packin tat's gonna cost u😉)
Making yr Escape
A Quick Bash-ing

Midmatch 12
Introduce yr Brain...
Classic Teamwork
Old Sch Brawl
Your Reach
When u thought...
As graceful as cow...
Sustained dmg
Restricted use
Desperate Tag
Clink Me
Buying myself some time

So I gave myself a challenge & had a go at the Revival & here is my honest review.

1st thing 1st, pple will definitely ask y no say yeah/shut up & wrestle combo and y go bash & give up Ready to Fight, Hot Tag/Parther interferes?

Say yeah honestly is a very useless card, at least for me, max anyone shld go with non specific blindside reversal is maybe 1blindside ego tb & 1/2 blindside control(mainly use to reverse Mania since most actions tat counts r specfics/unique). The overturn & recover 1 non hybrid maneuver is a direct contradict to the purpose of you going blindside. Shut up to wrestle is really a crap card, for those tat say it is plus 3 hand, it really is not. It is highly dependent on chance for the 3 cards (worse Case scenanrio: divine, one, out of nowhere r te 3 cards) & u only add them to yr hand 1 card at a time per yr turn, so if u dun start 1st plus distracting Divas, u won't get yr so call 3 free hand til turn 6.
The only way to sort of arrange the 3 cards is to use managed by wwe divas, even tat is a really dependent on chance. To make it worst, Say yeah & shut up & wrestle r not free slot.

Now about Ready to fight, on paper very strong & gives u gd recursion power. Yes it is free slot but it is ptless if there is no free packing Slots for them to yr already super cramp mid match packin space.
Next with 0 drawing ability or mechanism, 80% of the time u won't even dare to ace RTF(Even when I'm on evening up the odds) in fear of no protection on opponent's turn if he dttah u. Unless U do not nd to discard Reversals to ace of RTF, these combo is really meh.

Now to the biggest problem with the revival, arsenal construction & fort gain.
Back to y I went bash, goin heel or face will make yr arsenal be overly packed with reversals n face a gignatic problem against stall decks n oswm tb decks cos of the lack of maneuver. I went Bash for some much needed starting fort & attempt for some synergy with proud southern boys(though honestly the card is a chance based n really don't do much)

Next is fort gain, #FTR really does nth for yr fort gain, most of the time, yr blindside hook won't get it the whole game or til late game which by den, u have no comeback. (usually u will lose to a backslide or inside cradle by late game)
Flip a card to play reversal is really ptless becos it doesn't exclude backlash cards, with most player playing all 12 prematch, it will take a super long time bfore yr blindside move can get in, cos there r just way too many backlash  cards to be flip. (& not to mention giving opponent the chance to free up mid match slot).
Oso, if u somehow gain fort fast enugh, opponent will flip own maneuver to gain a shoot lock up to open for shoit counter, though this is highly unlikely, given the Revival's super weak fort gain ability)
Honestly if u wana make then go blindside, let the blindside be non ff or cheater & not lock them down to tb, cos no one will go blindside beal toss over blindside hook. Can take a thing or 2 from macho man to reduce or negate the penalty for playin blindside moves from rsp.

After formin 4 diff builds over 3 days, 1 finalised with the build on top & went to tried it out ytd with my play grp in SG,. Other then 2 fluke wins(totally nv use #FTR at all cos my opponent's hand was crap & bash decks usually overrun heel decks if they fail to get GTFO fort), the rest of the matches are one sided beatings from opponents as expected.

Final thoughts: The Revival is a really poorly thought out deck, with cards & strategy that contradicts themself, basically the inverted Cimpa of this expansion in terms of thoughts in card making.
Really for Tag reversal packability, Demolition (but it is restictive in move pool & kind of boring) is 1000x stronger den the revival.

SIDE NOTE, U can go chain to build some fort but dun rely on chain route for victory cos yr hand is miserably small (can always go nowinski route! Shout out to rachelmon) & yr cards dun minus opponent's hand fast enugh.

Virtual Deck Reviews / A Method to Annoyance
« on: October 23, 2019, 09:13:25 PM »
Macho man (NWO/Heel/Smackdown)

The macho cowboy hat
Be a man!
Madness lives forever
All shenanigans, signny & anniversary

Arsenal 60

Actions 5
Savage beatdown
Macho man's savagery
Here comes the cavarly
Two time two time
Savage double axe handle

Maneuvers 22
Savage piledriver
Classic arm bar
Blindside beal toss x2
Judo choke tb x2
Handcuffed x2
Waist lock tb x3
Chicken wing tb x3
Precision kick x3
Drop toe hold x3
Back throw
Classic bulldog lariat

Reversals 33
Manager distracts
Elbow to the face x2
Carlito says...
Divine intervention
U missed yr chance
A revolution of the mind x3
Manager interferes x3
Gtfo x3
Cowboy bob orton interferes
Hold the phone
Jive soul
Legendary ruthlessness
The price we pay
Shocking interference
In my day...
Volley this x2
Don't try... X3
Don't be a douchebag
Out of nowhere
Sidewalk slam tb x2
Savage series of jabs

Prematch 12
Nwo T-shirt tb
Tech in a bottle
Managed by Sherri Martel
Undisputed belt tb
Classy... Maker of champs
Survey time...
Lethal nwo poison
Through all of these years
Zack Ryder GRA
Banned from RS
A No show
Managed by classy freddie blassie

Midmatch 12
Old Sch Brawl
When u thought...
Fort surge
As graceful as cow...
Sustained dmg
Restricted use
A Method to the Madness
Buying myself some time
All hail the macho king

Before I dismantle my macho man in place for the revival(challenge), just sharin my annoying macho man.
Totally build to a Method to the madness, main strategy of the deck is to blank pluck cards from opponent's ring, mostly sustain, frankie, lethal nwo poison, hiac & product endorsement tb.

Gave up legendary def for managed by classy freddie for late game mil & rfg recovery.
Handcuff for intial draw.
Waist lock tb for blank.
Drop toe hold for pluck.
Chicken wing for recovery.
Judo choke tb for some milling.
Classic arm bar for irritating moves like pap.
Precision kick with machoman beat down for the kill.
Savage piledriver for stun.

Prematch is set up with many aces to bait out don't try.
Poison to disrupt opponent's rsp.
Bottle for precision kick.

The real drawbacks to this deck are small hand & almost an guaranteed loss to bray & foley, mainly becos yr low dmg  moves do almost no dmg to them.

Virtual Deck Reviews / The American Dream (Heel/smackdown/cheater)
« on: October 21, 2019, 02:50:19 AM »
Dusty Rhodes

The American Dream
The Common Man
Hometown Hero
All shenanigans, signny & anniversary

Prematch 12
Rockchester NY
Smoking skull belt
Banned from RS
Classie... Maker of champions
Through all these years
1 of the big boys
Making yr escape
Frankie takes Hollywood
Wwf hardcore belt tb
Managed by sapphire

Midmatch 12
Sustained dmg
As graceful...
When u thought
Restricted use
Old sch brawl
Yr reach
Shoot counter
RTV/buying myself some time
Dusty's legendary longevity
Dlb tb/special guest ref

Arsenal 60

Actions 5
Common man boogie
Here comes the cavalry
Mania x2
Two time two time

Maneuvers 19
American bionic elbow
Dusty figure 4 leglock
Common man elbow
Pump kick x2
Bionic elbow
Poke x3
Shoot lockup x3
Classic claw
Blindside takedown
Back throw
Classic bulldog lariat x2
Boot laces x2

Reversals 36
Son of a plumber
Elbow to the face x2
Carlito says...
Divine intervention
U missed yr chance
Overshot yr mark x2
A revolution of the mind x3
No chance in hell tb x2
Manager interferes x3
Gtfo x3
Raw deal revo
Cowboy bob Orton interferes
Hold the phone
Jive soul
Shocking interference
In my day...
Volley this x2
Don't try... X3
Don't be a douchebag
Out of nowhere
Sidewalk slam tb x2

Very fun deck, but oso very situational
Die to oswm tb
Stalling power reduce when encounter Oscm
Rochester is there for recovery n controlling of yr own hand

Before anyone say it, yes goin face with product endorsement tb will ensure drawin power, however
Heel has better defence (overturnin n backlash wise)
N using belts with makin yr escape give u control over when to use cards from rsp ability but again depending on opponent.
Overall I personally enjoyed the heel build over the face build simply due to more flexibility and control.
Poke or mania are match ender @rachelmon

Rules Forum / Rochester & out of nowhere
« on: March 04, 2017, 02:13:37 AM »
Is it now possible use out of  nowhere with rochester after the latest erranta?

Rules Forum / Enter the dragon
« on: December 17, 2015, 09:04:11 AM »
Does arm drag cards include japanese arm drag & classic arm drag?

Virtual Raw Deal / Flying dragon chop vs steamboat's flyin body press
« on: November 09, 2015, 10:28:34 AM »
If flying dragon chop still his card? Or has it been replaced by steamboat's flying body press?

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